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TOPIC: [SSRP] Server Rules [UPDATED 03/01/17]

[SSRP] Server Rules [UPDATED 03/01/17] 2 years 10 months ago #48092

ZARP SSRP Server Rules
Last Updated: January 3rd, 2017

Requesting Help
To call a staff member, press F1 and make a help request. You should detail what you need help with and if necessary who is breaking the rules. An admin will then teleport to you and assist you.

Staff's word is final - If you have any issues with a punishment that was given you need to accept it and then speak with a higher member of staff about it. You also can make an appeal about a warn / ban here! ( Be sure to follow the template so your request can be answered quicker ) Mod > Admin > Super Admin > Head Admin > Community Manager > Owners

Admin Area - No RP'ing this includes trading, scamming and doing hits.

The rules are stated here as guidelines for the server, they are not here for you to scrutinize and try to look for loopholes. An admin's word on a rule is final. If you feel that they are abusing their powers, please gather evidence and post it in a form of a demote request, or bring it to the attention of a Super Admin.

1.0 General Conduct

1.1 Discrimination - Discrimination in any form (sexism, racism, prejudicial remarks) are not permitted on our server.

1.2 Disrespect - Users of the ZARP community server are to conduct themselves respectfully at all times.

1.3 Spam/Promotion of non-ZARP services - Spamming is unacceptable; do not repeat messages more than once in a short space of time, make incoherent/useless messages or messages which promote another competitor community/service.

1.4 Client Side Modification (hacking) - Do not attempt to modify your client to gain an advantage on our server. This includes, but isn't limited to: hacks and scripts. ( You're allowed to Autoclick when you're mining but you should not be gone for long periods of time as you still can be killed : Admins You need to make sure you are not killed and picking people up )

1.5 Avoiding Punishment - If you are being addressed by a member of staff out of character, do not leave without their permission to do so. This also includes ban evasion, if you are banned you are not permitted to join any of the SSRP servers (S1/S2/S3) until the ban expires.

1.6 Mic spam - Spamming the mic is unacceptable in any format, whether it be screaming, singing, repeating yourself or playing music unless another rule states otherwise.

1.7 Exploiting - Purposely abusing unintentional game features is prohibited.

1.8 Sale of In Game Items - Other than for VIP and Booster Packs the sale or trade of in-game items or currency for items or money outside the server is prohibited.

1.9 Player / Gang Names - Your player / gang name should not be vulgar, offensive or blasphemous.

1.10 VIP/Booster Packs - No scamming for VIP / Booster Packs this includes in game money and items or legal currency.

1.11 Impersonating - You're not allowed to impersonate a staff member this includes but not limited to saying your a member of the staff team or having a name that is the same or similar to someone else name. ( You can contact a member of the lead team if your name is the similar and get permission to keep it )

2.0 Character

2.1 Random Death Match - In order to kill a player, you must have a role-play-valid reason to do so. Crossfire is not an excuse to shoot someone around the area of where you're shooting / raiding .

2.2 New Life Rule - Do not return or interact with the district(See below for a District Map) of your death that you died until 3 minutes has passed. There is a timer at the top of your screen. If you died in the spawn area, leave it promptly through the nearest tunnel or AFK at spawn, you must also forget everything about your previous life and start a new one, as from it's name "New Life Rule"

Server One District Map
Warning: Spoiler! [ Click to expand ]

Server Two District Map
Warning: Spoiler! [ Click to expand ]

Server Three District Map
Warning: Spoiler! [ Click to expand ]

2.3 Prop Abuse - The use of a prop to kill, push, or surf entities is not permitted.

2.4 Spawn Areas - Killing players who have just (re)spawned and have not moved is not allowed. Do not build in the sidewalk where players spawn.

2.5 Job Titles - Job titles do not enable unreasonable actions (such as mass RDMing because your job is a terrorist). You may roleplay AS something such as a terrorist, but actions must be thoughtful and roleplayed correctly. You can not change your job title to the title of another job. You must follow the rules for the 'base' job.

2.6 FearRP - If you are at gunpoint and you weren't holding a gun first (melee weapons aren't classed as guns), you must (within reason) follow their demands. You can't pull out a gun from your hotbar, or equally, equip one from your inventory. Do not do anything that would risk your life under FearRP. The side with most armed people would be in charge of the situation. For example, a gang of 3 could stop one guy even if he has a gun. FearRP ends after the first shot is fired.

You must use /me to conduct FearRP. For example: '/me handcuffs [name]' or '/me locks vehicle door' to prevent escape.

