ZARP Policies

Discrimination Policy

The current policy had led to false bans and the original intention of this policy has ran its course.

To Staff

Those users who seek to inflict harm on others by using racist, discriminatory or otherwise inappropriate language (abusive, offensive or disruptive) should first be warned and then muted from using all communications. Use common sense and if a player continually seeks to cause harm by using such language, ban them from that service for a period of time that seems reasonable.

To Players

Use common sense. This does not mean there is a free for all in terms of using racist language across our services. Infact expect people’s use of language to carry on as normal, but expect punishments for first offenders and borderline offences to be reduced.

TS & Discord Music Rooms –

You may play music that was previously not allowed ONLY in this channel. Music or sounds that are blatantly intend to cause offense will get you banned. This is at the staff members discretion. So if you’re not sure then don’t play it is the simple answer.

This policy is in addition to the ZARP Terms of Use, which apply to all our services at all times.