ZARP Policies


In the demotions section of the lead team meeting you are able to raise a vote on demoting a staff member who you feel has been breaking rules or not administrating to a high standard.

When you present a staff member for demotion, make sure you have the necessary evidence to show to the team. For example any screenshots, videos or links to their gametracker profile for inactivity demotions.

Voting Variant & Options

All eligible participants of the meeting can vote on this item excluding the meeting host. The following voting options are available.

Option Explanation
No Action No officially logged action. A lead team member can still opt to talk to the staff member about how to improve.
Official Warning (Moderators & Administrators) An official warning will be logged and the staff member will be made aware of this.
Sanction (Lead Team & Community Team) A sanction will be logged and reviewed as per "Demotions of Lead Team Members"
Demotion to Demotion to a specific rank. The demotion will be logged and the staff member will be made aware of this.
Full demotion The staff member will be demoted altogether from the staff team and made aware of this.

Emergency Demotions

A lead team member can temporarily remove a staff member’s powers outside of the meeting by the process of an Emergency Demotion. This should only be done when there is an emergency, such as a staff member mass abusing their powers or a staff member failing to desist abusive behaviour. You must be able to justify to the rest of the team why you thought the situation was an emergency.

You should always attempt to get as much proof as possible to back up your decision to issue an emergency demotion.

The emergency demotion must be logged under the Demotions & Punishments sheet.

At the next meeting after the emergency demotion has taken place the lead team must vote on whether or not to keep the demotion in place.

The community team can undo emergency demotions where the situation cannot be justified as an emergency. In this case the team can still raise a standard demotion for the staff member at the next meeting.

Demotions of Resigned Staff Members

During a super administrator meeting a lead team member may raise a vote to declare a staff member that resigned as demoted. Should the vote go through the staff member in question will not be able to revoke their resignation and they’ll be noted down as demoted.

Should a lead team member want to raise a vote for this it must be done within a week of the staff member resigning or at the next applicable meeting.

Demotion Guidelines

It is strongly suggested that all staff members be given an official warning before proceeding to a demotion in all circumstances.

Demotions of Sitting Staff Members

A sitting staff member is defined as a staff member who is present for the item where in usual circumstances they would be eligible to vote on the demotion. This applies to all meetings and items where staff members can be demoted.

After the meeting has ended, the Community Team will move all previous eligible members one by one to vote on the demotion of the staff member in question, excluding the sitting staff member. They will be able to discuss and vote anonymously.

All usual demotion voting options are available and must be made known to all eligible staff members.

The Community Team will be responsible for recording the result and are the only ones who will hear the result and be able to object. The community team will also be responsible for enforcing the result.

Demotions of Lead Team Members

Demotions of Super Admins & Head Admin staff can only be raised in the Head Administrator meeting. All other parts of this policy will apply to the demotion of Lead Team members.

When Community Team and Lead Team members are raised for a demotion, the option of an Official Warning does not apply. When raising a demotion of a Community Team or Lead Team member, the Official Warning option is replaced with the option of a sanction.

All eligible members in the meeting must vote on a specific sanction to apply to the staff member in question and a time period over which to review the staff member again.

The exact nature of a sanction is the discretion of the eligible staff members in the meeting; however, a list of acceptable sanctions is included in this policy which should be used. A staff member of any rank which is applicable to vote on the sanction must also be assigned to handle the sanction, encompassing letting the staff member know what is expected of them and producing a review of the staff member being punished and the quality of their work.

The sanction should be completed to a high standard to ensure that the staff member is showing to the team that they are able to perform their roles to the best of their ability. Should the staff member fail to do so, or fail to complete their assigned sanction at all without good reason, it is recommended that, as appropriate and at the discretion of the staff members voting, the demotion voting option should be utilised.

At the end of the time period, the eligible staff members must vote on the punishment again in the relevant meeting. The staff member assigned to the punishment must present their review and discuss whether they believe the staff member has learned from their mistakes or if further action is required.

Following discussion of the review, the eligible staff team must then vote on whether to take further action. The same voting options apply here.

The following sanctions can be used, with a time period of between 1 week and 1 month:

  • Primary focus on training newly accepted / promoted staff members
  • Requirement to attend all meetings and be vocal on discussions of voting items
  • Requirement to maintain 4 hours per week of consistent activity over the course of the time period, carrying out all other applicable roles / responsibilities
  • A report in any format desired by the staff member on a specific, relevant issue/concern on the server in question (or community in the case of the CM Team)
  • (Server Owners+) Producing an update for a specific server
  • (Server Owners+) Producing a test plan / performing tests of an update for a specific server
  • (Server Owners+) Producing a full review of the server(s) including current plans for betterment of the server(s)

Global Ranks

Global ranks are ranks you are assigned automatically as part of a promotion as outlined in the Staff Rights & Powers policy.

Lead Team members can be demoted from global ranks separate to their server ranks however server owners cannot be. If a user wishes to raise a demotion on a server owner they should post a formal demotion request on the forums. Global ranks will also automatically be lost if a staff member is demoted from their position or resigns.