- Taking hostage: Once you are under their control, you must comply until someone pays your ransom, breaks you out or if the owner dies. The police should try in their best effort to rescue the player, not put them at risk. You can not keep a hostage for more than 5 minutes after this time is up you need to either let them go or kill them. You can not make a victims ransom more than 50k RP CASH or up to 10k gems. When taking a hostage you are only allowed to do it in a place that you can't be seen or is not visited by many people. You also can mug people anywhere if no one is in that area; sheltered and private., and properly roleplayed in order to avert power gaming. You can kidnap with a melee weapon under the rule that gun beats blade, and you can not kidnap in the mines.

- Mugging: You may not mug for more than 4k RP CASH. If under Fear-RP, you can not refuse this if you have the money, and you can not kill your mugger once they are finished with you. You can't mug more than 3 times over the course of an hour; When mugging you are only allowed to do it in a place that you can't be seen or is not visited by many people. You also can mug people anywhere if no one is in that area; sheltered and private., and properly role-played in order to avert powergaming. You can mug with a melee weapon under the rule that gun beats blade, and you can not mug in the mines.
- Raid: FearRP does not apply.

2.7 Demote System - You can not demote people who have broken a Server rule. ( Make a F1 )

2.8 Bribing - You're not allowed to bribe players to become other jobs. IE: /advert Change to cop so I can rob the bank and I will play you 50K RP Cash or /say I will pay you 10k RP Cash to change to thief and go rob that guy over there.
You're not allowed to pay people to place hits as a Hitman this will be considered failrp.

2.9 Self Defence - You can only defend yourself against cops who are actively trying to arrest or attack you whilst you're wanted.

2.10 Entity Bombing
- You should not intentionally use entities to create a bomb that is consequently used to destroy/damage other entities and players

3.0 Vehicles

If you get damaged as a result of getting hit by a car then you must warn the member using "/me" for example "/me watch where you are going or you will be killed next time!

3.1 a CDM Server 1 - You must actively avoid killing players, this included the road and pavement.(please note this can sometimes be unavoidable due to lag. Please make sure you take this into consideration before punishing players)
3.1 b CDM Server 2 - You are not allowed to purposely run people over that are on the grass or pavement area.
3.1 C CDM Server 3 - You are not allowed to purposely run people over that are on the grass or pavement area.

3.2 Car Jacking - Players must not 'car jack'. You may lock-pick an unoccupied vehicle, but if there is an occupant you may not steal it for thieving purposes.

3.3 Random Entry - Do not randomly enter a vehicle without the permission of its owner whilst they are driving it or in the middle of filling it back up with fuel.

3.4 Boats - No boats are allowed to be built in water

3.5 Scrapping - You do not scrap your own vehicle for money, this is considered FailRP.

3.6 Trailers - You're are only allowed to build trailers on server 2 and 3 / NO trailers on server 1

4.0 Base Rules

4.1 Fading Doors, Keypads & Buttons - You are allowed a maximum of two consecutive fading doors in order to access any part of the base. After that, you can have third fading doors as long as there is no fourth beyond it, and they must open permanently when their keypad is cracked. You can have as many fading doors as you want as long as any one part of the base is not accessed through 4 or more fading doors. Every fading door requires a keypad or button adjacent to it with an activated time of at least 4 seconds (unless they are the third, and so must open permanently). Other base mechanisms such as shooting windows are an exception as they only require a keypad/button on one side. Keypads/Buttons must be clearly visible. Any fading door must not force a player to make the choice between keypad cracking or lock-picking, and so stacked fading doors and keypad ramps are not allowed. Keypads and buttons must not be used as a building material.
You can have:
  1. TwoFading doors to get in the base and then 1 fading door on your safe.
  2. Three Fading doors to get in the base and then 0 fading doors on your safe.

4.2 Base Appearance - Bases must not have flickering effects, invisible or anything difficult to the eye. Anyone entering the base must be able to see where they are going. No completely blacked out rooms the black material can only be used on one wall. Transparency can not be lower than 170% / units on the color/colour slider. Your base should not stop vehicle access on the roads, vehicles should be able to pass with ease. Excluding district bases.

4.3 Obstacles - Player built obstacles that impede(slow/force crouch/force jump/etc) other players are not allowed. You should not use world props/the world in attempt to gain advantages over a player while basing, this includes but is not exclusive to; forcing a player to jump through windows, forcing a player into strange places or forcing players to jump between world props, making players crouch jump over the vault entity. No mazes, players must only be presented with one way to navigate prop defenses.

4.4 Shooting Windows - Shooting Windows must not be vertically shallower than the lampshade prop.

4.5 Roof Bases - Bases may be on a roof as long as they follow all other rules and have a legal ramp, bridge or ladder leading to their entrance.

4.6 Street Bases - Bases may be built outside of a properties confinement as long as they do not intrude on a property you do not own and do not prohibit vehicles from passing. ( This does not apply to rule 4.19 Police Checkpoint )

4.7 NoCollide - Props must not be nocollided. ( Not including Keypads or Buttons )

4.7 Sky Bases - Sky-bases are not allowed. If parts of a base are floating, they should be aesthetically supported at the edges.

