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TOPIC: [SSRP] Server Rules [UPDATED 24/11/2023]

[SSRP] Server Rules [UPDATED 24/11/2023] 9 years 6 months ago #48092

ZARP SSRP Server Rules
Last Updated: November 24th, 2023

Requesting Help
When you encounter an issue in-game your first course of action should be to contact a staff member, you can do so by pressing F1 to access the report center. Here you should give a short description of the problem you are having. Once you've made the report a staff member will come to assist you as soon as possible.
Staff's Word is Final
If you have any issues with a verdict or a punishment given out by a staff member you need to accept it and then speak to a higher up staff member about it. You may also appeal your punishment or report the staff member in question on the forums if you feel like there was any misconduct.
Administrator Area
You may not roleplay in the administrator area. This means that trades may not take place other than for booster pack or VIP. Stealing or doing hits is also prohibited but may be excluded during events.
The rules are in place in order to ensure a fun and safe environment on the servers and as such are not here for anyone to scrutinize or attempt to loophole. The staff have the final word on the rules, if you feel like a staff member is abusing you may submit a report against them.

Scamming is the act of stealing money, items or ZARP VIP/Booster Packs from another player through deception or trickery. It is strictly prohibited under the rules and can be punishable by our administration team. Scamming has long been an issue on ZARP, and there is a wide range of scams that range from the obvious to the in-depth and complex. Nearly all scams involve tricking the victim one way or another, although sometimes scammers will exploit the Trade System or other game features or bugs in order to steal other players items.

Gambling games are not considered scamming. If you are not willing to lose your money/items do not participate in gambling.

It is not considered a scam unless money or items are lost or received. Except in the case of agreed upon coinflips, dice rolls or minigames.

Administrators must have evidence before punishing players for scamming. If you are unsure ask a community team member to investigate the logs.

You must pay out of your own inventory and wallet if you are banned for scamming, if you cannot afford the items then bring this up to the staff member who is handling the appeal so it can be discussed further and decide on what to do next.

How to avoid being scammed

  • If a trade or deal seems good to be true, it’s most likely a scam.
  • If the other player is requiring you to give them valuable items saying they will give you other items back in another trade, it is likely a scam.
  • For very rare or expensive items that you’re not willing to lose. Do not drop them or gamble them at any point.
  • Keep your account information secure. Only ever enter your ZARP account details on www.zarpgaming.com And remember a ZARP staff member will never ask for your password.
  • ALWAYS check the trade menu carefully before pressing the Confirm trade button.
  • Never give out more that you are willing to lose.

Terms of Use
In addition to the server rules outlined in this thread, the use of this service constitutes your acceptance to the ZARP Terms of Use. Breaking any of these terms of use is punishable.
1.0 General Conduct Rules

1.1 Discrimination - Discrimination in any form (racism, sexism, prejudicial remarks, xenophobia) is strictly prohibited on our servers.

1.2 Disrespect - We expect all users on the servers to conduct themselves respectfully and politely at all times.

1.3 Spamming - Spamming is not allowed on our servers, do not repeat messages within a short amount of time. This applies to both text and voice chat. Music may only be played by radio managers. Spamming your camera is not allowed.

1.4 Promotion of non-ZARP services - Promotion of competing communities or services is not allowed on our servers.

1.5 Client Side Modification & Hacking - Any form of hacking, scripting, cheating or malicious client modification is not allowed on our servers. You are also not allowed to draw textures on your client.

Users may modify files to make their game look more unique but abusing this opportunity to create unfair advantages is strictly prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to: modifying the juggernaut suit model to be a bright color so it is easier to see through particle effects or removing the smoke/fire particle effects from the thundergun explosion.

1.6 Avoiding Punishment - When being addressed by a staff member out of character, do not disconnect without their permission. Do not attempt to evade your punishments by creating new accounts or rejoining the servers.

1.7 Exploiting - Purposely abusing unintentional game or server features is prohibited.

1.8 Sale of In Game Items - Other than for VIP and Booster Packs the sale or trade of in-game items or currency for items or money outside the server is prohibited. Games gained from steam cases may be traded prior to being redeemed.

1.9 Impersonating Staff - You're not allowed to impersonate any staff members on the servers, this includes using names similar to those used by staff members within the community or saying that you are a member of the staff team when you are not. If you wish to use a name similar to that of a staff member you should first contact a lead team member for permission.

Impersonating other users by changing your name to harass them is also strictly against the rules.

