ZARP Policies

Community Developer Rank

Community developers work closely together with the CM team and the server owners to consistently improve the community in various development areas. They oversee and assist in updates and bug fixes, and they are the first person the server owners should go to when encountering a problem with their server code. They are a skilled developer that oversee all Pointshop servers and ensure that every server has its bugs fixed and updates made.

They are required to think about future server options and assist in the creation of new servers. They have access to all server meetings and serve a prominent role in the weekly server owners meeting. They gain access to all the Pointshop server files and can code features and changes for DarkRP if accepted.

The community developers have the following rights and powers:

  • Can handle report abuses against all server ranks.
  • Access to all server meetings.
  • Access to the server owners meeting.
  • Access to everything in game including rcon access and server options for all Pointshop servers.
  • Access to all Pointshop server files and control panel.
  • Access to Teamspeak Head Admin powers.
  • Access to Forum Administrator powers.
  • Access to DarkRP Head Administrator powers.
  • Can add new content to the servers with permission of the server owners.
  • Can add or change content to DarkRP if accepted