4.8 Propblock - You may prop block any other entrances to a base as long as you have one. You may prop block parts of your base that you are not using as long as you void access to them, and no entities are stored there.

4.9 Entities - Do not store entities in inaccessible areas on the map this includes inside world props. IE: The PowerPlant on server two.

4.10 Killboxes - Kill boxes which expose a part of a players body through the hit boxes of a prop are not allowed.

4.11 Elevator Shafts - Explosive weapons are not allowed to be shot up or down the elevator shaft, this includes grenades, YOU CAN NOT use the force field next to/inside the elevator. You may not build or print in the elevator shafts on any server.

4.12 Fake Entrances - Fake entrances are not allowed.

4.14 Purchasing Properties - You may only claim multiple rooms/buildings if you have enough people basing with you to make it worthwhile the owner of the house is the one that owns the front door. When taking over a district you must have one person in each house before blocking the district off. You CAN'T block a district that as a NPC inside.

4.15 Building Signs - A building sign can only be used on a house in which you're building in at the time. You can't have any entities which includes health/armour chargers. Anything similar to "Building" will be counted as a building sign so you shouldn't use fake signs to try "Tricking" people. You're not allowed to place building signs on houses you don't own.

4.16 Police Department - No building if you are not a Government official IE: Mayor, Police and etc.
(This also includes anyone Role-playing as a Government job like Police Medic)

4.17 Metal Detectors - Metal Detectors can be used in bases or RP buildings but can NOT be used to block any entrance or be used as a building material. Don't spam the metal detector by walking in and out of it consistently.

4.18 Police Checkpoint - Police can make Checkpoints but they must have two people at them at all time. You can only hold people and vehicles for the NO more than 2 minutes.

4.19 Ramps, Ladders & Bridges - Ramps, ladders and bridges must be wide enough for two people to stand side by side at once. They also cannot be fading. They must be supported and can Not be fading. Ramps, Bridges and Ladders all must be able to fit so two people can stand side-by-side.

4.21 Text Screens - Text Screens must not have flickering effects, invisible or anything difficult to the eye. You are not allowed to place them on anyone's house or another players "Shop Area". Text Screens can not contain anything that is offensive or breaks TOU.

4.22 Printer Safes - Printer Safes must have a keypad with in a close range of the door and players must be able to see through the door to know there is printers in it or not.

4.23 Camera - You are not allowed to place your camera down multiple times in a row, You need to choose a spot for it in your base and leave it placed while you remain basing. ( This doesn't apply while you are building ). - Do not Spam your weapon camera by taken multiple pictures in a row.

4.24 RP House Sign - Do not raid buildings with [ RP HOUSE ] signs, if you believe they have illegals get an admin to check. If you are found with illegals and have a sign, you will be punished. The sign should read [ RP HOUSE ] without the brackets any other version or spelling will be considered raid-able. You are NOT allowed to have raid-able entities in your base this includes any health or armor chargers. This also is included for SHOPS, All raid able entities IE: Special weapons should be kept in the SHOP. You are allowed fading doors with both houses and shops - Cars are allowed to be in but not sold!

4.25 Server 2 Buildings - No building in or on top of the Car Dealership, Government Building (SPAWN , Only on top), Hospital or Police station. Anybody can build in the Upper level located in the Government Building but only government officials (Police, Swat, Mayor) can build in the court room.

4.26 Water - No raid able entities or basing underwater.

4.27 Roofs - You are not allowed to base or be on any roofs that are on the outer edges of the map or that you can fall out of the map with. You are only allowed to base on roofs 2 story's ( two floors ) or smaller anything higher isn't allowed.

4.28 KOS Sign - KOS signs cannot specify a certain job.

4.29 Restriction Sign - Signs that state a certain job cannot access a certain area are not allowed IE: a sign stating no hitmen are allowed in the mine.

4.30 Printers - You're not allowed to have Printers, Drugs or any raid-able entities higher than 2 Stories/Floors high OUTSIDE. No Printing on top of the Car Dealership, Government Building (SPAWN), Hospital or Police station. & No radiables in the Police Station on Server 2

4.31 Server 3 Buildings - No building in or on top of The Hospital (Inside) or Police station/Jail.Anybody can build in the Upper level located in the Nexus Building

5.0 Raiding

5.1 Cooldown - Do not raid the same base twice within 10 minutes. This doesn't include Nuke's and Bank Raids or when respawned by special server items (Defibrillators, Tactical Insertions, ETC)!

5.2 Finish - You should leave the base as soon as possible when you have finished raiding.If there is things growing you cant wait for them to finish but you can take them.

