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TOPIC: [FORUMS] Killa Kappa Ban Appeal

[FORUMS] Killa Kappa Ban Appeal 4 months 3 weeks ago #1420941

I am posting this on behalf of Killa Kappa, thank you for your understanding.

Name - Killa Kappa
Link to Steam Profile: zarpgaming.com/index.php/forum/profile/26585-killa-kappa
Admins Name - I don’t know
Reason - Spam
Server - Forums
Time - Too long man
Story -
To Whom It May Concern,

I am writing to appeal the ban that was issued to me on 23.02.2024 for participating in forum games on Zarp Gaming. I believe that the ban is unjustified and that there has been a misunderstanding regarding my actions.

I understand that forum rules are in place to maintain order and foster a positive community environment. However, I respectfully disagree with the decision to ban me from the forum based on my participation in forum games. Forum games, in my understanding, are a common and accepted form of engagement within online communities such as ours. They serve as a means for members to interact, have fun, and build camaraderie.

Prior to my ban, I made efforts to adhere to the forum guidelines and rules, ensuring that my contributions were respectful and in line with the community standards. I was not involved in any activity that would warrant a ban, and I am genuinely perplexed by the action taken against me.

I request a thorough review of the circumstances leading to my ban and urge the moderators/administrators to reconsider their decision. If there were any specific rules or guidelines that I inadvertently violated, I would appreciate clarification on the matter. I assure you that I am committed to upholding the standards of the forum and contributing positively to the community.

I value the community we have built on [Forum Name], and I am eager to continue participating in discussions, sharing insights, and engaging with fellow members. I believe that my presence adds value to the forum, and I am committed to conducting myself in a manner that aligns with its principles and objectives.

I kindly ask for the ban to be lifted, allowing me the opportunity to resume my participation on the forum. I am willing to engage in dialogue with the moderation team to address any concerns and ensure that similar misunderstandings are avoided in the future.

Thank you for considering my appeal. I look forward to a favorable resolution to this matter.


Killa Kappa

Proof - Refer to story.
Extra Information - Refer to story.
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[FORUMS] Killa Kappa Ban Appeal 4 months 3 weeks ago #1420942

You cannot appeal a ban on someone else's behalf. They are welcome to fill out a Contact Us form.
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