ZARP Booster Pack
Boost your resources and help the community

ZARP Booster Packs are stack-able. Which means you can purchase one or more now and buy more later. For every pack you buy you will receive the benefits listed. (For example if you buy 10 Booster Packs you will receive 30 blueprint cases instead of 3) After purchasing you can claim your active booster packs from the Donate tab in the F4-Menu at any time.

  • Stackable Purchase
  • 3 Blueprint Cases
  • 1 Weapons Case
  • +50,000 Gems
  • $1 million RP Cash
  • +5 Inventory Weight
  • +5 Bank Weight

For each case you open in-game you will receive one of the following items:

Blueprints Case: Defibrillator, Thundergun, Tuxedo Suit, Thief Outfit, Lamborghini Murcielago, Nuclear Launch, Printer Booster, Molotov Cocktail, Diamond Lockpick or Diamond Pickaxe (Or one of these Golden Blueprints: Special Car,Portable EMP,Loot O' Matic,Minigun 2.0,Terroriser Outfit,Gauss Rifle,Thunderhammer,Door Charge,Golden Plated Printer,Printer Booster Quad (x4), EDF Suit,Gamma Rifle,Hand Cannon,Gem O' Matic, Airstrike, Advanced Combat Suit, Nano Suit, Orange Core Printer, GenCorp Spartan Laser, Magik Laser Pistol, Orange Core Grenade, S.C.A.N Master 5000, Designer Suit, Ion Cannon, Tactical Insertion Point, Magik Printer, Base Shield 5000)

Weapons Case: F2000 Rifle, Ares Shrike MG, PKM MG, Striker 12, M134 Minigun, Timed C4, Damascus Sword, Proximity Mine, Matador RL, RPG-7, Milkor Mk1 GL, M202 RL, Orbital Strike, Thundergun or Hyper Blaster


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