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How do I bind an item to a key?

You may be wondering if it's possible to bind an item in your inventory to a certain key, you can easily do this to equip suits and weapons. Simply start by opening your console and using the console command “zarp_equipitem” you can equip any weapon or suit of your choice! 

Using “zarp_equipitem” command and then after the first letter or two of the item name that you want to bind it will show all the items on the server with those certain letters, simply by pressing tab on your keyboard, you can change between all the items to find the correct one. You can also type out the item name more as in just typing “zarp_equipitem gencorp” will show you all the items with gencorp in this name! To select the key you want on it simply just type any letter, e.g “bind m “zarp_equipitem”

Here are some bind examples:

Bind key “zarp_equipitem gencorp juggernaut suit”

Bind key “zarp_equipitem weapon_minigun2”

Bind key “zarp_equipitem m9k_psg1”

You can also use “zarp_dropitem” in a similar way to drop weapons, pots, seeds etc.

Here is an example:

Bind key “zarp_dropitem weed seed”