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TOPIC: [SSRP Super Admin] WindowsME's application

[SSRP Super Admin] WindowsME's application 1 week 5 days ago #1259058

Steam Name:
Time Zone:
GMT -5 (Eastern time standard)
Link to Steam Profile:
What server are you applying for?
Current Gametracker Profiles:
S1: www.gametracker.com/player/zarandolph/da...arpgaming.com:27015/
S2: No longer operational
S3: www.gametracker.com/player/zarandolph/usa.zarpgaming.com:27015/
Estimated Server Time:
1,331 hours, S1 & S3 combined.
Languages I speak:

How do you feel that your time as an administrator has contributed to becoming a super administrator:
Becoming an admin has dragged me through so much. From the importance of taking admin sits, as well as more experience in dealing with misbehaving players. More recent occurrences would be two separate drama incidents. Although not dealt with alone, I did my best to stay as calm as I could under that amount of stress. This week, 7/25/20, I have done 31 F1s at the time of typing this. Although to my best recollection, I did beat that with 47 weeklies with my first week of mod. Helping the community out has given me joy in knowing it’s a safer place for players. My last (real, authentic) in-game punishment was in 2017, besides some messing around by fellow staffers. My rap sheet hasn’t had any warnings from a staff member for more than a year, and I am proud of that. I’ve learned many things whilst being an admin/ moderator. One, was to not feel intimidated by users into giving out punishments, instead of going on my own judgement. Another thing improved is my “locking up”. I recently had a situation to deal with, and I dealt with it easily, no locking up and getting stuck.

What makes you a good candidate for the super administrator team? ( in this part you can go as detailed as you want):
I feel I am a responsible staff member when doing my duties. I am also very active, now often staying on until late at night. I feel with super admin, I would be able to better myself as an SSRP staff member, as I would have access to new commands. The disguise option is a great example, with this, a player may look at me and think I’m a regular player, and RDM me. I may then deal with that user appropriately. Professionalism while dealing with an F1 report is a strong suit of mine. I always ask for help when I am stuck. Either it be discord or directly in game. It depends who’s online. If granted super admin, personally I feel I could gain even more experience than as an admin. Example, making sure admins and mods are able to fulfill their duties properly if they ask for help. Adding to this, I have been with the staff team since January of this year. I believe staying up late and helping out the server shows dedication.

Explain a situation as an administrator you encountered that was an obstacle that required the help of a lead team member but you had to work around it when no lead team member was available:
I fortunately haven’t had this happen to me many times, so there is not much I can mention. I can remember one situation. I was handling an F1 report about someone being accused of using alts to do a nuke, casino raid, or bank raid. It got complicated for me, as there was some decent evidence, but not rock solid, like them openly admitting “I used alts”. It is known that admins cannot get IPs to verify alts. The user kept giving me screenshots of chat, mostly of them trying to trick the user into admitting it. There was, however, a video of one person changing to casino security, which was circumstantial evidence at best. Once the accused user was brought to the sit, they countered by saying the accusing user was being disrespectful. I did not have enough evidence to go off of, so I couldn’t really punish the accused user, and they were returned. I had told the accusing user that I would have to ask an owner to verify if they are the accused members alts, or to make a forum post about the situation.

Explain how you would review and handle an abuse report against another staff member:
Firstly, I would check the forum post, or wherever the report is, and check the evidence. Following, I would speak with the accused staff member to get their side of the story. I would then request any information to further guide a fair result. As well as asking the same thing of the accusing side. As I like doing, I’d ask other lead team members what they think. Usually just helps me feel confident in my decision, and that it was fair. Let’s say, if the report was about an admin forgetting that they had set their health high, and didn’t set it back before going into RP, I would give them an official warning depending on severity. If there was no evidence, I would tell the accusing user that nothing can be done without proof.

Explain in detail how you would act in the following situation:
A staff member bans a user for an excessive amount of time, how do you approach the staff member to ensure that everyone is treated fairly?
To start off, I’d make sure to check how long they were banned, the offense, when they were banned, why they were banned, and if they have any recent punishments that would help support the long ban. If not, I would ask them to reduce the ban time, and explain to them that it would be more reasonable to ban them longer if they had done multiple offenses, and if valid as per situation, also if they had 4+ recent punishments. Another thing would be attempting to contact the banned individual and ask for their side of the situation. And gather any evidence or info to try to get a clear understanding of what happened. An example would be if an admin bans a member for a week for continuously prop surfing, I would suggest the admin reduce it, as I believe continuously JUST prop surfing isn’t a major offense, albeit if that user had no recent punishments besides the warnings given for the prop surfing.

Explain in detail how you would act in the following situation:
A staff member is dealing with a user but is struggling to do so in an appropriate manner. How would you resolve the situation?
If the staff member was struggling, and it was brought to my attention. I would explain to them that it would benefit both the player and them to handle it properly. Or ask for help when they don’t know what to do. If the admin or mod was being disrespectful, or harassing the user, I would give them a firm verbal warning to change how they’re acting. If they would continue, I would mark them down and bring up the situation with a higher rank for a possible official warning.

Explain in detail how you would act in the following situation:
A staff member accuses another staff member of breaking rules, how would you help resolve the situation?
Evidence. I would ask for proof, and for both sides of the occurrence. To get the gist of what was going on. If I witness them breaking rules to a severe extent, I would bring them up in an emergency lead team meeting for a possible demotion. It depends on severity. In case one of the members is wrong, I would cite the rule section to that staff, and tell them to not do it again, permitting if the rule break was minor enough.
Explain in detail how you would act in the following situation:
A staff member acts in a disrespectful manner towards another staff member and or sparks an argument within the staff team. How do you resolve the situation?
If two members of staff are arguing, I’d first attempt speaking with both separately, telling them they need to settle it quickly. More could be done, like helping them settle their differences. I would also try to describe to them how this could impact their rank on SSRP, and that it could result in an official warning, maybe even a demotion. If for whatever reason it still pursues, it would be brought up in the lead team meeting to be decided on punishment and voted on.
Explain in detail how you would act in the following situation:
You spot a staff member breaking rules to the point of harming other users, how do you approach the staff member?
Severity. If it’s bad enough to where multiple users send complaints my way, and it seems like the staff member repeatedly abused, like mass RDM while godded/cloaked/no-clipping, I would freeze them in place, maybe even jail. While they’re frozen, I would call an emergency lead team meeting explaining the situation and voting on if they should be demoted or not. Also mentioning the severity, what they did, and the number of users that were impacted by their abuse.
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[SSRP Super Admin] WindowsME's application 1 week 5 days ago #1259059

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[SSRP Super Admin] WindowsME's application 1 week 5 days ago #1259060

haha yes :plussp:
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[SSRP Super Admin] WindowsME's application 1 week 5 days ago #1259061

Lol what, no offense but you’re a snowflake and react bad to peoples opinions, you barely ever ever interact with the SSRP community to even be wanted as SA, you aren’t ready for this

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[SSRP Super Admin] WindowsME's application 1 week 5 days ago #1259062

I still think you need a lot more experience. Just one example is today, you asked how you were meant to middleman. Something simple like that shouldn't be too difficult and thats just one of the few things I've noticed. I think you still have a lot to work on before getting SA. Also forum reports and appeals, you dont do many of them and I think that is important to show that you are trying hard to get SA.These are just some things I can point out for the time.

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[SSRP Super Admin] WindowsME's application 1 week 5 days ago #1259063

There are much better candidates for the position imo :minussp:
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