ZARP Policies

Deleting/Locking posts

When forum moderators wish to delete posts or lock topics in order to help other forum mods and the original poster understand why they have done so they should always EDIT the post, or the first post, if it's an entire topic and include in quotes the reason why and their forum username.

e.g. [quote]Post deleted - Personal insults on another user - Chuteuk[/quote]

Always make sure your reason for locking/deleting follows the Terms of Use.


If you disagree with the actions of another moderator, you should contact them and explain why you think the post or topic should be unlocked or restored. If you still cannot decide which action would be best, you must raise the issue to the CM team who will make the final decision. In the case of a CM member disagreeing with an action, they will first contact you to explain why and then reverse the action.

Respecting Decisions

You should always try to respect other forum mods and consider that they may have good reasons for locking a post or wanting to unlock it for example. Don't get angry or hold grudges because someone has a different opinion than you. You must always respect the final decision of the CM team.

What to do if your post has been deleted/locked

If your post has been deleted and/or locked for any reason and you are unsure as to why or believe it was false, you should always try to first contact a member of the forum moderation team (Section Staff or Global Moderators) asking for the reason why (ensure you are respectful when doing so).

If you are still not satisfied, you should contact a member of the Community Team via Discord, Teamspeak or the Contact Us form providing any relevant information on the situation that occurred.

We expect people to respect the decisions of our staff team and to follow the correct procedures, and those who do not do so and repost or create forum posts which are written to create trouble or drama, then these posts will be removed and bans will have to be placed.