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TOPIC: [SSRP Super Administrator] Jawson’s Application

[SSRP Super Administrator] Jawson’s Application 1 month 2 weeks ago #1423500

Steam Name: Jawson

Time Zone: EST

Link to Steam Profile: steamcommunity.com/id/jawson_/

What server are you applying for? SSRP

SteamID: STEAM_0:0:134507104

Current Gametracker Profiles: www.gametracker.com/player/Jawson/darkrp.zarpgaming.com:27015/

Estimated Server Time: 2457 Hours (more with S2,S3)

Languages I speak: English

How do you feel that your time as an administrator has contributed to becoming a super administrator: I feel that during my current and multiple other durations as Administrator on the SSRP server(s) I have come to learn and demonstrate the proper and fair ways to deal with a whole wide variety of situations when I was called on/needed. Things are not always easy but I have also learned that asking for help from and communicating with others on the team is never a bad thing. A second opinion/point of view is always good during tough situations.

What makes you a good candidate for the super administrator team?:
I personally feel that I am a good candidate for the role as super admin because I have always strived to do the best I could as a staff member, always making sure I had all my information and evidence in check before jumping to conclusions to determine a fair and correct punishments to fit the rulebreak/minor offenses if a punishment was warranted. I have always tried to keep good communication with the higher ups and the rest of the team, reporting any potential issues and asking questions and even seeking advice when I really needed it. I will continue to keep these traits and even try to step it up to be the best staff member I can be.

Explain a situation as an administrator you encountered that was an obstacle that required the help of a lead team member but you had to work around it when no lead team member was available:

I have not truly encountered a situation much like that yet but I do however have something I assisted with finding a solution to. During the christmas update it was discovered a player was using an exploit to crash the server via a lua script. Clarky,Martin,Callum and I banded together to try to find out what exactly the player was doing. Reviewing footage they had uploaded (troll video) themselves and even taking the time to try to replicate this on private servers to find the root of the issue. Martin and Callum ultimately ended up finding the solution, but I like to think I was of some assistance to that. If they do not feel I was much help I can revise this part of the application.

Explain how you would review and handle an abuse report against another staff member: I would first determine whether or not I am able to handle the report if the staff member is SA+ I would be unable to handle it. If the staff member is an Admin or moderator and if the report abuse had usable information/was valid I would reply to the report abuse stating that I would be handling it and get myself into contact with the reporter in case any further information is needed. The next step would be to get into contact with the reported staff member and inform them about the report as soon as I can. Reviewing the evidence and assessing the severity of the situation and going over it with the reported staff member I would then take action. Some examples of what the staff member may have done and how I would handle them.

(Situation: A)
The staff member was involved in a verbal altercation with a few players in a heated argument about who is better.

(Solution: A)
No serious punishment would be issued to the staff member, I would however remind them of when an appropriate point to stop would've been if it started to get heated and make sure they know as a staff member they should be finding a solution to end an argument, not to further instigate it.

(Situation: (B:))
The Moderator was using their teleportation to move their alts to the mines.

(Solution: (B:))
I would confront the staff member with the given evidence, remind them by going over what the staff member should and shouldn't be doing with their powers. I would then take note of what occurred, gather up the evidence and bring them up in the meeting to have either an official warning given (or a demotion if the staff member has other report abuses or has done this recently before).

(Situation: C)
The Administrator was cloaked no clipping around the map and gluoning players as they spawned and banning the moderators.

(Solution: C)
I would start by freezing/stripping the weapons of the offender, removing their administrator powers issuing an emergency demotion. Then I would move on to the confrontation and banning the offender until the rest of the lead team
comes to a conclusion. This will then be re-brought up in the meeting to then vote on/make the demotion official.

Explain in detail how you would act in the following situation:
A staff member bans a user for an excessive amount of time, how do you approach the staff member to ensure that everyone is treated fairly?

Always starting by going over what the punishment issued was for,an example let's say (PlayerA) has been banned for 1 Day for simply prop pushing his car to get it unstuck, this player has no recent punishments in the past year and is generally a well behaved player.

Given the player had no recent punishments and 1 day is alot for such a light offense I would immediately unban the player and inform the player of that. I would try my best to get myself into contact with the staff member in question. Once contact is made with the staff member I would go over a general list of thoughts you should ask yourself before issuing a punishment (Severity,RecentPunishments,Did they have malicious intent). A refresher of the staff ethos would be my next step for the staff member so they will know the appropriate steps in the future.

Explain in detail how you would act in the following situation:
A staff member is dealing with a user but is struggling to do so in an appropriate manner. How would you resolve the situation?

I would observe the staff members behavior (Attitude,Proper use of the ethos) to see if the situation is being handled fairly and properly. If I were to notice some strange patterns/the ethos not being applied to the situation I would then offer some assistance to the staff member, giving them pointers along the way so they can learn and improve. After the issue is resolved whatever it may be I would remind the staff member that I am always willing to offer a helping hand and advice if ever needed.

Explain in detail how you would act in the following situation:
A staff member accuses another staff member of breaking rules, how would you help resolve the situation?

I would start by asking the reporting staff member if there's any evidence of this or if they could provide some sort of time frame so I could get with the community team to get some logs if they would be useful. If proper evidence was supplied I would then review it, next would be the time to confront the reported staff member to see if they would give insight to why they were doing what they were. If the reported staff member was doing anything that would put the server at some form of risk (abusing,exploiting) an emergency demotion/ban would be issued and documented. If the situation was for something somewhat minor (NLR,An RDM,RDA) a speaking to would be warranted. If the behavior continued official warnings or even a vote of demotion would be considered.

Explain in detail how you would act in the following situation:
A staff member acts in a disrespectful manner towards another staff member and or sparks an argument within the staff team. How do you resolve the situation?

Trying to speak to the instigator in a private setting would be my first goto, to find out what is on the staff members mind to see what may have ignited the situation. Then I would figure out who may be involved and then also get their side of the story. I would try my best to resolve whatever it may be instead offering advice and tips to whatever the problem. If the problems were to keep persisting between the staff members official actions may need to be taken.

Explain in detail how you would act in the following situation:
You spot a staff member breaking rules to the point of harming other users, how do you approach the staff member?
I would as always review the situation taking notes on what exactly they are doing, bring them to a halt by pulling them aside away from players. Next would be the confrontation (as an example I will say the staff member was RDMing/breaking NLR to complete a bank raid). I would explain to the staff member where they went wrong and what values they should have as a staff member,I would note down this interaction and bring it up in the weekly meeting. If the staff members actions continue (if severe)an emergency demotion/ban may be issued and once again reviewed in the meeting.

(Extra information)

Thank you for taking the time to read over my application (if you did). I do hope that this is taken into consideration, feedback is appreciated so I know what I need to work on. A lot of my time has been dedicated towards working on the next (possible) DarkRP map and learning the proper steps towards a successful map launch so my in-game activity isn’t the greatest but will improve, while not as active on the server I assure you my staffing skills have not changed since my previous duration and my values/beliefs are still there, Thank you.
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[SSRP Super Administrator] Jawson’s Application 1 month 2 weeks ago #1423503

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