ZARP Policies

Ban Appeal Guide

Punishment Appeal Policy

Here at ZARP we want all appeals to be handled in a fair and honest way to make sure that everyone gets a fair chance. We hope that all administrators follow the policies bellow a to make sure that this is the case.

  • You must be an administrator or above to handle punishment appeals.
  • You may not accept or deny appeals that are appealing punishments you have given.
  • Users may name people that they do not wish to handle the appeal. If the appealing user states that they do not wish certain staff members to handle the appeal those staff members should refrain from dealing with the appeal.
  • You should attempt to speak to the staff member that placed the punishment prior to making your decision on the appeal. After 24 hours, you may do so on your own.
  • Appeals for punishments given to staff such as official warnings or demotions do not get handled by a single staff member but are rather voted on in the lead team meeting.

Reviewing the Appeal

Your first step when reviewing an appeal is to read through the entire appeal and look at any evidence that has been presented. Should the user have failed to use the appeal template you may make a response with the appeal template or a link to the thread detailing how to make an appeal.

When reviewing the appeal, you should also contact anyone that is relevant to the appeal such as the staff member that gave out the punishment or the user that is appealing should it be needed. You may also use in game logs or any other form of information to validate what has been said in the appeal to make sure that your decision is as informed as possible.

Verdict and Outcome

Once all relevant information has been reviewed and you’ve either contacted the staff member responsible for the punishment or 24 hours have passed you should reply to the appeal with the verdict. Make sure to detail if the appeal was accepted or denied. Should the appeal be denied try to include information detailing why it was denied and how the user may improve. Should the appeal be accepted you should reply with information regarding changes to bans or removal of other punishments.


An appeal appealing a warning: Image of appeal

An appeal appealing a ban: Image of appeal

An appeal appealing a demotion: Image of appeal