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TOPIC: [SSRP ADMIN] Nox's Application

[SSRP ADMIN] Nox's Application 6 months 1 week ago #1417623

RP Name: YourHomieNox

Link to Steam Profile: steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198355020714

SteamID: STEAM_0:0:197377493

Current Gametracker Profiles: www.gametracker.com/player/Squiddy/darkrp.zarpgaming.com:27015/

Estimated Server Time: well over 1500 hours

Languages I Speak: Fluent English

Give and explain 3 situations in which it would be appropriate to use the ban command:

- Two players coinflipping but not using the actual f4 menu to do so. player 1 scams player 2 out of multiple items they've agreed upon flipping so player 1 is given a short but substantial amount of time to pay player 2 back. If the quota is not met then player 1 would receive a permanent ban for scamming and could try to appeal it on another day

- Cheating. A player is very obviously cheating and not hiding that they are. They could receive a permanent ban and have to appeal on the forums before being unbanned

- Any form of doxxing of a players real name, town of which they live or any other personal details that may not want to be out for people to look at and or benefit from. (blackmail) which is also jurisdiction for a permanent ban

Explain in detail the main functions of the F1 menu and how this can be used to help you deal with situations on the server:

-The main f1 screen is helpful because you can see any f1's a player may have created for help. It will present the players ign as-well as their steam name and which time it was created and the issue/issues they may be facing at that moment in time.it also shows if another staff member is handling the case so multiple sits don't occur at once.

-warnings: The warning section of the menu will show any player that's received a warning during the duration of your playtime. It helps to give more insight into a players history on the server and can be a future reference for heavier action such as a ban or mute (ex Racism ,RDM,RDA,NLR) You'll see the staff member who's warned them + the amount of recent warns that the player has

- Logging: Logging show's the staff members any Kills, Job changes, Players disconnecting, Arrests and anyone who's died while breaking NLR The logging shows what time the incident occurred. The log's are enough evidence to prove RDM as they are unable to show damage to players ( ex player 1 shoots player 2 and then player 1 makes an f1 about being killed by player 2)

- Active NLR: Last but not least the f1 menu show's staff who may be currently breaking NLR. It show's the players name, steam id. they district in which they've got NLR in and how long until the NLR run's out. It can be a useful tool to see if a player is running back to their friends nukes and or other scenarios.

Explain in detail how you would handle the following situation:
You witness Player A being verbally abusive towards you through voice/chat whilst you are carrying out your administrative duties.
- I would ask the player to please move away and potentially take action into my own account (Moving the player away from the sit and asking not to return) Try to continue with my sit and if none the less works then I would warn the player For interrupting a sit.

Explain in detail how you would handle the following situation:
Player A makes an appeal on a ban that was placed on them permanently for prop spamming, putting great apology and detail into the appeal, admitting to what they did. Explain the process of how you would handle this appeal.

- I would take into consideration the players rap-sheet to see if this is a multiple offence issue (ex player get's unbanned and then causes trouble and then receives another ban for an extended amount of time) just to make sure that this isn't gonna be a relapse into more issues. I would also look at how long it's been since they've received the initial ban, Just to get a better understanding if they've reflected on their actions. Then depending on the verdict I would approve or deny the post and tell them to wait a little longer & or need them to re-write the appeal.

Why I should be promoted (we recommend a minimum of around 150 words):
I Believe I should be promoted as while I've enjoyed my moderator capabilities I would like to be able to greater the community more, As a moderator I can only do so much in the terms of helping players and would like to be more useful to the staff & the player base of the server. I've got a very respectful manner to myself (I would like to think) and that i handle my current Situations to the best of my ability. I want to become a more diverse player and help the community in any ways necessary. Please take this application into consideration. and thank you if you've read until this point.
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[SSRP ADMIN] Nox's Application 6 months 1 week ago #1417634

Active 80% time which is really good. Plus is really friendly/not biased. I support this man :zarp: :zarp: :zarp: :pray: :pray: :pray:
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[SSRP ADMIN] Nox's Application 6 months 1 week ago #1417635

:minussp: rusty supports :(
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[SSRP ADMIN] Nox's Application 6 months 1 week ago #1417746

Thanks for applying for staff at ZARP SSRP! During our weekly staff meeting we reviewed your application, checked your activity and discussed your recent punishments.

We just wanted to say Congratulations! The staff team has voted to accept your application, which means you’re now a staff member.

Before you get started a lead team member will help train you on the server and get you setup with your new rank. Don’t forget that you can always ask another staff member if you’re not sure about something

ZARP SSRP Staff Meeting – Every Saturday 7PM BST

There’s a weekly staff meeting for the server at the above time, which is held on the ZARP Discord server Discord. You now get a vote on the new staff members and we’ll keep you up to date with new events and server updates at the meeting.

Congratulations and thanks for supporting ZARP!

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