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TOPIC: [Surf Super Admin] Seggs' Application

[Surf Super Admin] Seggs' Application 1 month 2 weeks ago #1366646

Seggs' Surf Super Admin Application

Steam Name: seggs

Time Zone: UTC +1

Link to Steam Profile: Here

What server are you applying for? Surf

SteamID: STEAM_0:0:119247703

Current Gametracker Profiles: Here

Estimated Server Time: 10k minutes

Languages I speak: Dutch, English and German

► How do you feel that your time as an administrator has contributed to becoming a super administrator:

I have been staff on the surf server for a long while and I think that I have been improving my self a lot on the things that I needed to improve on like attitude and confidence.
But I have also made the surf server a friendly and safe players for players to play on.

► What makes you a good candidate for the super administrator team?


I am trying my best to be active almost every day because of school and upcoming exams which are coming very soon, when I am active on the server I try to get as much activity as I can get.

Approachable / Interactive:

I am a very friendly player who can help in almost every situation. I can be asked anything if someone needs help with something, I have had a situation where someone was very unsure if they wanted to apply on the server so I helped them.
People can reach out to me if they need anything.

Forum / TS3 Activity

I check the forums almost every hour and sometimes leave replies to something I am interested in.
With Teamspeak am active almost the whole day if I'm home so people can poke me if they need something or need help with anything.

LT Experience:

I have LT experience as a Super Admin on the deathrun server, So I know how to handle SA-related things like bringing people up for demotion and speaking to Staff members.

I have improved on my attitude by a lot, and this is very needed as a Super Admin just

► Explain a situation as an administrator you encountered that was an obstacle that required the help of a lead team member but you had to work around it when no lead team member was available:

I haven't done anything like that as I can remember.

► Explain how you would review and handle an abuse report against another staff member:

When I'm handling an appeal I would reply with "handling" so people would know that I'm handling the report. Then I will talk to the reported staff member and the person reporting the staff member.
I would ask the reporting person if they have gotten any proof of the staff member abusing their powers. And then I would ask if the staff member could prove him/her wrong. When I have enough evidence I would reply in either two of the following ways

Warning: Spoiler! [ Click to expand ]

Warning: Spoiler! [ Click to expand ]

► Explain in detail how you would act in the following situation:
A staff member bans a user for an excessive amount of time, how do you approach the staff member to ensure that everyone is treated fairly?

First, I would ask the staff member who they banned, When they tell me who they have banned I will try to find the Steam ID of the banned player. When I have gathered the information i will look at the punishments and see why they got banned and if they have received warnings or other kinds of punishments.

The ban length could be deserved or not deserved, but if it wasn't deserved then I would reduce his ban, and I will do this by unbanning the banned players and I will reduce this ban (by a lot or a little bit, depends on how long they have banned him). When I have reduced the ban, I will try to get in contact with the player, and I will message them through steam or TeamSpeak if they are online, and tell them their ban has been reduced.

► Explain in detail how you would act in the following situation:
A staff member is dealing with a user but is struggling to do so in an appropriate manner. How would you resolve the situation?

This problem would mostly happen with a new staff member like a new moderator who just got accepted.
If the player is struggling with dealing with a player, I would assist him a little bit through the Admin chat or ask the Staff member to hop on TS and tell him how he could deal with the player or punish the player. If the Staff member still struggles with dealing with the player, then I'll take it over and then I will deal with the player, And then I will tell the player how he could handle the situation the next time it happens.

► Explain in detail how you would act in the following situation:
A staff member accuses another staff member of breaking rules, how would you help resolve the situation?

I would ask both staff members to join me on TeamSpeak. On TeamSpeak, I would talk to both of them first separately to hear each one's perspectives of the situation. After that, I'd let them speak to each other and try to solve the situation. I'd ask the accusing staff member to provide some evidence to defend themselves. If they provide enough evidence, based on how badly the accused staff member broke the rules, I would either talk to him about their little mistakes or bring them up in the upcoming Lead Team meeting. If I'm not provided with enough evidence, I'd have to just try and talk it through and tell the accusing party to gather more evidence next time.

► Explain in detail how you would act in the following situation::
A staff member acts in a disrespectful manner towards another staff member and or sparks an argument within the staff team. How do you resolve the situation?

I would kindly ask the staff member to stop and ask them to come on TeamSpeak to talk about it. Staff members should not argue or act in a bad way towards each other. It will just show others that they don't like each other which isn't a good thing. Staff should always behave in a good manner no matter what. If they have issues then they should take it somewhere private, such as Steam, Discord or TeamSpeak.
I would tell the staff member that they cannot behave like that and that they should improve and focus on their attitude before they get themselves in trouble for something stupid.

► Explain in detail how you would act in the following situation:
You spot a staff member breaking rules to the point of harming other users, how do you approach the staff member?

I would get Staff to get in a call and talk about this person and about his rulebreaking, I could talk to the player and asking what he's doing, and telling him about what he's doing is very wrong. The actions of this player could end up into a verbal warning or into an Emergency Demotion which will be talked about in the LT Meeting.
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