ZARP Policies

Community Team Meeting

You are invited to the weekly Community Team meeting where each member has an equal vote.

The Community Team meeting takes place under the rules outlined in the Community Team Meeting policy and is governed by the Meeting Rules as follows:

This is the highest meeting in the community and all topics are eligible to be voted on which are not covered in another meeting. Refer to the non-application meetings and server meetings sections.

Members of the community team only are eligible to participate in this meeting.

  1. The Community Team meeting cannot take place unless 3 eligible members or 50% of the entire community team is in attendance, or 50% when there are less than 4 members of the Community Team.
  2. Any rules outlined in the Community Team meeting policy take precedent over the Meeting Rules. The current Community Team meeting is scheduled weekly on Sunday 8.00PM local UK time or after the Forum/TeamSpeak meetings. During the initial plan section this time will be reviewed.
  • Prior to a meeting Community Team members can state they want their input on a specific topic delayed until another time.
  • If a topic is being delayed the meeting can go ahead but a further meeting for discussion on that topic must be re-scheduled under the Meeting Rules or it can be discussed at the next scheduled meeting and voted on without delay.
  • Community bans must generally be voted on at the Community Team meeting unless the ban is considered an emergency. The ban must then be voted on still at the next scheduled meeting.

Format Guidance

  1. Community unbans and emails
  2. Review of each server and its performance, and what server owners are working on
  3. Review work items in the organizational system
  4. Answer new server launch suggestions
  5. Review of discussion of any major issues from the week
  6. Post the Community Team outcome thread