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TOPIC: [SSRP] yisyas superadmin application template

[SSRP] yisyas superadmin application template 1 year 7 months ago #1397143

Steam Name: mynandiedrecently

Time Zone: GMT

Link to Steam Profile: steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561199390128279/

What server are you applying for? SSRP

SteamID: 76561199390128279/

Current Gametracker Profiles:

Estimated Server Time: 2000+ Hours

Languages I speak: English

How do you feel that your time as an administrator has contributed to becoming a super administrator:
I have been admin multiple times in the past and in my time as an administrator, I have dealt with all types of situations and i can confidently say that most of them went by with ease with little to no help required, Being an admin required me to look out for myself and others and i would say that i have managed pretty well unless there is something im unaware about.

What makes you a good candidate for the super administrator team? ( in this part you can go as detailed as you want):
Being administrator multiple times and with the amount of people that ask me for my help or my opinion on a certain situation i feel like that the rest of the staff team feel that i am a well knowledgeable person that they can go to for help on something, I have handled a decent amount of F1 reports meaning that difficult situations for me are pretty easy. I feel that i would be a great addition to the lead team with this experience.

My Dedication
I feel like its well known that my activity on SSRP has been quite more than expected and that would be because i love being an administrator and being able to help people with their problems, I try and still meet the old 20 F1 requirement each week however as we all know that SSRP player count hasn't been the best the last couple of months aswell as that i also try to handle as many as Forum appeals/requests but its either im not fast enough to be the one to handle it or there just aren't any.

Explain a situation as an administrator you encountered that was an obstacle that required the help of a lead team member but you had to work around it when no lead team member was available:

A situation that continually keeps appearing that i have no control over would be if someone on the server is Hacking these situations make me feel bad for the players on the server who's experience is being ruined and makes me feel quite embarrassed because all i can do is just sit and watch while i wait for the LT member i contacted to respond and help deal with the situation. I feel this application couldn't wait any longer because the Lead Team at the moment is quite small and are inactive so i think someone could help the admin team.

Explain how you would review and handle an abuse report against another staff member:

I would ask the user making the report for his story and the evidence that they would have against the staff member after reviewing the evidence i would contact the staff member and ask for his side of the story trying to gain a more in depth view of the situation after hearing everything i needed i would take some time to review the report. The other lead team members would be informed about the situation and i would get their opinion on it. After coming to a decision if the report was accepted it would be brought up in the LT meeting.

Example of an accepted report
Hello [Reporters Name].

After talking with [Accused Staff Member], it was learnt that he was in the wrong. I talked to him and made sure that no similar incidents occur, he will be brought up in the Lead Team meeting, where an appropriate punishment will be determined.


Example of a denied report
Hello [Reporters Name].

After talking with [Accused Staff Member] i have decided not to accept this report. You haven't provided any evidence as to what you are claiming and the staff member told me a totally different story.

No action will be taken.

Explain in detail how you would act in the following situation:
A staff member bans a user for an excessive amount of time, how do you approach the staff member to ensure that everyone is treated fairly?

I would ask if I could speak to the staff member on discord, if they are unable to do this then i would ask the staff member on admin chat. Then I would ask what the reason was for the ban. After this I would explain to the staff member that this is excessive and maybe a reduced amount of time would be a better option. After discussing it with them the ban length would be reduced to an amount of time the reflects the severity of the users actions.

Explain in detail how you would act in the following situation:
A staff member is dealing with a user but is struggling to do so in an appropriate manner. How would you resolve the situation?

I would teleport to the staff member and would ask to talk to them in private for a bit, i would ask the user to be patient as i need the staff member for a second and he would be back shortly, After teleporting away with the staff member i would waste no time and tell the staff member exactly how to handle a situation like that, i would try to make it as simple so the staff member can teleport back and deal with the situation. When the staff member goes back to the sit i would spectate him to make sure that he took my advice and deals with the situation correctly if not then i would teleport there and deal with the sit myself but letting the staff member stay so he can see how a situation like that gets handled. After the situation is handled i would talk to the staff member and let him know that if he ever needs help I'm always available.

Explain in detail how you would act in the following situation:
A staff member accuses another staff member of breaking rules, how would you help resolve the situation?

Firstly i would speak two both staff members individually, The accusing staff member would be spoken too first and i would ask for their story and the evidence they have against the other staff member, situations like these are the most important since they require the LT member too not be biased

After getting everything i need (Story, Evidence, ETC) i would approach the accused staff member and explain too him the accusations that have been made against him and provide him the evidence that was given to me, I would ask the accused staff the reasoning behind these actions that he has been reported for and would inform him that he is staff on the server and that doesn't mean he is above anyone and is not allowed to behave/Abuse his powers this way

If the situation was quite severe then i would also bring it up to other Lead team members and get their opinion on it and if they thought it was quite big as well then it would be brought up into the LT meeting.

Explain in detail how you would act in the following situation:
A staff member acts in a disrespectful manner towards another staff member and or sparks an argument within the staff team. How do you resolve the situation?

I would inform them both too calm down and to head onto discord with me to resolve the argument, Once both members are in the discord i would inform them that they are both administrators and need to set an example to all the other admins/moderators that look up to them and to remember the responsibility they hold, After mentioning all this i would ask each person for what happened and if we can resolve the issues they have together once the issues are resolved i would try and get these two staff members to be comfortable to be around each other after the issues and once this is solved i would bring this up in the LT meeting mentioning that an eye needs to be kept on these two staff members so this doesn't happen again.

Explain in detail how you would act in the following situation:
You spot a staff member breaking rules to the point of harming other users, how do you approach the staff member?

I would first stop the staff member from causing any harm and talk to them. I would calmly ask them why they broke rules and remind them the responsibility they hold.

I would spectate the staff member a lot during that week and then wait until the lead team meeting comes up to ensure that they remember the rules and if a staff position is for them if they cant be the bigger person and not break the rules. If they deliberately continue to harm the experience of other players by breaking rules, I would have to take away their role and bring it up in the LT meeting and then come to a decision to either give out an official warning or a demotion. If an warning is given out i would talk to the staff member and retrain them if needed

Thank You For Reading My Application. Any Feedback Is Welcome
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[SSRP] yisyas superadmin application template 1 year 7 months ago #1397144

You need to be an admin, therefore no.

Faithful Note: Also don't copy my application bad lad
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