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[ALL SERVERS] Staff Ethos 11 months 6 days ago #289994

Changes to SSRP Policies!

The community team has recently decided on a few changes to some of our policies, if you are a staff member please make sure to take extra care while reading to make sure you fully understand what is written below. If you have any questions or concerns please don't hesitate to speak to a Lead Team Member.

New Power for Head Admins
Our most trusted and expert staff are to be given a new power to remove bans (excluding their own bans) that are clearly too long or for a illegitimate reason without the need for an appeal to be created. They should try to speak to the admin who placed the ban if they’re available immediately, otherwise they will talk to them about why the ban was removed afterwards.

Previous Punishments:
When punishing someone admins have always been told to consider their previous punishment history. However this can be unfair to players who have worked hard to change their attitude. You can now only consider the last 2 weeks of punishments. We have decided as a team that we will be bringing the punishments for applicants back down to 2 weeks

There will be no further bans for Disrespect. Instead staff members must use the mute commands to their advantage. By blocking communications it is no longer possible for that person to disrespect anyone.

New Ethos
The aim of moderation on the server is to improve the experience for people, not to interrupt people’s roleplay when it’s not necessary. Staff are there to have fun and to help others have fun too not to ban and warn everyone who breaks minor rules that have little effect on the server. Wherever possible use powers such as mute, freeze and jail instead of banning and kicking.

I and the rest of the Lead Team ask that all of the SSRP staff members get behind these changes, thanks and best of luck administrating!
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