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[SANDBOX] Staff List 1 year 4 months ago #1404525

This topic will provide you with all the information about the ZARP Gaming Sandbox staff members.


Owners are in charge of running and maintaining the server. This team has the final word about everything around the servers. If you find any game-breaking bug, or you need to report something really important then we strongly suggest that you contact one of these people:

|FP| Chuteuk - Microsoft - Community Owner l Chuteuk's Steam
|FP| EMP - Community Owner l EMP's Steam
Martin - Community Owner | Martin's Steam
OnionRings - Community Manager | Onion's Steam
CEO of Business - Community Manager | CEO's Steam
Faithful - Community Manager | Faithful's Steam
Jawson - Community Manager | Jawson's Steam
Callum - Community Developer | Callum's Steam
Kanna - Community Developer | Kanna's Steam
Donny - Community Developer | Donny's Steam

Head Administrators

Are in charge of managing the staff team. Head Administrators are the second-highest in-game rank. They deal with staff to staff problems, can issue demotions in case of an emergency and are given access to all administrative commands. Should you have a problem with a staff member these are the people who can best assist you.

There are currently no Head Administrators on the server.

Super Administrators

The Super Administrator Team is the leading team for the game mode Sandbox. If you have any problem with one of the staff members, you see one of them abusing their commands, or want to report a hacker then please contact one of the people in the Super Administrator team, this team also happily helps you out with anything else regarding Sandbox. This team consists out of the following people:

Pizza | Pizza's Steam


The Administrator Team keeps the server clean from rule-breakers. This team has the privilege to ban people from the server if there is no other way around. If you see a massive rule breaker or anything else that's against the rules, please contact one of them to deal with it. Make sure to have solid proof because there will be no action taken against the player without proof. This team consists of the following people:

There are currently no Administrators on the server.


The Moderation Team keeps the Sandbox server clean just like the Administrators, however, they
have fewer commands, but they still can deal with every situation on the servers. The Moderator Team exists out of the following people:

There are currently no Moderators on the server.

Are you a Sandbox Staff and you are not on the list? Contact a Forum Staff Member (Sandbox Section Moderator, Global Moderator, or Site Administrator) to add you to the list!
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Community Developer

Prophunt/TTT Server Owner
Teamspeak Head Admin
Discord Head Admin
Global Moderator
SSRP Administrator
Deathrun Moderator

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