Frequently Asked Questions

Someone invited me on Facebook

Facebook is all about sharing and being a part of our exciting community, but you need to stay safe here are some tips.

Be careful what you share. Setup your facebook Privacy Settings and choose who can see each part of your profile e.g. tagged pictures of you, your wall and profile information. Read the Facebook Privacy Guide carefully.

Connecting with friends and family is fun and a good way to stay in touch, but don't accept invites or respond to requests from people you don't know or you don't want to share your information with.

Take care when using Apps and other websites that ask to connect to your facebook account, look carefully at what information will be shared from your account before using these features.

Use Block Lists when needed, find out more about these on the Facebook Privacy Guide you can control a list of friends and people you want to ignore and apps you want to block from sharing your information too.

Facebook Privacy Guide