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TOPIC: [TS3] Server Rules!

[TS3] Server Rules! 2 years 5 months ago #86280

TEAMSPEAK IP: ts.zarpgaming.com

The only people capable of moderating the TS3 server are the TeamSpeak admins and moderators. Other ranks are given if they are staff on another server, you are only allowed this rank if you are eligible to join the meeting (for example, moderators on our DarkRP 1 server cannot join the staff meeting, so they will not be given the rank on teamspeak until they are an admin)

1 - No micspamming.
2 - No playing music unless permitted by those in your channel.
3 - Do not harass users.
4 - Recording: You cannot record users of this TeamSpeak server under any circumstance without their permission.
5 - Do not disturb anyone in a meeting room. You face a 1 day ban for causing disruption.
6 - Don't attempt to join private channels without permission, or meeting rooms.
7 - (INCLUDING ADMINS) Do not create private rooms. We don't have this facility at this time.
8 - No racism, discrimination, etc.
9 - Don't follow people around channels, even if it's a public channel. If they move, you don't follow them unless they want you to.
10 - Don't impersonate staff. This includes having the same name as a staff member or pretending that you are a staff when you are not.
11 - No Voice Changers / Soundboards / Excluding the Alienware SoundBlaster Pro Voice Changers

And above all, use common sense.
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