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TOPIC: [SANDBOX] Server Rules

[SANDBOX] Server Rules 1 year 2 months ago #1404527

Last Updated: 02/04/2023

These are the rules for the ZARP Gaming Sandbox server. By playing on the server, you agree to follow all of these rules at all times. If you have any questions or concerns regarding any of these rules, please contact a server staff member, and if you think any rules should be removed, added or changed, then please make a server suggestion.
Staff's Word is Final

If you have any issues with a verdict or a punishment given out by a staff member you need to accept it and then speak to a higher-up staff member about it. You may also appeal your punishment or report the staff member in question on the forums if you feel like there was any misconduct.

The rules are in place in order to ensure a fun and safe environment on the servers and as such are not here for anyone to scrutinize or attempt to loophole. The staff has the final word on the rules, if you feel like a staff member is abusing you may submit a report against them.
Terms of Use

In addition to the server rules outlined in this thread, the use of this service constitutes your acceptance to the ZARP Terms of Use. Breaking any of these terms of use is punishable.

1.0 General Information

1.1 - Discrimination - Discrimination in any form (racism, sexism, prejudicial remarks, xenophobia) is strictly prohibited on our servers.

1.2 - Disrespect - We expect all users on the servers to conduct themselves respectfully and politely at all times.

1.3 - Avatars/Sprays
Emblems/Avatars on steam which may be deemed inappropriate by staff will be punished accordingly. This also applies to sprays in game, examples of this could be "Porn-sprays" etc.

1.4 - In-Game Names
In-game names / Steam names should also remain respectful and follow all rules that apply regarding disrespect and discrimination, and must not be used in an attempt to impersonate any member of staff / pretend to be staff.

1.5 - Spam/Promotion of non-ZARP services
Spamming is unacceptable; do not repeat messages more than once in a short space of time, and make incoherent/useless messages or messages which promote another competitor's community/service.

1.6 - Client Side Modification/Hacking
Do not attempt to modify your client to gain an advantage on our server. This includes but isn't limited to: hacks and scripts.

1.7 - Avoiding Punishment
If you have a pending report made against you or are being addressed by a staff member, you cannot leave without the staff member's permission to do so. This also includes ban evasion, if you are banned you are not permitted to join the server until the ban expires. This can result in harsher punishments, therefore it is recommended to follow the procedure listed above. If a player decides to leave before auto-slays or warns are administered, then they will be punished for doing so.

1.8 - MicSpam
Spamming the mic is unacceptable in any format, whether it be screaming, singing, or playing music unless another rule states otherwise. However, shouting during a map vote is allowed.

1.9 - Voice Changers
Voice changers are not allowed within the Sandbox server. If you are asked to stop using a voice changer and refuse to do so, you will be warned.

1.10 - Begging
Do not beg for any items or diamonds, if caught constantly begging for items/diamonds you will be warned.

1.11 - ALT Accounts
ALT Accounts are strictly forbidden on the server, players can be punished if found to be using alt accounts at the same time as another account on the server.

2.0 Gamemode Rules

2.1 - Prop Spamming
Spamming props, especially large ones, in a way that obstructs other players' movement or view is considered prop spamming and is prohibited.

2.2 - Building on Other Players' Creations
Building on or modifying other players' creations without their consent is considered griefing and is prohibited.

2.3 - Building on Other Players' Creations
Intentionally trapping players in props or objects is considered player trapping and is prohibited.

If you feel that you have been wrongly punished for something which is not a rule / linked to a rule on here, you can appeal the punishment in the appeals section, and report a staff member in the report abuse section if you believe that they are abusing their powers.
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