ZARP Policies

Refund Request Policy

Sometimes users will experience issues on our servers, of which, are out of their control and may subsequently lose item(s) as a result of these incidents. Should this happen, users may be eligible to submit a refund request in order to get their item(s) back.

Only members of the Community Team may review, accept or deny these requests. You should always ensure your request is inline with the current Rules & Guidelines before you submit it.

Refund Request Review

When reviewing a refund request, the following things should be considered:

  • Is there sufficient evidence? Does it prove that the supplied item(s) have been lost?
  • Does the refund request follow the correct template? Is there enough information?
  • Is the refund request inline with the current Rules & Guidelines?

Refund Request Sections

The refund requests section has accepted and denied sub-sections that are used to assist in forum moderation; below is a list of situations that dictate what sub-section a refund request belongs in.

A refund request should be moved to the Accepted section if:

  • The request has been accepted; regardless if it has been refunded or not.

A refund request should be moved to the Denied section if:

  • The request does not follow the appropriate template.
  • The request does not have sufficient evidence/information.
  • The request is fabricated or otherwise fraudulent in some way.