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TOPIC: [SSRP Head Administrator] Jawson's Application.

[SSRP Head Administrator] Jawson's Application. 1 year 2 months ago #1406619

Steam Name: Jawson

Time Zone: EST

Link to Steam Profile: steamcommunity.com/id/jawson_/

What server are you applying for? SSRP

SteamID: STEAM_0:0:134507104

Current Gametracker Profiles: www.gametracker.com/player/Jawson/darkrp.zarpgaming.com:27015/

Estimated Server Time: 2500+ Hours (More on DarkRP 2,3)

Languages I speak: English
My qualities that I feel make me qualified for this promotion:

During my time as staff I have always tried to maintain a steady flow of activity whenever I am available to ensure I can be counted on when I am needed (unless work holds me back) here is a glimpse of that:

Rebuilding of trust

I have had a quite rocky past not taking the server seriously having a poor attitude and getting myself involved in some stuff that most of the time ended up with me being on the receiving end of bans/other punishments, Cleaning up my outlook and attitude was something way overdue and with that I decided it was time to come back a straight arrow avoiding doing the same things I used to and overall just being a better person. Since then I have been able to keep myself on a good path and I have to say it truly is the best way to go. During my time as admin through to now as a superadmin I do believe I have gained the trust and some respect from the community/lead team during my duration as staff, I will do my best at all times to avoid losing that trust at all times.


I always do my best to keep all parties in the know when it comes to any situation that I have knowledge of to make sure they aren't met with confusion/the feeling of being out of the loop. I always do my best to get into contact with the CM team or HA+ when it comes to situations that I need help with to make sure everything is done and executed correctly. I can say I also accept when I am wrong in situations because one will ever know everything, when I find myself to be incorrect I do my best to learn from the situations and seek advice to try and avoid the situation again.


Becoming a staff member once again was a big step in showing the change I made for myself putting in the man hours to gain the trust from the staff team. I firmly believe I have expressed my dedication with my interest in learning the ZARP processes/policies and core beliefs, furthering my staffing abilities by going for super admin and lending a helping hand with anything that I may have some knowledge in.


I have never been good with free form writing so this application may seem short but if there is one thing I know it's that actions speak louder than words. I WANT and WILL take any feedback given and do my best to learn from it and put it to use, I would appreciate it if this application gets some discussion so I know what I have to work on and what qualities I might be missing. If you did read this I do thank you and I am looking forward to some feedback.
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[SSRP Head Administrator] Jawson's Application. 1 year 2 months ago #1406620

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