Help at ZARP

This page contains a few helpful pointers and links to help solve any issues you have using the ZARP servers, website or the ZARP community itself. The left menu shows the Frequently Asked Questions page where we have gathered together answers to the most common questions our team gets, the Terms of Use page which details the rules and guidelines that protect you and the community and finally the Contact Us page where you can get in touch directly with the team.

Best Ways to get Help

Here are our top ways to get an answer to your question:

  • Make a post in the ZARP forums
  • Check the Frequently Asked Questions page
  • Try adding staff members to Steam or Skype
  • Join the ZARP teamspeak lobby
  • Contact Us directly via the contact form
  • Search the ZARP site using Bing
  • Try the ZARP Steam Group page

I want to help or have a suggestion

We’re always looking for new talent to join our staff team and for great people to manage new ZARP servers or events. The best place to get feedback on your request or idea is in our forums, let the community know about your incredible talent, idea or suggestion!.

I have a concern or complaint

If you have a question you want to discuss in private with the ZARP administration team, then we will be happy to discuss your point of view. Get in touch with the relevant member of staff or use the Contact Us form and we will discuss any concerns you may have.

Contact Us