ZARP Policies

Training Policy

Lead Team members, amongst other duties, are responsible for training newly recruited/promoted staff members.

To ensure staff are trained in the most efficient way as possible, this policy will cover all relevant information for training staff and any rules lead team members should abide by. Note that this policy will not guarantee all training sessions will be up to standard as it is up to the trainers to ensure all content is covered to a reasonable degree.

Training Rules

Any user that is recruited/promoted must undergo training regardless of their previous experience; trainers may adjust the training agenda to accommodate users with previous experience however, basic training such as handling situations and using commands must be covered.

  • A maximum of 3 trainees can participate in a training session.
  • Staff holding the rank of Super Administrator or above, and have had a training session supervised by a Head Administrator or above may train staff on their own.
  • New Super Administrators must have their first training session supervised by a Head Administrator or above.
  • Administrators may train Moderators only under the supervision of a Head Admin or above.
  • All training sessions must be hosted in a private channel/spacer on TeamSpeak
  • Trainees must be give ample opportunity to ask questions during the training; all questions should be answered.

Training Content Rules

  • Official training content must be held within the respective Lead Team OneNote; additional training content such as command/situation guides may be held elsewhere.
  • Lead Team members may propose changes to the official training content however, all suggestions must be voted on and accepted via majority vote in the Lead Team meeting.
  • Lead Teams can conduct scheduled reviews of the training content to ensure it is relevant and up to date.