1.10 Alternate Accounts - Using alternate accounts to interact with NPCs or to give yourself an RP advantage is not allowed. Players may only join events on their main account and aren't allowed to use any alternate accounts to boost their chances of winning the event(s). They are also not permitted to "hold" a base with an alt account while they do other things, as an example: buying the door on your alternate account whilst using your main account to raid a base as a police job. If your alt account has the 'NEW PLAYER' tag, you must opt out.

The following is a list of the ONLY things that are allowed using Alternative Accounts:
- Printing/Drug Making
- Bypassing Prop Limits
- Mining
- Dumpster Diving
- Gambling in the Casino
2.0 Character Rules

2.1 Names - Character or gang names may not be vulgar, offensive or blasphemous. Gang names must be unique and visibly different to those of other gangs. Character names must also be visibly different than others'.

2.2 Random Death Match - In order to kill or harm another player you require a valid role-play reason to do so. Crossfire is not an excuse for killing people nearby where you are raiding or shooting. This rule always applies unless another rule calls for an exception. During an airdrop you are only allowed to kill people within the district of an ongoing airdrop. Police may not kill arrested criminals in the jail cells unless they are making an active attempt to escape the cells.

- Examples of valid reasons to kill another player:
The player enters a highly restricted area such as the Bank/Casino vault or the back of PD.
The player kills an ally or friend of yours. (This doesn't apply if either you or your friend / ally are a police job.)
The player attempts to destroy or steal your property.
The player acts threatening towards you.

2.3 New Life Rule - Do not return or interact with the district that you died in within three minutes of dying, unless otherwise specified by a different rule. If you died in the spawn district you should leave the district promptly without any role-play interaction.

Police jobs are allowed to break NLR at the Police Department and when attempting to stop an active nuke/bank raid and zone captures. Police jobs must not be killed unless they are making a clear attempt to raid.

All jobs apart from Police are allowed to break NLR at the Airdrop District and when attempting to get an active Airdrop

District Map [ Click to expand ]

2.4 Prop Abuse - The use of a prop to harm, push or surf is not allowed.

2.5 Spawn - You are not allowed to obstruct spawn areas and areas leading into spawn, this includes but isn't limited to building or parking vehicles in the way of spawn areas or tunnels.

2.6 Custom Job Titles - Using custom job titles doesn't void other rules in place on the server or enable you to break the rules assigned to your job. An example being setting your job title to terrorist, you may do as such but it doesn't allow you to random death match players on the server. Your actions must be thoughtful and properly role-played. You may not set your custom job title to that of another job.

2.7 FearRP - If you are held at gunpoint and you weren't holding a gun first, you must follow demands given to you, unless you can reasonably break gunpoint without excessively risking your life e.g by walking behind a wall within very close proximity - breaking gunpoint is defined by being completely out of sight of the person pointing a gun at you. You can not use props in order to break gunpoint. You cannot equip any items from your hot-bar or inventory while under direct gunpoint.

Miners doing their job are exempt from FearRP and therefore do not have to comply with orders.

Melee weapons may also be used to enact FearRP but an armed opponent will be able to resist this regardless of the number of individuals armed with melee weapons.

Do not do anything to risk your life when under FearRP. The side with the most armed people are in charge of a situation, this means that a large amount of people may overpower a single armed person even if that person already had a gun out. FearRP ends in the case of combat starting.

You must use /me to conduct FearRP. For example: '/me handcuffs [name]' or '/me locks vehicle door' to prevent escape.

- Taking a hostage: When under FearRP someone may be taken hostage and must then comply until their ransom is paid, someone breaks them out or the hostage-takers are killed. The police should try their best to rescue the player without putting the player at risk. The maximum amount of time someone may be held hostage is 10 minutes and the maximum ransom is $1M. You may only take a hostage in a place that you cannot be seen or is not visited by many people. You can also kidnap someone anywhere if the area is empty. Kidnapping miners who are actively doing their job is not allowed. There is a cooldown of 1 hour on kidnapping.

- Mugging: When under FearRP someone may be mugged, they cannot refuse this if they have the money and cannot kill the mugger once the mug is over. The maximum amount that can be taken during a mug is $100,000. You may not mug more than three times over the course of an hour, and this must be three different people. You may only mug in a place that you cannot be seen or is not visited by many people. You can also mug someone anywhere if the area is empty. Mugging miners who are actively doing their job is not allowed. You cannot mug someone in a vehicle/hoverboard. You must give your mugging victims a reasonable amount of time to respond to your demands.

