ZARP Policies

Updates Policy

Updates for any servers must be fully tested on a test server prior to release. This test server must be an exact copy of the live server that it is to be released on, and testing must be done on the same gamemode (where applicable).

In order for testing to be deemed complete, a full testing checklist must be created and followed with at least 4 people of Server Owner rank or above present, or 50% of all applicable people when there are less than 4 people of Server Owner rank or above for the server. This includes all people who worked on any features in the update.

3 members of the Community Team, or 50% of the Community Team when there are less than 3 members, must approve any updates and the relevant checklists for it before it may be put onto the server. Initial testing should be carried out with all features completed at least 48 hours prior to the update.

Once an update has been tested and approved, an Announcement must be made on the forums, giving at least 24 hours of notice that the update is going to be released, including a list of relevant features / changes and the planned release date.

When this update is then put onto the server, which must be done by the main people behind the development, at least 3 people of Server Owner or above, including the main people who developed the update must remain on the server for a minimum of one hour to ensure that no other issues arise.

For something to be considered an “Update” under this policy, it must make significant change(s) to existing features or add new feature(s) to the server. This does not include basic configuration changes ie. Adding or removing levels / unlocks to a server.

Anything which is not deemed to be an update but still requires modification to the server’s codebase should not be done directly onto the live servers (excluding for rolling back changes or restoring backups). Though this does not require a full testing checklist and announcement, live editing should not occur.

If something has been fully tested on a test server with no issues or is only a minor configuration change (ie. Chat / voice tags), then this may be added to the live servers directly.