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How do I apply to become a staff member?

We are consistently looking for new staff members to join our team here at ZARP. If you are interested in applying for a staff position to help out the server, you can do so by making an application on our forums. First you will need to create an account by clicking here! 

Once you’ve created a forum account you can simply go to our ssrp application template. Here is where you can find the template used to apply for the moderator and admin positions. Remember, you may only apply for administrator if you’ve been an administrator once before. Using the found template, you can copy and paste it into a new topic and fill out the required questions. Once you’ve done this simply put your application title as “[SSRP Moderator] Myname's Application”. Then you can simply select the “Server Applications” forum section and then click post!

SSRP Staff Meeting time - Every Saturday 7PM BST