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TOPIC: [TTT] Information Thread

[TTT] Information Thread 8 years 3 weeks ago #318320

TTT Information Thread
Welcome to the TTT information thread, here you can find a multitude of guides related to the Zarp TTT Server.

If you believe your thread should be on here contact one of the following people:

Callum - Community Developer | Callum's Steam
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[TTT] Guide to becoming a staff member! 7 years 5 months ago #449683

Becoming a staff member

This guide is for new/newer players of the server seeking to become staff or to get promoted.

Here's the staff hierarchy within the community.

Community Owner
Community Manager
Community Developer
Server Owner
Head Administrator
Super Administrator

Becoming a Moderator

This is the first rank within the staff hierarchy and therefore it has the least powers, you can think of it as a bit of a trial rank, with that being said you do gain access to the essential commands for staffing and will be able to handle most if not all situations you will encounter.

We recommend two weeks of consistent activity. Consistent meaning you get activity almost every day for two consecutive weeks. You can check this by going on the GameTracker and searching your exact steam name. Then on the right, there will be an activity graph where you can see your activity within the past 30days. Please note that everytime you change your steam name and join the server with that name a new GameTracker profile will be created automatically for that name. An alternative method is using the "!activity" chat command in-game which will have your collected time for that account regardless of your name being changed.

Behaviour & Personality:
We preferably want a rule abiding player that is eager and willing to work and be apart of the team, you should have 0 recent warnings, but depending on the situation, one or two MAY be overlookable as mistakes do tend to occur especially if you have high activity and the punishments aren't that severe (a “recent punishment” refers to a punishment given within the past 14 days so if you have too many wait it out and apply when they’re gone). If you are not sure of the rules for TTT, you can read them by going here. You will need to know these rules if you want to become staff, since you will be punishing people for breaking them. We recommend a good personality. You're generally a nice person to talk with and you are helpful to other users with a good attitude.

If you feel like you’re well behaved, have good activity, have the drive and what it takes to become a staff member you can proceed to the making of your application. The application itself should be posted into the applications section of the forums, make sure that you follow the correct template. Put as much detail and effort into it as possible. The meeting takes place every Sunday at 19:00 GMT, while you wait for your application to be reviewed, make sure that you keep doing good by being active and well-behaved (this is obviously also required of you should you get accepted).

If you get accepted you will have to be trained by one of the Lead Team members (Super Administrators/Head Administrators), please view the staff list.

If you need help with your application please check out the following link: Here
Becoming an Administrator

If you're applying for Administrator, we recommend everything listed above, however we'll be taking a close look into how you've been doing your job as a Moderator, in Staff Situations, etc. Before being able to apply for Administrator you’ll have to attend at least one staff meeting, and feel like you’re gained enough experience (feel like you're ready and deserving of a promotion), we recommend being Moderator for at least a couple of weeks before applying.

Handling Reports:

If you want to become an Administrator, you're going to have to show us that you're dedicated to the server and doing your job. Handle as many reports as you can, but make sure you handle them all properly, and ensure that you do not falsely punish anyone, do not rush things! Read through the rules in order to know when people are in fact rule breaking. When you were trained, you should have been told how and when to use your powers, if you're still unsure about something please message another staff member if you have any questions or concerns. Most staff will be happy to help you! When becoming a staff member you will also gain access to a couple of staffing guides that should explain most of your questions as well.

Attending meetings and making sure you participate will really boost your chances, you want the upper staff to notice you and realise that you are doing your best for the server, so you need to be interacting with your fellow staff members. You can do this outside of meetings too.

Don't just handle everything by yourself, other staff members aren't your enemies or rivals. Add them on steam, chat with them on Teamspeak. Make sure people know you exist and that they know you're trying to interact with them.

Make sure you are active on the server! As a staff member, you should be online for at least 3 hours per week, but if you're on for longer, that can help to show dedication because you’re not just doing the absolute minimum. If you are going to be inactive for some time, make sure you create a thread about it in the Staff Discussion section or contact a Lead Team member.

The Application:
Much like for Moderator, you will have to apply for Administrator. This application can be easier or more difficult for some, but you should definitely try to fill it out as best you can. The template is in the same thread as the Moderator application template - which can be found here. Make sure to put in as much detail and effort as you can!

