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TOPIC: Report Abuse Policy & Handling Guide

Report Abuse Policy & Handling Guide 5 years 9 months ago #1023526

Report Abuse Policy
When dealing with a report abuse these are the policies we hope you follow as to make sure each report is handled in the best way possible.

  • You must be an administrator to handle reports against a player.
  • Lead team should not handle reports made against someone higher or of equal rank to them.
  • Do not handle reports that involve you or are made against you.
  • The ethos still applies to punishments given following a report abuse.

Reviewing the Report
First thing to do when dealing with an abuse report is to review the report. Should the user not be using the correct template please refer them to the post detailing how to make a report abuse or give them the template in your response.

When you’re reviewing a correctly submitted report make sure to view all attached evidence and validate that it is correct by viewing ID’s and using in game tools such as logs to verify the story told if possible.

You may also want to talk to anyone involved to get their side of the story, whilst not mandatory it is recommended if you’re not quite sure of what happened.

If the report is filed towards a staff member it is highly recommended for the lead team member dealing with it to contact the staff member regardless of valid evidence to make sure the staff member is aware of how to use their powers correctly.

Verdict and Outcome
Once you have reviewed the report and any evidence it is time for you to reach a verdict of how you will proceed and if any punishments or further action is needed. Should you decide on a punishment it should be given to the reported player promptly.

Should you accept a report against a staff member approach them promptly and bring it up for discussion in the next lead team meeting if necessary.

Once you’ve finalised your verdict a formal reply to the report with an outcome should be made. The outcome should detail what your verdict was and how things will proceed following the report.

A report filed against a staff member:
Staff Member(s) Name: David Spencer
Staff Member(s) SteamID: STEAM_0:0:1234567
What did the Staff Member(s) do?: He abused me by giving me false warnings. He warned me for "Being a retard".
What server(s) was this on?: It was on the Trouble in Terrorist Town server.
Proof of warning

A report filed against a user:
Name - (What is the accused person's name?) TheBestRDMer
Steam-ID - (What is the accused person's Steam-ID?) STEAM_0:0:1234567
Evidence of Steam-ID - (Screenshot or video of the accused players Steam-ID)
This shows his SteamID:
Server - (What server was this on?)
DarkRP server 3
Time and date (CET) - (When did it happen?)
Five minutes ago.
Other comments - (Anything else you want to add?)
I lost my diamond pickaxe.
Reason - (What rules did the person break?)
He RDM'ed.
Story - (What happened?)
I was AFK mining and the user came up and killed me for no reason.
Proof - (Any proof (video or screenshot) that clearly shows what happened.)
Pic 1
Pic 2
Pic 3
A formal reply to a report:
Hello, James. I've taken a look at your report and it's obvious that the user you've reported was breaking rules. I also checked his in-game punishments and it turns out that he has broken a lot of rules recently and I've decided to ban him for a day.
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