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TOPIC: [TTT] What Is Going To Happen

[TTT] What Is Going To Happen 10 years 4 months ago #41183

OutDated Post.

Hello ZARP community, this post is just to give a little information to you about what is going to be happening with the TTT server and how it is going to be changing for the better.

Note: If anyone from the previous TTT staff is concerned about this then please add Chris or LazyBro on steam and we can sort things out for you.

Ok let me start by telling you what the changes are going to include and what ones might possibly take place.
  • Better/larger maps to accommodate a large player base
  • A new perk system
  • Vanity item shop with plenty of items to customise your character
  • VIP only items for the vanity store
  • Leaderboards to show your overall statistics on the server to the whole server with an in-game menu for players
  • Plenty More!

Suggestions For First Week:
If you would like to see anything added to the server then you should suggest it and we will bring it up at the meeting and discuss those ideas which we believe would improve the gameplay of TTT.
Please feel free to post your suggestions as a reply to this topic with this template:
Brief description of suggestion:
Known sources of models/code (If necessary):
How would it improve the server?:
Side Notes [Optional]:
We will review any suggestions made here at a the weekly TTT meeting which takes place every Sunday at 8PM GMT +0. We really appreciate suggestions and take our time in hearing out every single one we get.

Staff Recruiting:
If you are interested in becoming a member of the TTT staff and get in on the server and be a part of the building process. This is going to be one of the easiest time frames for you to gain staff member as there is no need to masses of staff members as it doesn't need that much moderating. This is only for people that feel they can play TTT and enjoy playing it on a regular basis so that we can populate the server and have it moderated at the same time.

You must apply through the forums to become part of the staff team

Apply through the forums Here using the appropriate application template found Here. For "Screenshot of server time" please just write how many time you are willing to put into the server.
Do not hesitate to join the TS3 server at the IP so we can get to know you more.

Thank You For Reading. Feel free to post any thoughts on this and I hope you like what we are changing with the server.
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