ZARP Policies

Server Owners Promotion Policy

This policy outlines the process by which a server owner can be promoted into their position and who is eligible to vote on the promotion of Server Owners.

Who is eligible to vote on Server Owners

  • A vote can be raised for a new Server Owner by either an existing Server Owner or a member of the Community Team.

Voting Process

  • This special portion of the meeting can only be attended by eligible members.
  • This special portion of the meeting must adhere to all other Meeting Rules.
  • This special portion of the meeting cannot take place unless at least 3 members of the Community Team & Server Owners are present or 50% when there are less than 3 eligible members in total.
  • Anyone is eligible to be voted in as a Server Owner.

Demotions of Server Owners

  • The same eligibility requirements and voting process defined in this policy also applies to demoting Server Owners.
  • The Community Team reserves the power to demote Server Owners under the Community Team meeting policy.