ZARP Policies

Staff Ethos

Recently with the new additions to the community team we have decided to make some changes to our policies on punishing users and the staff ethos. Please Take the time to read through this brief post that details what we expect of our staff members and how we recommend they conduct themselves on the servers. Feel free to contact anyone in the lead team if you have any questions.


We recommend all staff to remain calm and friendly when dealing with users in the community, this way we ensure that the relationship between the staff and users remains good and leads to a friendlier environment.

Staff Ethos

Our aim as a staff team is improve the experience for the people in the community, not to interrupt them whilst they are playing when it isn’t needed. We don’t want people that break very minor rules that have no impact on other people or servers being needlessly punished when a simple talk can resolve the situation.

On the game servers when possible we wish to see people using the mute, jail or freeze commands rather than banning or kicking people.

Keep in mind that the staff ethos is a guideline and it is here to protect both users and admins, but not to protect blatantly abusive players from justice.


When dealing with disrespectful users we advise using powers other than the ban or kick commands, rather try to use powers such as muting and warning.

Previous Punishments

When punishing users, you may use their previous punishments to help decide on your punishment. However, we advise that you only take the last two weeks of punishments into account as else it would be unfair to users that have tried hard to improve and change their attitude.

The last two weeks of punishments are also what are considered relevant to votes that take place when accepting staff in the meetings.

Forums and TeamSpeak

The ethos now also applies to the forum and TeamSpeak, this means that we expect all staff to be friendly and civil on the forums and to avoid approaching users in aggressive or unprofessional manor. We also want people to consider other means of stopping abusive users other than banning them.


Some important things to note are as follow.

  • The ethos should be used as a guideline to help staff make better decisions
  • The ethos is here to improve how staff handle situations not hinder them from doing their job.
  • The ethos is there to protect both users and admins