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How do I set up an alternate account?

You may be wondering, How do I set up an alternate account on the server to base or afk mine with. This guide will help you to set up an alt account

To download the sandboxie programme got to GitHub - sandboxie application
Once you've installed the program it should come up with this

Just select your desired language you wish the program to appear in and press "Okay"

Once you've hit "Okay" you can then select Uninstall (To uninstall the program if it's already in your files *Meaning you have this program installed already*)
Or hit Upgrade which basically just upgrades the program but goes through the same process without having to reinstall it.

Press start when you've selected your desired processing.

This message may only appear if you have had or it is installed on your computer, if this does appear make sure to hit yes just to keep any files that may be needed Doesn't affect the program at all. once you've hit yes or no (if the message came up on your screen) it should start installing, once it's installed hit "continue" Then hit "Finish"

Once you have installed and ran the program you should get this screen


Follow what I do in that gif, right click on "Sandbox Defaults" hover over "Run Sandboxed" Then select "Run Any Program"

Once you are at this screen select browse 

and look for steam.exe then select the checkbox that says "Run As UAC Administrator" then hit okay once you've selected your steam application.