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TOPIC: [SSRP Moderator] ZaNNie's Application

[SSRP Moderator] ZaNNie's Application 4 months 6 days ago #1412868

RP Name: ZanNie
Time Zone: GMT+2
Link to Steam Profile: steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198271259249
SteamID: STEAM_0:1:155496760
Current Gametracker Profiles:
Server 1 - www.gametracker.com/player/ZaNNie/darkrp.zarpgaming.com:27015/

Estimated Server Time: 1000 Hours

Languages I Speak: English: Bulgarian

Explain "Random Death Match" and give an example scenario:
In order to kill or hurt another player, you need a valid role-play reason to try to do so. Crossfire isn't an excuse for killing individuals near wherever you're predatory or shooting. This rule perpetually applies unless another rule needs an exception.

E.g 1:Player A is a Shop Owner and is setting up their shop while Player B shows up and kills player A for no reason

E.g 2:Player A is raiding the Bank when Player B shows up as a policeman and kills player A, in that case, there is no rdming

Explain "New Life Rule" and give an example scenario:Do not come back or interact with the district that you just died in among 3 minutes of dying, unless otherwise specified by a unique rule. If you died within the spawn district you ought to leave the district promptly with none role-play interaction.

E.g 1:Oneil Industries wants to get the Air Drop In Suburbs suddenly a thief comes near the drop and gets killed after that he comes back, in that case, the thief didn't break NLR

Explain how you would handle the following situation:
You are handling a report in which player A accuses player B of killing them for no reason in a report via the F1 system.
I would teleport to player A and ask him if I can take him to a roof if he agrees I would take him to a roof and ask him what did player B do and if player A has any proof of the rule break if he shows me proof and I see a rule break I will teleport to player B and ask him for his story if the storys don't match I will tell player B that I have proof and explain why I will warn them

Explain how you would handle the following situation:
You witness a user mass RDMing in spawn, killing many people constantly to the point where users are complaining.
I would freeze the player and tell him to stop if he continues to rdm I will warn him if he does it again I will Jail him if he continues to MRDM spawn I will contact an admin to ban him

Why I should be chosen (we recommend a minimum of around 150 words): I think i should be chosen as a moderator because I'm friendly to other players. I always try to help new players with dailys and other things they need. I like this server very much and I spend a lot of time on it. I'm active most of the time and I see a lot of rule-breakers and there is usually a small number of staff members to handle the problems. I play since 2016 and I understand the rules. Most of the players who play every day know me. I want to keep the community without toxicity and rule-breaking and I want everyone to have fun while role-playing and enjoy their stay on the server. I have improved my attitude and i think i will be a great fit.
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[SSRP Moderator] ZaNNie's Application 4 months 6 days ago #1412869

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sinz wrote:
you shut the fuck up and the guy also supporting you, when he is banned for doxing i talk about codabro the kid

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[SSRP Moderator] ZaNNie's Application 4 months 2 days ago #1413031

Thanks for applying for staff at ZARP SSRP! During our weekly staff meeting we reviewed your application, checked your activity and discussed your recent punishments.

We just wanted to say Congratulations! The staff team has voted to accept your application, which means you’re now a staff member.

Before you get started a lead team member will help train you on the server and get you setup with your new rank. Don’t forget that you can always ask another staff member if you’re not sure about something

ZARP SSRP Staff Meeting – Every Saturday 7PM BST

There’s a weekly staff meeting for the server at the above time, which is held on the ZARP Discord server Discord. You now get a vote on the new staff members and we’ll keep you up to date with new events and server updates at the meeting.

Congratulations and thanks for supporting ZARP!

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