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TOPIC: ssrp admin app

ssrp admin app 1 month 1 day ago #1420169

Currently on the interchange roof ratting emercom and JoshuaIsGreat said if I make a headshot I have permission to go straight for admin (what a chill guy) (I don't miss)

RP Name: Im Just Tasking
Link to Steam Profile: steamcommunity.com/id/SuckYeMum/
SteamID: STEAM_0:1:84015634
Current Gametracker Profiles: www.gametracker.com/player/Stewart/darkrp.zarpgaming.com:27015/ (this shit is wavey because of wacky steam name changes, you can see its consistent)
Estimated Server Time: 4500+ hours
Languages I Speak: English

Give and explain 3 situations in which it would be appropriate to use the ban command:

A player has no intention of roleplaying/following the rules and is causing mayhem on the server such as attempting to crash the server, mass racism in OOC/Advert, using blatant cheats such as aimbot to mass rdm (however beforehand I would freeze said player and request permission to use the ban command).

A player has multiple recent warnings (I would say around the 7-10 mark) and is continuing to break the rules.

Player A reports that Player B has scammed them a Nano Suit during a coinflip with clear evidence, before putting a ban in place I would explain to Player B that he has the chance to pay the Nano Suit immediately or be banned. I would also inform Player B that the only way to get unbanned is to pay the Nano Suit or come to an agreement with Player A. At that point if Player B still refuses to pay Player A I would ban them, if at any point after the coinflip Player A had reported Player B leaves the server I would use the /ban command.

Explain in detail the main functions of the F1 menu and how this can be used to help you deal with situations on the server:

To be able to check and handle players reports. On top of that it makes it much easier to "Go to" or "Bring" a player via the f1 menu

To be able to check current warnings/punishments which can aid in what action you take for a f1 sit

The most important part, the logs. The logs can aid you in finding out who killed who, with what weapon and in which district. On top of that you can see timing for players rp actions such as killing or job switches which can be important for a NLR report. You are able to see job changes for potential job abuse. You are able to see want reasons if someone is abusing the feature to unfairly attack/arrest a player. If someone reports RDA you are able to see the arresting player although proof is still needed.

To be able to check who has active NLR, this can be used to make sure the players are following NLR

Explain in detail how you would handle the following situation:
You witness Player A being verbally abusive towards you through voice/chat whilst you are carrying out your administrative duties.

I would first determine what was said and compare it to would it be okay to say in ooc without problem if not I would first issue a verbal warning and inform them that if they continue I would issue scaling mutes. The exception of this is if other players heard it and would be negatively impacted then I would most likely start with a 5 min mute then inform the player saying said things it would scale if they continued afterwards.

Explain in detail how you would handle the following situation:
Player A makes an appeal on a ban that was placed on them permanently for prop spamming, putting great apology and detail into the appeal, admitting to what they did. Explain the process of how you would handle this appeal.

I would first try my best to contact the player and have a short conversation about what happened and question the apology to see if they are truly sincere and this was a one off mistake because well we have all been there at one point or another. If yes I would contact the banning staff member and explain that the player is truly sorry for the prop spam and see if me and the banning staff member can come to an agreement to have the ban lowered or removed, I would try to aim for a lowered ban if it just for a couple more days so the player has enough time to be thankful to return to ssrp and time to read and understand the rules.

Why I should be promoted (we recommend a minimum of around 150 words):

At my time at zarp I have been an ssrp admin, I did a fantastic job and wish to do so again. I have good experience as a staff member, I have and will continue to maintain a high weekly f1 count which I have handled professionally and to the best of my ability although I have had to double check a couple times just to be sure. As a mod your ability to handle a sit is fairly limited and can take much longer if people decide to cause problems during the sit such as getting friends to interrupt, the lack of phys gun and no clip as a mod often makes completing f1s with disruptive players a challenge. On top of that the tools the admin rank has that mods lack make staffing overall a lot easier and much more pleasant experience. I highly believe I should be chosen for admin due to my efforts on ssrp especially at the start of this week when the server was a nightmare to deal with. I have also given up my own rp experience at times to deal with a backlog of f1's and getting the ability to be able to handle more and do a better job at it I believe to be a fair trade off. I would also like to be able to handle players requests to be unbanned and do my best to get a result both the player and the banning member of staff can agree on. Thank you for reading my application for SSRP Admin.
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ssrp admin app 1 month 1 day ago #1420170

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ssrp admin app 1 month 1 day ago #1420172

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ssrp admin app 1 month 1 day ago #1420173

No one deserves it better than this guy
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ssrp admin app 3 weeks 4 days ago #1420351

Thanks for applying for staff at ZARP SSRP! During our weekly staff meeting we reviewed your application, checked your activity and discussed your recent punishments.

This time, the staff team has decided that you still need to work on your application and then apply again in the future. To try and help you they have summarized some positives & negatives discussed during the meeting:

Needs Activity.

You can apply again at any time. Thanks for supporting ZARP!

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