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TOPIC: [Surf Moderator] kret's Application

[Surf Moderator] kret's Application 2 months 1 week ago #1093780

Steam Name: cześć, jestem kret (kret for short)
Link to Steam Profile: steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198273097646
SteamID: STEAM_0:0:156415959
Current Gametracker Profiles:
Server 1 - www.gametracker.com/player/cze%C5%9B%C4%...arpgaming.com:27030/

Estimated Server Time: 258 (my old name [not account]: 271)

Languages I speak: Polski, English, Russian

Someone new joins the server, explain how you would show them how to Surf for the first time: For me I have mine ready tutorial by words, depends on scenario. First I would tell them to watch on youtube some tutorials, so they will know what to do. If it won't work for them, I would spectate them and tell them that he/she probably won't learn in one minute but some practising will be very good for them. [My tutorial: (depends on situation) What you see in front of you is called a ramp. Ramps have slanted surfaces that allow you to slide on them. If you hold against the surface by pressing A/D, you can surf along the ramp. It's important how your character is facing the surface, which can be split into three actions:
- Facing towards the surface makes you go up the ramp,
- Facing away from the surfcae makes you go down the ramp,
- Staying prallel allows you to stay balanced.
Remember, do not hold W while you are surfing!
Boarding ramps properly is a crucial step when trying to move smoothly and maintain your speed. Try to land at the very top of the slant and then smoothly transition into surfing forward - the further you go down the ramp, the more speed you'll gain! Remember, some situations will require you to dropp off a ramp early.

Explain what you would do if someone was Text/Mic Spamming: First i will tell them to stop because this person is not only one on the server and other people can hear them. If he will continue, I will tell him consequences. If this will not lead to anything, I will just have to mute him.

Explain how you would deal with someone using an exploit on the server: I would tell him using exploit on this server is against our rules, so he must immediately stop. If he won't I will have to call a higher rank or record his game as proof.

Why I should be chosen (we recommend around 75 words): I think I should be chosed because I'm very active, at least one hours per day and I like very much surfing, but suddenly there are people who for example are griefing, mic spamming etc. It is very annoying for others so I want to keep this server nice and clean.

Extra Information: (Not Required): no
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[Surf Moderator] kret's Application 2 months 1 week ago #1094745

Thanks for applying for staff at ZARP Surf! During our weekly staff meeting your application, question answers, game trackers and in-game attitude are checked and then the staff team votes on your application.


The staff team has voted to accept your application, which means you’re now a part of the ZARP Surf staff team.

Before you get started, a staff member will help train you on the server and get you setup with your new rank.

There’s a weekly staff meeting for the server every Friday at 8PM GMT, which is held on the ZARP Teamspeak server (IP: ts.zarpgaming.com). You now get a vote on the new staff members and we’ll keep you up to date with new events and server updates at the meeting.

Congratulations and thanks for supporting ZARP!

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