Frequently Asked Questions

My account has been banned

ZARP only bans accounts in cases where our Terms of Use policy has been violated. You can look at the message displayed on your profile page, or when you attempt to log-in for site bans, to see the reason and unban date. You may also have been banned by the automated service checking for spam, inappropriate profiles or content too. If your account has been permanently banned you will need to Contact Us with your details.

I’m banned from one of your game servers

If you have been banned from one of our game servers the reason and ban length will be displayed on the ban screen when you try to connect to the server. If you want to complain or raise a concern about your ban you should make a forum post following the unban request template (You can find the template from the servers forum section under the Forum Index).

Our administration team will review all unban requests usually the same day with a decision to unban or shorten your ban. In some cases our team may decide to keep the ban in place or to extend your ban if you attempt to falsify information.