- Police can enact FearRP without holding a weapon out however the request must also be reasonable. For example Weapon Checking someone or asking for someone to leave the area. Police are to weapon check the suspect immediately when enacting FearRP for the purpose of weapon checking.

2.8 Bribing - You are not allowed to bribe or pay players to become other jobs.

2.9 Self Defense Against Police - You may only defend yourself against cops that are actively trying to arrest or attack you whilst you are wanted, this includes cops that are following you around for extended amounts of time.

2.10 Entity Bombing - You are not allowed to intentionally use entities as bombs to damage or destroy other entities or players.

2.11 Bounties - Players with an active bounty should not intentionally camp or hide in areas that are not accessible by hitmen.

2.12 Force Fields - You are not allowed to place/use forcefields in the Spawn District, the Mines or Elevator Bases. You are allowed 1 forcefield in a base and a maximum of 2 forcefields in a District Base. In tunnels/connecting areas you are only allowed to place 1 forcefield. The forcefield should be openable from both sides.
3.0 Vehicle Rules

3.1 Vehicle Griefing - You should actively avoid interrupting roleplay with your vehicle. This includes, but is not limited to: pushing groups of players who are not standing on a road and pushing entities/props around. This rule is especially applicable to situations where you actively attempt to interrupt a roleplaying situation with malicious intent. However, this rule does not protect players who are loitering on roads.

3.2 CDM - You should actively avoid hitting players unless they are on the road.

3.3 Carjacking - Players cannot 'carjack' vehicles, only unoccupied vehicles can be stolen.

3.4 Hoverboards - Hoverboards are considered vehicles.
4.0 Building Rules

4.1 Fading Doors - You are allowed a maximum of three consecutive fading doors to access any part of your base, this does not include fading doors that are part of a printer safe. All fading doors require a button or keypad clearly visible and close to the fading door that can be used to activate them. Fading doors used to enter or exit your building should be operable from both sides of the fading door.

Fading doors used on printer safes must remain open permanently when activated, Other than printer safes, all fading doors must be kept open for a minimum of 4 seconds.

Fading doors may not be stacked inside each other and shouldn't force a player to make the choice between a lock pick or a keypad cracker in order to operate the entire fading door.

4.2 Buttons & Keypads - Buttons and keypads must be clearly visible and should not be used as decorations but rather only be used for the activation of your contraptions.

4.3 Structure Appearance - Built structures must not have any flickering effects or invisible props. Your structures may not have any blacked out rooms or areas, only a single wall of face of your structure may be completely blacked out. Props may not have a lower transparency than 50. Structures should not obstruct vehicle passage on the roads, they may overlap with the roads so long as vehicle passage is possible without driving off-road, district bases, checkpoints and tollgates are excluded from this part of the rule.

4.4 Obstacles - Player built obstacles that impede player movement are not allowed. This includes obstacles that slow the player, force the player to crouch or force the player to jump. Players should not be forced to traverse over world props or difficult to traverse areas of the world they would not otherwise need to pass. This includes but isn't exclusive to forcing a player to jump or crouch between or through parts of the world or other strange places. No mazes may be built, players should only be presented with one way to navigate prop defenses.

4.5 Shooting Windows - Shooting windows must not be vertically shallower than the lampshade001a.mdl prop.

4.6 Ladders, Ramps & Bridges - Ladders, ramps or bridges must be wide enough for two players to stand side by side on them at once and cannot be fading doors. They must also be properly supported in a realistic way.

4.7 Roof Structures - Bases or structures may be built on roofs as long as the roof can be accessed, either via the world or by building a ramp, ladder or bridge and follow all other rules. The roof must also not be further from the ground than a plate1x8.mdl placed vertically. The roof also cannot border to the edges of the map.

4.8 Street Structures - Bases or structures may be built anywhere as long as they do not intrude on a property you do not own and follow all other rules.

4.9 Floating Structures - Structures must not be floating and should be aesthetically supported at the edges.

4.10 Prop Block - You may block unused areas and entrances of your structures or bases as long as there is at least one entrance and no entities are blocked.

4.11 Entities - Do not store entities in inaccessible areas of the map. This includes storing entities inside world props. Entities placed outside of a building must not be vertically further from the ground than a plate1x8.mdl placed vertically. This excludes areas that are accessible through an existing building, ladder or a staircase.

Entities shouldn't be used as a building material. They should only be used for their intentional RP purpose, excluding metal detectors, which can be used freely as long as they don't break other building rules.