If you need help with your application please check out the following link: Here

Becoming a Lead Team member - Super Administrator

Super Administrator is the first of two ranks in the Lead Team. The Lead Team have a much larger responsibility than Moderators and Administrators. You have far more to do and it’s a big step up from Administrator and comes with major responsibilities.
The main criteria for becoming a Super Administrator will be listed below:

Have a stable and consistent activity in game, on the forums, on TeamSpeak (that includes the meetings as well) & Discord. Pretty much everything TTT related. Please read the policy requirements for "Applying for Lead Team". Additionally, the TTT staff team in particular wishes for you to wait at least 4 weeks before applying.

You should have good forum activity by replying on TTT related threads (TTT applications, appeals & report abuses) and give good, constructive feedback to all applicants. If given the chance to handle an appeal or a report abuse you should take it and show that you're willing to do more than staffing on the server alone.

Hop on the TeamSpeak server, it's the best way to show who you are and what you're capable off (it's always a plus when you're interacting with the community and it makes it easier for the higher ups who will ultimately be voting on you to figure out what kind of a person you are).

Attending Meetings is very important in becoming a Lead Team member, it's where you do some of the most important things related to the role (if you can attend the meeting you should). The meetings are also an occasion where you can show everyone who you are. When attending the meeting contribute to it and don't just hide away and listen, let people know your opinions and what you think of the applicants it is very important that you speak your mind.

Super Administrators are people that will help staff members in difficult situations, that means you need good knowledge of the rules and you need to be approachable and be nice to talk with. You need to stay calm in all situations. Help users and staff in-game with questions and do not just deal with reports. It is nice to see you help other staff members when you are a non-Lead Team member which adds up to a better chance of getting accepted.

Attitude & Maturity:
You need to have a good attitude when working and doing your job as the responsibilities of a Super Administrator require a good working mindset. Have a stable attitude and be as mature as possible, but it is good to see if a Super Administrator can have fun with other people and take a joke without losing their cool.

Handling Reports & Helping out where you can:
Going for Super Administrator means that you need experience. The best way to gain experience is handling reports in-game/on the forums and responding to questions both in game and on the forums. You can also help with doing the polls for the meeting & potentially even train a moderator with a Head Administrators supervision (with the server owners permission). It is always good to see someone showing initiative.

I’m not going to go into detail about the application process, although the application for Super Administrator, much like the applications for Moderator or Administrator, has a template which can be found in the "Application" section, you should go into as much detail and effort as you can just don’t drag it out to make it look long or whatever. Tell us what you’ve done for the server and what you think you will be able to continue to do, while showing your experience in the questions asked. I would recommend checking out some of these Super Administrator Applications as good place to get inspiration from if you feel the need:

Here's some tips from the Lead Team:

  • Handle as many reports on the forums and in game as possible!
  • Go above and beyond to help others, even when a solution may not be reached.
  • Show your presence in the community, be it on the forums or the Teamspeak server.
  • Attend/contribute to meetings as much as possible; boosting your presence specifically for TTT.
  • Be active - make sure you don’t just meet the activity requirements weekly, but get even more than the bare minimum.

    Becoming a Lead Team member - Head Administrator

    In order to become a Head Administrator we expect you to carry out your duties: showing an active presence in-game, handling reports and appeals in-game or on the forums and acting as a responsible role model for members of the community. The application may be a little more difficult for most people. The application for Head Administrator does not follow a specific template as much, and you will have to write out everything you think is relevant, making the application from scratch (except the details section given), to prove that you have dedication and to give you a chance to show yourself off and explain everything that you have to offer. The criteria for becoming a Head Administrator are similar to that of a Super Administrator, but since I'd rather leave it up to the applicant for figure these things out by themselves there'll be no further explanation of it here.
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[TTT] The Complete Guide 7 years 2 months ago #498404

User commands

  • psay: Used to privately message someone (as a user you can only use this to message staff).

    Chat command:
    !p “username” “message”

  • activity: Used to check your activity on the server, this can be helpful if you are applying for a staffing position and is a bit more reliable than GameTracker as it tracks your account rather than your steam name.

