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[FORUM] BBCode Guide 2 years 9 months ago #193801

BBCode Guide

This guide will go over some of the more basic elements of BBCode available on the Zarp Forums, it's pure purpose is to improve the general knowledge of the basic code, and hopefully will result in better looking and cleaner looking applications, along with several other types of posts. Bare in mind, you can just use the menu above for ease of use, but this post will also explain when and how to use the code, not only the raw code themselves.

Bold / Strong

This is a plain, bolded text.

The Bold code - also known as Strong - is a code with a purpose to emphasize text, which makes the text look bigger, and more blocky. Main uses for the text should be for accentuating Titles or Headers, Questions and other important text that poses more importance over other text.

This is the code you will need to use in order to Bold your text:

[b] <insert text you want to be bold here> [/b]


This is a plain, Italic text.

The Italic code - is a code which presents a more gentle approach on emphasizing text, it angles the text diagonally, think of it as a little brother of the Bold code, it's just a more subtle substitute for perhaps less important text, but needs to be emphasized nontheless. Situations to use this code in, comes down to less important text like Sub-Headings ( smaller titles proceeding the main title ), using it to emphasize a certain word or phrase someone has used whilst quoting them, or anything Semi-Important compared to things like Titles.

This is the code you will need in order to turn your text into Italic, without the .s :

[.i] <insert text you want to be Italic here> [./i]

Aligning ( Left, Right and Centered Text )


Aligned Left
Aligned Right
All other text in this post is centered using the center code.

The Align code - is a code used purely for altering the appearance to yours, or others' liking. Aligning a text using the align code will place your text in different places in the application, Align Left will place the text on the left, Align Right on the right, and Align Center in, well, the center. While aligning a text to the left is usually more convienient as it's easier to find the starting point of a line, which equals to easier reading, using the center function holds more appealing value to the eye due to it's symmetrical qualities. Anything you make which is meant to look good ( i.e guides and applications ), is appropriate for the Align Center function, anything else should be left on the left side, which is Aligned Left by default. Quick note: Never use the Align Right for anything remotely mature or important, there's no reason for it to be used, it's hard to read and it looks bad generally.

These are the codes you will need to use in order to Align your text Left, Right or Center.

Align Left ( all text is aligned left by default ):

[left] <insert text to be aligned left here> [/left]

Align Center:

[center] <insert text to be centered here> [/center]

Align Right:

[right] <insert text to be uselessly aligned right here> [/right]

Color Code

Example: Red Color Green Color Blue Color

The Color Code - is a code for changing text color, for making things look better - depending on the color used and the opinion of the viewer, certain people like color, some don't, some only like color in certain situations. Using Color should be used in posts or replies which making it look better is perhaps a high priority. Overusing Color makes the post seem out of place, messy and effortless as you haven't spent the time on choosing colors which go well with each other. There are 100s of colors to choose from in the BBCode color palette, and here on Zarp we only have a small selection of the colors available in the palette.

This is the code you will need to use in order to color your text:

[color=<insert color name, or color code here>] <insert text to be colored here> [/color]

You should only use this code to use colors which are not in Zarp's palette, to find a vaster amount of colors visit this website.

If you're planning on using the colors in Zarp's palette, just highlight the text you want to color, and click the small color table on the top row of the Code Menu, at the top of the Message box located when you reply or post a topic.

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