4.12 Kill boxes - Kill boxes that expose a part of a players hit box through the collision box of a prop are not allowed.

4.13 Fake Entrances - Structures are not allowed to have any fake entrances.

4.14a Purchasing/Claiming Properties & Areas - You may only purchase multiple properties if you have enough people to occupy each property. There should be at least one person per property. The owner of a property is the person that owns the main door. When taking over a district all buildings must be owned and have one person for each property. You may not take over a district that contains any occupied structures (including structures without conventional doors) that are not affiliated with your group.

4.14b - When occupying areas as specified in rule 4.14, districts with NPCs cannot be blocked and players must have full access to NPCs, interactable entities (ie. dumpsters / gas pumps / taxi stops) and all of their services. The player must also be able to leave after using the NPC, except where other rules state otherwise. (E.G: Police cannot scrap cars and therefore do not need access to the car scrapper.)

4.15 Building Signs - A building sign may be placed on a structure that is under active construction. Whilst the sign is in place no entities may be stored or placed in the structure or building. You may only place building signs on buildings or structures you own. Anything similar to the word building will be counted as a building sign, creating "fake" signs still counts. Building signs should be clearly visible.

4.16 Police Departments - Only government employees may build in a police department. These are Police, SAS, SWAT, FBI, Prison Guard and Mayor. illegal entities may be stored inside a police department (They may not be stored inside jail areas).

4.17 Metal Detectors - Any structure may contain metal detectors as long as they're not used to block entrances or used as building materials. Spamming metal detectors by walking through them is not allowed.

4.18 Police Checkpoints - Police, SWAT, FBI or SAS may construct checkpoints. Vehicles or players may only be held for a maximum of two minutes. If the checkpoint is to be left un-attended then the entrance and exit must be kept open.

4.19 Text Screens - Text Screens must not be invisible, have flickering effects or anything difficult to the eye. You are not allowed to place them on anyone's house or another players "Shop Area". Text Screens can not contain anything that is offensive or breaks TOU. They should not contain any spam and should not be placed in a position to block visibility or bullets. You must place a KOS sign when having a district base. KOS signs must be clear and must be of font size 65 or above.

4.20 Cameras - You are only allowed to place down a maximum of 3 cameras around and inside your base ONLY.

4.21 RP Houses - An RP house sign may be placed to designate a RP House, these may not contain any non-prop entities other than cars, metal detectors, shop entities, cameras or donation boxes. You may only place RP House signs on buildings or structures you own. Anything similar to RP House will be counted as an RP House sign, creating "fake" signs still counts. RP House signs should be clearly visible.

4.22 KOS Signs - KOS signs are not allowed to specify specific jobs that will or will not be KOS.

4.23 - You may not block off a district where an Airdrop is taking place. Full access must be available without obstructions for all users - this includes for district bases.

4.24 - You may not use props or entities to gain an unfair advantage for Airdrops eg. moving the Airdrop package

4.25 Placeable Traps/Entities -
This rule applies to any entity that is capable of killing or hurting another user.
This includes but is not limited to the turret, tripmines, propeller traps etc.

It should always have a legitimate purpose in the way they are placed.
It should not be placed in the spawn and mine districts.
If it kills a player, the player must be KOS otherwise it is considered RDM.
If the entity is clearly visible, and you have a reasonable chance to not get killed or hurt by it, and you walk into it, it is not considered RDM.

Advanced Tripmines (including the laser) may not be obstructed in any way, and must be in a location where the tripmine can be shot and destroyed by the raider(s) using either bullets or explosives

In one base you are not allowed to have more than 2 traps including different kinds. Advanced Tripmines collectively count as 1 trap. (For example, 3 placed Advanced Tripmines as well as 1 Forcefield counts as 2 traps.)

4.26 Airdrops - Whilst participating in an Airdrop, you must actively be attempting to open/damage the crate, or defend a player who is opening/damaging the crate.

4.27 Elevators - Explosives weapons, AOE weapons and AOE fire modes (including the left click of the alien ) may not be fired up or down elevator shafts, this includes grenades.

The usage of the ACS forcefield, Portal Suit portals or the Ice King Staff to harm people inside an elevator is not allowed. Building or using/storing entities is also disallowed in the elevator shaft - for Trip Mines, this also includes the laser.

Spamming button(s) to call the elevator is not allowed, also you may not place alternate accounts to constantly call the elevator while you are defending/raiding a base.

