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TOPIC: [PROPHUNT] Guide to Becoming Staff

[PROPHUNT] Guide to Becoming Staff 6 years 4 months ago #645227

This guide will teach you all about how to become staff on the ZARP Gaming Prophunt server, and from there, how to get promoted to higher ranks.

Here is the ZARP Gaming Staff hierarchy:

Community Owner
Community Manager
Server Owner
Head Administrator
Super Administrator


First of all, we will look at the behaviour you need to follow to become a Moderator. We preferably want you to have 0 recent warnings, but depending on the situation, one or two MAY be overlookable. If you are not sure of the rules for Prophunt, you can read them by going here. Also remember that you will need to know these rules if you do become staff, since you will be punishing people for breaking them. You don't want to end up falsely punishing people!


We recommend that you have at least two weeks of constant activity before you apply for staff. Constant activity is important because as a staff member, you should have at least 3 hours of activity per week so that we know that you are putting in the appropriate amount of work for the server as a staff member.

The Application:

Now, if you have good behaviour and activity, now you can make an application! Remember to post your application in the applications section, and make sure you follow the correct template. If you need any help with your application, then just ask any staff member (see the staff list for a list of all staff and their steam links) and they will be happy to help you out.

Make sure to put in as much detail and effort as you can!

While you wait for the Prophunt meeting to happen on the coming Friday, remember to keep being active and behaving well!
If you don't get accepted, don't lose hope! The staff will always leave a reason for why you were denied on your application, so look at that and act upon it before applying again!

If you get accepted, one of the Prophunt Lead Team will train you.

Now you're a Moderator, but you want to do more for the server. You want to be able to help people more and stop rulebreakers better than before. After being a Moderator for a couple of weeks and attending at least one meeting, you can apply for Admin!

In-Game Situations:

If you want to become an Admin, you're going to have to show us that you're dedicated to the server and doing your job. Handle as many situations on the server as you can, but make sure you handle them all properly, and ensure that you do not falsely punish anyone. Make sure that you know the server rules well in order to know when people are in fact rulebreaking. When you were trained, you should have been told how and when to use your powers, but message another staff member if you have any questions or concerns. Most staff will be happy to help you!


Attending meetings and making sure you participate will really boost your chances, you want the upper staff to notice you and realise that you are doing your best for the server, so you need to be interacting with your fellow staff members. You can do this outside of meetings too.


Don't just handle everything yourself and do everything solo! Other staff members aren't your enemies or rivals. Add them on steam, chat with them on Teamspeak, or just chat with them in admin chat in-game (prefix any message with '@' in order to use admin chat). Make sure people know you exist and that they know you're trying to interact with them.


Make sure you are active on the server! As a staff member, you should be online for at least 2 hours+ per week, but if you're on for longer, that can help to show dedication. Don't worry if you can't get over that time, just try your best. If you are going to be inactive, make sure you create a thread about it in the Staff Discussion section.

The Application:

Much like Moderator, you will have to apply for Admin. This application can be easier or more difficult, but you should definitely try to fill it out as best you can. The template is in the same thread as the Moderator application template - which can be found here.

Once again, make sure to put in as much detail and effort as you can!

Now you've submitted your Admin application! Again, you will have to wait until the Prophunt staff meeting on the following Friday to find out if you got accepted or not. Again, if you got accepted, a Super Admin+ (the same as for a Mod) will train you to use all your new commands and privileges, including the ability to handle player reports and ban/warn appeals on the forums.

If you become an Admin, you may be wondering "but how do you get Super Admin+?". The Lead Team is a much larger responsibility than just Moderator or Admin. You have far more to do. You used to be unable to even apply for Super Admin, you had to be chosen by the Lead Team, but now there are application for the Lead Team ranks (Super Admin and Head Admin). The application for Super Admin, much like the applications for Mod or Admin, has a template which can be found in the "Server Applications" section, and you need to fill out as best you can, showing what you have done for the server and what you think you will be able to continue to do, while also showing your experience in the questions asked. In order to become a Head Admin, the application is a little more difficult (for most people). The application for Head Admin does not follow a specific template as much, and you will have to write out everything you think is relevant, making the application from scratch (except the details section given), to prove that you have dedication and to give you a chance to show yourself off and explain everything that you have to offer. We expect you to carry out your duties: showing an active presence in-game, handling reports and appeals in-game or on the forums and acting as a responsible role model for members of the community.

Some extra tips to becoming a member of the Lead Team (credit to Johnler):
  • Handle as many reports at the forums as possible!
  • Go above and beyond to help others, even when a solution may not be reached.
  • Show your presence in the community, be it on the forums, Prophunt or the Teamspeak server.
  • Attend/contribute to meetings as much as possible; boosting your presence specifically for Prophunt.
  • Be active - make sure to meet the activity requirements weekly.
  • Be friendly - always try to be friendly and communicate with your fellow staff members.

If you have any questions or need any more assistance, please feel free to contact myself or any other staff member!
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