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TOPIC: [TTT Moderator] Stars' Application

[TTT Moderator] Stars' Application 2 months 3 days ago #1397291

S.T.A.R.S. wrote:
Steam Name :

Link to Steam Acc:

Steam ID:

Link to GameTracker:
www.gametracker.com/player/MIIexZelda/pl...arpgaming.com:27017/ (old one!)
Languages I speak:
German, English, Turkish

Explain "Random Death Match" and give an example scenario:
Killing a player without a justifiable reason.

Give three examples of an acceptable KOS and its scenario:[/b]

1- Passing an unidentified body
2- Shooting at or attempting to kill a Detective or a Paladin
3- Walking in the Traitor room

Scenario: 2 players in a :zarp: team fight, and it happens one of the players is using a traitorous weapon (The player hasn't announced that they had a traitorous weapon in chat)

Give two examples of unacceptable KOS and their scenarios:

1. Killing a player on suspicion
2. Killing a player based on skins and cosmetics

Scenario: A player killed another player because they aimed their weapon at them

Why I should be chosen:

Because i really enjoy playing on the server and love the community, I also wish to help the community with any issues they may be having in any possible way

What do you believe the responsibilities of being a TTT moderator are? To try and keep the fun in the game for the people who actually wanna have fun and don't just want to ruin the fun for others, and to keep the community as good as possible by punishing people who do bad.

What qualities do you have that make you suitable for being a TTT moderator? I am a person who likes to talk to alot of person's as much as possible and hear as much as possible stories, I am good at being neutral and think about both stories i hear from people

What would you say your biggest strength and weakness are? strength: i am a person who tries to be friendly and listen to evryone. weakness: i am bad at making a decision or i make a decision without thinking enough.

Do you have anything else you would like to say? Thanks for taking the time for watching this and if there is anything i could do better please tell me.

Extra Information:

My activity is getting better and stronger and i hope i can help to staffs to help them with the game :) Thx c:
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noname ps player wrote:
That's the second stupidest thing i've read all day, and the first one also came from you. Take your personal childish vendetta with the superiority complex and park them elsewhere.

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[TTT Moderator] Stars' Application 2 months 3 days ago #1397323

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[TTT Moderator] Stars' Application 1 month 4 weeks ago #1397570

Thanks for applying for staff at ZARP TTT! During our weekly staff meeting your application, question answers, game trackers and in-game warnings are checked and then the staff team votes on your application

We just wanted to say Congratulations! The staff team has voted to accept your application, which means you’re now a part of the ZARP staff.

Before you get started, another admin will help train you on the server and get you setup with your new rank. Just join the Zarp TeamSpeak and get in touch with a TTT SuperAdmin or higher or add a SA+ on Steam. There’s also a handy guide created by the community which should help you get up to speed with your new menus & commands. And don’t forget you can always ask another staff member if you’re not sure about something

ZARP TTT Staff Meeting – Every Sunday 7PM UTC

There’s a weekly staff meeting for the server at the above time, which is held on the ZARP Teamspeak server (IP: ts.zarpgaming.com). You now get a vote on the new staff members and we’ll keep you up to date with new events and server updates at the meeting.

Congratulations and thanks for supporting ZARP!

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