4.28 Teleporters - You may not obstruct teleporters or set up "traps" that kill players right after using the teleporter.

5.0 Raiding Rules

5.1 Raid timer - Do not raid the same base more than once within ten minutes. You must wait one minute for action before repasting a base dupe if there has been no further raid attempts. The raid does not end and may continue if you are revived by a server item such as a defibrillator or tactical insertion.

Active nuke launches, active bank/casino vault raids and police department raids are exempt to this rule.

5.2 Finish - You should leave as soon as possible once you are done raiding. (E.G: You are not allowed to wait in a base for plants to finish growing, the same applies to drugs being made.)

5.3 Special Weapons - If special weapons are used on props or a base an attempt must be made to access and raid the area.

5.4 Building & RP House Signs - If someone has a building sign or RP House sign they cannot be raided. If you think they have entities in their building report it to a staff member.

5.5 Shops - Do not raid shops unless they have another door/fading door other than their main entrance or have raid-able entities in their shop.

5.6 Building - A group raiding a base may have a single prop placed at one time during the raid in order to block a camera but it should be removed once the raid has ended. This prop must not be of excessive size and should block only the camera.
6.0a Bank Rules

6.1a - Any job that can raid may also raid and build in the bank vault.

6.2a - No entrances to the bank vault may be blocked, it must be possible to enter through all entrances to the vault.

6.3a - Only health and armor chargers or weapons may be stored in the bank vault, no other entities.

6.4a - Only three fading doors may be used in the bank vault.

6.5a - Once the raid is active and the countdown is going no building is allowed in the bank vault until the raid either fails or succeeds and all raids are over.

6.6a - The bank vault starts at the vault door in the back of the bank.
6.0b Casino Rules

6.1b - Any job that is allowed to raid may also raid the Casino vault.

6.2b - No building in the Casino vault.

6.3b - You must not obstruct or delay people from entering and roaming around the Casino with props and entities

6.4b - No illegal entities are allowed in the Casino, HP/Armor chargers are allowed.

6.5b - You are not allowed to mug/kidnap in the Casino.

6.6b - The Casino vault is upstairs in the casino building.
7.0 Active Nuke Launch Rules

7.1 - Any job that is allowed to raid may also raid the nuke.

7.2 - It is not allowed to prop block the nuke.

7.3 - Once the nuke countdown is active no building is allowed in the base that stores the nuke until the launch has either failed or succeeded and all raids are over.

7.4 - Any job that is allowed to raid may also launch a nuke (Excluding any Police Job)

7.5 - You are not allowed to nuke in the mines.
8.0 Mine Rules

8.1 - Only miners can build in the mines.

8.2 - The usage of fading doors in the mines is not allowed.

8.3 - Do not build in the entrance to the mines.

8.4 - Do not build on top of other players or their structures in the mine, if someone has a built structure it must be removed before yours can be placed.

8.5 - Structures built for the mines may not cover any nearby roads at all.

8.6 - You are not allowed to block or build directly around the mining entities. The closest prop should be three body lengths away. This means that three people should be able to stand stacked in any direction from the mining entities without being stopped by props.

Example Image:
Warning: Spoiler! [ Click to expand ]

9.0 Job Rules

9.1 Job Abuse - Switching to jobs in certain scenarios to bypass game features or rules is considered job abuse. This includes but is not limited to: switching to a job which is able to raid from one that cannot inside a base, switching to a job to increase a job counter (ie. bank, casino vault or nuke) to then join the raid, switching to a cop to arrest a wanted player instantly or switching to a job to instantly kill another job.

If you are a job which does not have restrictions, for example, NLR in a district, no raid timer, etc then switch to a job which does, these restrictions will apply to your "new life" in the new job.

9.2 Weapon Usage - All jobs can use all types of weapons unless stated otherwise such as for the mutant job

Warning: Spoiler! [ Click to expand ]

10.0 Night Club

10.1 - Basing is not allowed within the Night Club

10.2 - You may not use any props and or entities within the Night Club

10.3 - No Hoverboards/Hover bikes/Forcefields in the Night Club

10.4 - Do not disrupt players that are bartending in the Night Club (e.g Shooting, throwing smokes/flash nades to block their screen)
11.0 Gang Hideouts

11.1 - Any job that can raid can capture gang hideouts (Excluding any police job)

11.2 - Raid timer does not apply as long as you are making an attempt to capture the gang hideout.

11.3 - NLR continues to apply to both raiders and defenders.
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