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What is the Middleman Service?


Middleman Services

The middleman service provides our users and staff with a safe place to trade both VIP & Booster packs, within our community there will be no cost for this procedure and its totally 100% safe. All middlesman situations can be dealt with by any administrator or above. Check the SSRP Staff List to find a list of all Staff Members

How does it work?

Step 1 - The Middleman teleports both the buyer and the Seller to a rooftop and goes into the Admin On Duty job

Step 2 - Both Buyer and Seller discuss the price for the VIP trade

Step 3 - Once both parties come to a agreement the Middleman will ask the Buyer to post his forum profile link in the chat

Step 4 - The Buyer will now trade with the Middleman and give the Middleman the agreed price that the Seller is selling the VIP for

Step 5 - The Seller will now purchase the vip as a gift by going to the forum profile of the Buyer and clicking the gift vip button stated in green

Step 6 - Once the transaction has been made the Middleman will check the forum profile to see if the Buyer received his VIP status

Step 7 - If the Buyer has received his VIP status , the Middleman will then trade with the Seller and give him the agreed upon price

Word of Advice!

You are of course allowed to Buy VIP without the use of one of our Middlemen.
In the situation you're scammed for a VIP Sale with another player, you'll only be ensured protection for your scam if you use this service. We highly recommend you use this free service, as it's the best guaranteed way of ensuring a safe trade and punishing the player and refunding you.

grM3H3Q.pngHow to be a successful middlemangrM3H3Q.png

This guide will help all the people from the current middlemen and new middlemen, this guide will tell you how to successfully become one of the best middlemen available, in this guide you will learn the step by step process on how to be a middleman.

Step 1 - Greet both players then take them to an out of character area (i.e Roof or Admin Arena)

Step 2 - Once in the admin arena make sure that both players know what the deal is and you also know what the deal is, for example Player X is trading $10,000,000 for 1 booster pack, this step is really important because if someone thinks they are getting less than what they thought this can be misunderstood and potentially one person being scammed out of a certain amount of cash/items.

Step 3 - After both parties have confirmed the deal is correct from both sides, you can then proceed to ask the player who is trading the in-game items to trade them over to you while the other person is purchasing the VIP/Booster packs, when you have received the items, you should tell the player who is purchasing the VIP/Booster packs which items you have received so that they confirm the trade on the one side is correct.

Step 4 - Once the player who is purchasing the VIP/Booster packs claims that he have purchased the items, you should then ask the person who is trading the in-game items, to check that he have received the VIP/Booster packs, If he confirms that he has then you should move onto Step 5.

Hint: If the player who is trading the in-game items claims that he hasn't received it but the player who purchased the VIP/Booster packs claimed he has you should then proceed to contact an Owner to check whether the VIP/Booster packs have been added, in this case no items should be traded until the transaction has been confirmed to have gone through.

Step 5 - One the trade has been confirmed by both parties as being done, you should then proceed to trade the items over to the player who has purchased the VIP/Booster packs, once the deal is done and both players are happy, feel free to return them back to their original RP position.