ZARP Policies

Voting on Lead Team Applications

This document highlights and covers all relevant information to voting on lead team applications for both super administrator and head administrator ranks respectively. The information detailed is relevant to all ZARP servers. Please read the below for information on policies and rules for voting on lead team applications.

Policies & Information

  • Limits on accepted lead team members:
    • There are no limits on how many lead team members can be accepted into the team at any given time.
  • Skipping all lead team applications:
    • Should the relevant lead team unanimously agree that no one should be accepted during the meeting they may vote to skip the applications for the current section of the lead team meeting.
    • As the vote must be unanimous if anyone wishes for the apps to be voted on all apps must be voted on as per usual.
    • Skipping applications must be voted on separately for super admin and head admin applications.
  • Skipping individual applications:
    • Individual applications may be skipped if the applicant isn't following the ranking hierarchy or has stated that they want their application to be closed and cancelled.

Voting and Application Review Procedure

  1. All apps will be displayed on a single slide an initial discussion will take place, this is also where a vote may be held to skip the applications. The lead team will review the applications and discuss the applications to their content.
  2. Each application will be voted on separately either with a strawpoll or a manual vote as per usual. During individual review there may be further discussion if needed.

Applying for Lead Team

An Administrator may only apply for Super Administrator when they have:

  1. At least three weeks since they were accepted for Administrator (excluding previously held positions)
  2. Attended at least 3 Administrator meetings
  3. No accepted report abuses or Official Warnings in the past 2 weeks