ZARP Policies

Posted Applications Policy

This policy outlines what should happen to applications posted on the forums, and what rights users and staff members have in regards to applications.

Entering applications into the weekly server meetings

  • All applications must be entered into the weekly meeting PowerPoint to be voted on by the relevant staff team.
  • Applications should be entered regardless of their eligibility, if the application is not eligible to be voted on this must be decided within the meeting itself.
  • If it is unclear what server a user is applying for, the application will be assumed to be for the SSRP servers.
  • Nobody can revoke a users right to post an application, or edit or remove a posted application unless it violates the Terms of Use.
  • For administrator applications, permission to apply cannot be revoked after it has been given. Verifying permission given can only be done within the meeting itself. If an application was missed, an official note must be created for it to be added to the next weekly meeting. If it is missed again, the user has the right to request an Impromptu Meeting to be scheduled within 24 hours for their application to be voted upon.