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TOPIC: [PROPHUNT] Making Taunts

[PROPHUNT] Making Taunts 2 years 4 months ago #1354630

Guide on how to make your own taunts

Are you a musical mastermind and want to show it off, do you just wanna make earrape taunts to annoy the shit our of people ingame but you just don't know how to actually make them so you can acces them ingame through the F3 taunt menu? This guide will explain you you just how to do this.

All web taunts come from myinstants.com thus need to be uploaded there and this guide will tell you how to make your own and upload them there. This guide is not only for prophunt, but any server that uses the webtaunts addon.

Making the MP3 file

The myinstants site is limited to the MP3's only and your file may have a maximum file size of 300kb.
You can turn any existing song into a clip that fits the above specifications by following these steps:

  • Use any sound editing software like Adobe Audition or Audacity.
  • Import the desired song or soundclip.
  • Find what part you would like to use and trim it.
  • The longer your desired part is, the larger the file size, remember to keep it below 300kb!
  • If you think you are satisfied with it, export to an MP3 file.
  • If the file size exceeds 300kb, you either need to shorten the duration or reduce the bitrate, this once again can be done in yur desired software. Reducing the bitrate allows you to have longer duration audio clips but the lower the bitrate, the lesser the sound quality is. I usually make mine at 80kbps and that allows for +- 30 second clips.

Uploading your clip so they are usable in game

  • Visit myinstants.com and make an account if you haven't already.
  • Click the UPLOAD SOUND button at the top.
  • Next youll be asked to upload the actual mp3 file and fill in some details like title and tags.

  • Name:This is what the actual name of the taunt will be
    Sound:This is how you upload the actual MP3 file.
    Tags:This is what you need to fill in to be able to find the taunts. Searching a taunt by its name will not show any results, only the tag. So if you want to make a taunt called "my earrape taunt", you need to put that as the tag and not only the name otherwise it wont show any results.
  • Press the create button and your taunt will be uploaded if everything is filled in correctly.

Your taunts might not show up immediately ingame when you have just uplaoded them, usually it takes a few days for the website to handle and show it properly. There is a way to immediately be able to play them in game by following these steps:

  • Open your newly created taunt on the website. Example taunt here
  • The url will always contain some random numbers at the end like this:
  • Search these exact numbers in the taunt search bar and you'll immediately be able to see your taunt when searching it by the tags doesn't work as shown below:
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