    Chat command:

  • titles: .Used to edit and purchase titles on the server using your diamonds! Use the first command to edit current titles and the second one to purchase titles and animations.

    Chat command:

  • warn: Used to display your warnings (all the punishments you’ve received on the server).

    Chat command:

  • name: Used to change your name in game instead of having to change your steam name, this will not have an effect on GameTracker as it tracks your steam name.

    Chat command:
    /name “username”

  • Administrator Chat: Used to privately message all the currently online staff members (as an example this can be used to ask questions or inform of cheaters).

    Chat command:
    @ “message”

  • ULX Menu:
    If you do not already have the ULX menu bind, then it can be accessed by going into console and using the following command in console:
    bind <key> "ulx menu"
    Once you’re there you can see all the commands you have access to, however if you’re a user you will only have access to the psay command.
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[TTT] Binds guide! 5 years 11 months ago #935422

Default Key binds

  • Shift - Sprint forward.
  • Q - Drops the weapon you're holding.
  • Z - Drops one magazine in the gun you're holding.
  • X - Push to Talk.
  • F4 - Access to Pointshop.
  • Tab - Shows the scoreboard.
  • W - Move forward
  • S - Move backward
  • A - Move left
  • D - Move right
  • ALT - Walk
  • 1 through 9 - Access to the item assigned to each individual slot, you can also use the scroll wheel to do the same thing.

How to make keybinds

So the "format" of making any bind is as follows:
bind <key> <command>
So a TTT bind would look like:
bind "b" "ttt_radio imwith"

Different interactive binds

I'm with <person you look at>
ttt_radio imwith
<person you look at> acts suspicious
ttt_radio suspect
<person you look at> is the traitor!
ttt_radio traitor
<person you look at> is innocent
ttt_radio innocent
I see <person you look at>
ttt_radio see
Anyone still alive. (lifecheck)
ttt_radio check

Binds for staff members

Open ULX menu
bind <key> "ulx menu"
Makes you noclip
"ulx noclip"
Force spectate the person you're looking at
"ulx fspec @"
Brings the person that you're looking at
"ulx bring @"
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[TTT] The Complete Guide to Everything 5 years 4 months ago #1079130

Traitor Testers

The traitor tester is something that allows you to test whether or not a player is a Traitor.

Each map has a different style of tester, and some maps may not have a tester at all. A player enter’s the tester and another player can activate the tester, usually, there will be a green or red light indicating the players role as good or bad.

Traitor Rooms

Some maps may contain rooms that only traitors can access. These rooms may have secret buttons or weapons for the traitors. If you see someone enter a traitor room, without being let in my another player, you can kill them.

Traitor Traps

Many of the maps also contain traps that traitors can activate. These traps could do many sorts of actions such as break a hole in the floor, create an explosion, or many other actions which may kill one or more players.
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[TTT] The Complete Guide to Everything 5 years 4 months ago #1079134

TTT Terminology

KOS is the abbreviation of Kill On Sight and simply means to kill them if you see them.
For example, someone says “KOS Johnny” if you see the player named “Johnny” you may kill them.

RDM is the abbreviation for Random Death Match and simply means you killed or tried to kill someone without a valid reason. For example player “X” has been damaged, player “Y” then kills him because of his lack of health. That would be RDM and it is punishable. There is no such thing as ARDM as attempted RDM is still just RDM, the reason for this can be read above as well (RDM simply means you killed or tried to kill someone).

LTAP is the abbreviation for Leaving To Avoid Punishment. Which is quite self-explanatory, if you leave the server before you can be punished, the handling staff member may and most likely will give you a harsher punishment. For example, player “Y” kills player “X” without a valid reason. Player “X” reports player “Y”, then player “Y” leaves the server before the report has been handled, that would be RDM + LTAP.
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[TTT] The Complete Guide to Everything 4 years 9 months ago #1153046

Leveling System

In this spoiler is a list showing EXP required for each rank and unlocks. [ Click to expand ]

Once you have reached the max level you are able to prestige. With each prestige level you will gain access to new weapons and you will be able to go through the levels once again. The required XP amounts above will remain the same when you prestige. You will still be able to use the older weapon unlocks when you reach prestige 2. The maximum prestige level is 10.
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