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TOPIC: [Discord Head Admin] Clarky's Application

[Discord Head Admin] Clarky's Application 1 year 2 days ago #1398036

Steam Name: Clarky

Link to Steam Profile: steamcommunity.com/id/ThatSpyIsAGentleMen

SteamID: STEAM_0:1:44595797

Discord Tag: Clarky#1306

Languages I speak: English

How would you handle a Discord appeal?:
Handling a Discord ban appeal is very similar to the Garry's Mod servers, here is how I would handle a appeal;

User X has been banned by Chuteuk permanently for Racism. First of all, I would approach Chuteuk and discuss the appeal with him. If User X is apologetic in his appeal for his actions, I'd bring that up so it can be considered and unban User X from the Discord server.

Explain some of the administrative features of Discord and when they're used appropriately:
Mute - typically should be used when dealing with someone that is breaking the rules/TOU as it will keep them in the server but make them unable to talk.

Kick - can be used to remove someone from the server, however will allow them to rejoin instantly so there is not much point to this however it may have a use depending on the situation (not likely).

Ban - for disruptive users that need to be removed from the server because of their actions, obviously a last resort command as we can mute them but this can depend on a case by case basis.

What would I do different with my new powers?:
I used to be a TS3HA (yes this is what it initially started as) since the very beginning of when the rank was introduced, meaning that I understood fully the responsibilities and powers it was granted, I had also held this position for many years and had it falsely taken off me a few weeks after I had stepped down from CM by a corrupt owner. I am very active on the Discord, checking in every day and would like to be able to grant ranks to people who become staff, which is also super useful being a SSRP SA too. I've been on the Discord since day one of it coming out and consistently improved it, I understand that my history on it had been shaky however with a few punishments but this was a very long time ago now and I have demonstrated that I can handle such roles today with the major improvements I have shown and will not switch up.
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