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TOPIC: [TTT Super Admin] TehWither's Application

[TTT Super Admin] TehWither's Application 2 months 4 weeks ago #922564

Steam Name:
Time Zone:
Link to Steam Profile:
What server are you applying for?
Current Gametracker Profiles:
Estimated Server Time:
170 Hours
Languages I speak:
How do you feel that your time as an administrator has contributed to becoming a super administrator:
During my time as admin I have noticed a gap between the trust of the players and the actions of the staff, I have tried to fill in the gap by providing a fair and just action to keep the trust between the player and I, even though I have been busy pushing through school up until my graduation, I have came on the server from time to time checking up on it. Some things changed and something didn't
What makes you a good candidate for the super administrator team? ( in this part you can go as detailed as you want):
What makes a good candidate for the position of super admin in my determination and leadership skills, I am personally not trying to boast or anything, but during the late nights (10:30Est ish) i have gone i have seen potential in players to becoming a staff member whether its on this server or even in real life I have provided motivation in them and gained their trust. To be a good staff member is not just to be good at you job, but to instill the trust of the players and prove to them that the server they play on is a good one. So even though people haven't seen me much I am one to show that being a staff member is a rank to take to mind and heart, not to abuse.
Explain a situation as an administrator you encountered that was an obstacle that required the help of a lead team member but you had to work around it when no lead team member was available:
There was one moment during one night that i was on where there was a group of players with all the same tags in their gamer tags i suspected of ghosting but I didn't want to go into any sort of conclusion so i came to the conclusion of using my "suicide bind" to skip my innocent rounds and wait for my traitor round where the player would be one of those i suspected of ghosting would be my team mate. So I hid until one of them killed me, and if then did then I would punish them accordingly (Warn + Ban for ghosting)
Explain how you would review and handle an abuse report against another staff member:
When a report abuse on a staff member is created the actions I would take before coming to a conclusion would be to
First: I would verify that the evidence listed, such as a video, picture or a story is detailed and correct with the report.
Second: I will get in contact the accused staff member and ask for their side of the story.
Once I have gotten the story from both sides I will come to a conclusion
If Accepted
Warning: Spoiler! [ Click to expand ]

If Denied
Warning: Spoiler! [ Click to expand ]

Explain in detail how you would act in the following situation:
A staff member bans a user for an excessive amount of time, how do you approach the staff member to ensure that everyone is treated fairly?
First I would talk to the staff member that applied the ban on the player to get some insight on the ban, by asking them what they have done to deserve the time of them ban, and by looking at the rep sheet of the player for any accounted punishment with the same description.
If the player either placed the wrong time or is unaware with the time placed then I would, 1. Lower the time placed on the ban. then, 2. contact the banned player and tell them that their ban was lowered by X amount of time.
If the staff member is aware with the time placed, I would ask the staff member if he/she had any relation or history with the player. If not then I would ask them to recall what they learned during their training on how to handle bans. If staff the staff member has had a hateful history/relation with the player to the point they either banned them for the excessive amount of time or extended a ban placed on them. Then I would, either lower the ban severely or unban them entirely. Then I would contact the staff member responsible for the ban and tell them to not ban on either personal opinion or ban with an excessive amount of time due to a violation of rule X, lower the time of the ban to appropriate time.
Explain in detail how you would act in the following situation:
A staff member is dealing with a user but is struggling to do so in an appropriate manner. How would you resolve the situation?
First I would help the staff member who is struggling how to handle the situation, I would also ask them to not let anger or frustration get to them and to keep yourself respectful and "cool" when handling these situations. The final thing I would tell them is that there will be times where players just come into the server to troll and cause chaos and keeping yourself "cool" is the only thing that will allow you to handle these types of situations
Explain in detail how you would act in the following situation:
A staff member accuses another staff member of breaking rules, how would you help resolve the situation?
When a situation occurs when a staff member accuses another of breaking the rules, I would first ask the accuser (Staff X let's say) of the actions that the accused staff member(staff Y) is doing that violate server rules.
If staff X provides sufficient evidence and that Staff Y is violating server rules, then I would talk to staff Y about what happened and see if they they are aware that they have violated server rules.
If Staff X provides clear evidence then I would tell both Staff X and Y that this would be brought up in the meeting so that the other staff can be aware of this happening once more and this would also mean that an official could be deemed necessary for them.
If there is no evidence I would talk to talk to staff X to next time provide evidence such as a video or screenshot so that if anything like this happens there would be evidence tot back it up, but if staff Y confesses that they did violate server rules then i would proceed with the previous action.
Explain in detail how you would act in the following situation:
A staff member acts in a disrespectful manner towards another staff member and or sparks an argument within the staff team. How do you resolve the situation?
A situation like this can either one go right, or two get even worse, when using the right tone and word. But if a staff member causes an argument between another staff member then I would ask them to come on TeamSpeak to resolve the situation and so that this argument won't end a relationship or cause a much larger argument in the staff team. This situation won't need "force" to solve but only a few words.
Explain in detail how you would act in the following situation:
You spot a staff member breaking rules to the point of harming other users, how do you approach the staff member?
The first action I would take when handling the situation is to go into spectator mode to see which staff member is in question, due to i don't want to go into random accusation which can lead into mistrust. If i see the suspected member I would contact them whether in game or in steam/TeamSpeak reminding them about the rules and the staff ethos that they swore to when becoming a staff member, and that this will be brought up in the weekly staff meeting so that the staff are aware of the situation and give out and punishment that is necessary to the situation. While providing my own evidence of the situation.
Extra Information
Even though I haven't been active as much due to the push for graduation, I will be more active once done with school which will result in me being active on the server for almost 18-hours a day (as my estimates go by with everyday life). I have gone to every meeting since my acceptance into the staff team and have started to be more active on the forums. But with the changes in mind I think I will be a good SA.
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[TTT Super Admin] TehWither's Application 2 months 4 weeks ago #922582

Great admin, deserves this promotion.
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[TTT Super Admin] TehWither's Application 2 months 4 weeks ago #922595

I think I've already told you things to improve on if I haven't make sure the send me a message on steam. For now, I still want you to work on your experience but also your forums and team speak activity. Good luck!
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