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TOPIC: [SSRP Admin] Jesus Cry's Application

[SSRP Admin] Jesus Cry's Application 5 months 1 week ago #1417627

RP Name: Jesus Cry
Link to Steam Profile: steamcommunity.com/id/JesusCrycx/
SteamID: 76561198027127770
Current Gametracker Profiles: www.gametracker.com/player/%7CZ%7C%20Jes...arpgaming.com:27015/

Estimated Server Time: 1136 Hours

Languages I Speak: German,Englisch and Russian

Give and explain 3 situations in which it would be appropriate to use the ban command:

Scamming: Player A and B are Conflipping without using the Menu, Player A wins and Player B doesnt pay, results in a Permantent Ban until Player B refund Player A.

Cheating: if a Player is obviously cheating he will be banned permanently.

Exploiting: if a Player is purposely abusing unintentional game or server features he will receive a ban.

Sale of In Game Items: if a Player get caught buying ingame items/cash from another player with irl cash he will receive a ban.

Explain in detail the main functions of the F1 menu and how this can be used to help you deal with situations on the server:
The F1 Menu has four important sections that help moderators keep the game fair:
1. F1 Menu Overview:

The F1 menu is only for Moderators or higher.
It has four sections: Admin Request, Warnings, Logging, and Active NLR.

2. Admin Request:
This is the most important section for helping players.
It shows who made a report, what it's about, and when he asked for help.
Staff can take action, like teleporting to the player, Help the Player with his problem and marking the request as done.
They can also mark it as spam or discard it if it's not valid.

3. Warnings:
This section keeps track of players who got warnings.
It shows how many warnings they got and who gave them.
Staff can decide on the amount of Punishment the Player already got if a Ban is needed.

4. Logging:
Logging shows what happened on the server recently.
It helps staff see what players did wrong, but they can't punish based on only logs.
It's useful for confirming events like killing or arresting.

5. Active NLR:
Here, staff can see who is affected by the "New Life Rule" (NLR) in a specific area and who is breaking it currently.
They can apply penalties to those who break NLR rules or tell them to leave the area.

In short, the F1 Menu helps staff do their job by managing player reports, keeping track of warnings, checking server activity, and ensuring players follow the rules, making the game more enjoyable for everyone.

Explain in detail how you would handle the following situation:
You witness Player A being verbally abusive towards you through voice/chat whilst you are carrying out your administrative duties.
i would kindly ask the Player A to stop being abusive towards me by verbaly warning him and if he wont stop i will mute him or if Player A already has punishments on record i might warn him.

Explain in detail how you would handle the following situation:
Player A makes an appeal on a ban that was placed on them permanently for prop spamming, putting great apology and detail into the appeal, admitting to what they did. Explain the process of how you would handle this appeal.

Warning: Spoiler! [ Click to expand ]

Why I should be "promoted":
i am active again and like to play on the server daily so i would like to apply for Admin again since i already was Admin and always liked to help players with theyre problems in game and keep the server free from rulebreaking.

dont mind my inactivity on saturday, im visiting Berlin for a day.

chute gave me the permission to apply for admin.
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[SSRP Admin] Jesus Cry's Application 5 months 1 week ago #1417747

Thanks for applying for staff at ZARP SSRP! During our weekly staff meeting we reviewed your application, checked your activity and discussed your recent punishments.

We just wanted to say Congratulations! The staff team has voted to accept your application, which means you’re now a staff member.

Before you get started a lead team member will help train you on the server and get you setup with your new rank. Don’t forget that you can always ask another staff member if you’re not sure about something

ZARP SSRP Staff Meeting – Every Saturday 7PM BST

There’s a weekly staff meeting for the server at the above time, which is held on the ZARP Discord server Discord. You now get a vote on the new staff members and we’ll keep you up to date with new events and server updates at the meeting.

Congratulations and thanks for supporting ZARP!

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