5.3 Special Weapons - If special weapons are used on props or a base, attempt to access and raid the area must be made.

5.4 Building Signs - If someone has a building sign, they should be left alone. If you want to check that they're not just using it as an excuse to print, give them 20 minutes then report it to an admin and they will check it for you. The house must be following rule 4.15 .

5.5 Shops - Do not raid shops unless they have another door/fading door other than their main entrance, or have raidable entities in their shop.

5.6 Building/Rebuilding - Do not build during a raid. Rebuilding counts as building, if a prop is blown up/unwelded durning a raid it can not be put up until the raid is finished. ( You are allowed to use 1 single prop to block any cameras you must remove your prop soon as the raid is over )

6.0 Bank Vault

6.1 You are allowed to build in the vault, but you may not rebuild during the same raid.

6.2 Any job that is allowed to raid can also raid the vault

6.3 You may not block any entrances to the vault. All entrances must be accessible.

6.4 Police jobs do not have NLR at the bank vault during a raid. ( ONLY when Raid is active )

6.5 No raid-able entities in the vault NOT INCLUDING HEALTH AND ARMOR CHARGERS!
*Server 2 includes the whole bank!*

6.6 No fading doors.

6.7 Bank raids Do NOT have a raid timer.

7.0 Active Nuke

7.1 Any job that is allowed to raid can also raid the Nuke

7.2 You may not Prop block the Nuke.

7.3 Police jobs do not have NLR at the base during a Active Nuke raid.

7.4 No Nukes under water or outside of the map

7.5 No Rebuilding during a nuke raid - The Raid is always active for police.

7.6 Nukes Do NOT have a raid timer.

8.0 Mines

All Servers
8.1 No building in the mines unless you're a miner.
8.2 You can not use fading doors in the mines or build in the main entrance of the mine.
8.3 You must not restrict other miners from getting in and there must be a clear pathway.
8.4 Do not build on top of other players or their buildings. If someone as a dupe/base down already you must wait until they have removed it or left the server before putting yours down in the same shaft.
8.5 Miner buildings must not cover the roads at all.
8.6: You're not allowed to block or build directly around the mining entities and should be at least three body lengths away. (Three people should be able to stand in a line directly in front of one another around the entire entitie. *ROCK, GOLD or RUBY*.
( EXAMPLE IMAGE ): i.imgur.com/wccUvpd.jpg

*No one is in mines besides yourself and then you can put a dupe down. < Correct
*There is already a dupe down but its not really great so you ask the person to remove theirs
and then put yours down. < Correct
*Someone else as a dupe down and you don't like it so you put yours over it. < Incorrect
*You think the hitman is coming so you block the shaft with a big prop. < Incorrect
*You don't like another miner so you don't let him in. < Incorrect

9.0 Job Rules

9.1 Job Abuse: You may not switch jobs in order to instantly claim a hit, you also can't switch
from a job that can't raid to a job that can raid in order to raid the base you are currently in.

9.2 Weapons: All jobs can use all types of weapons unless stated otherwise such as for the mutant job.

Raid/Mug: No.
Print: Yes.
- Citizen is a job which allows for general roleplay.
- You can give yourself a roleplay job (within reason), but it shouldn't be criminal.
- NLR still applies

Gun/Heavy Weapons Dealer
Raid/Mug: No.
Print: Yes.
- You must own a shop. No spawning printers until you setup your shop. The shop should be part of where you are basing unless it is an outdoor stall.
- You can't live with criminals, you can however visit them to sell them weapons.
- No self-supplying unless you are the only gun dealer on the sever.
- NLR still applies

Raid/Mug: No.
Print: Yes.
- Medics should run some form of hospital, or other medical related roleplay aspect.
- They can be hired by anyone to accompany and heal them on raids, etc.
- NLR still applies

Shop Owner
Raid/Mug: No.
Print: Yes.
- You need a shop/checkout. Do this before basing.
- You should use a shop location if possible.
- NLR still applies

Raid/Mug: No.
Print: Yes.
- The priest is generally a good citizen. He can be corrupt though, and brainwash people to go against secular law.
- NLR still applies
- No roleplaying with distasteful marks such as the swastika, regardless of context.

Furniture Salesman
Raid/Mug: No.
Print: Yes.
- You can own a shop.
- NLR still applies
- You must sell furniture, but don't mess around with it (eg: physgunning it into the sky.)

Raid/Mug: No.
Print: Yes.
- The banker is there to store printers.
- You must own a bank.
- You can be raided, but not by police. Police should unwanted you for defending the bank, and assist you when you are being raided.
- Don't scam. Give the agreed rate.
- NLR still applies
- If you are about to remove your bank for whatever reason, give those you have stored printers with ten minutes notice. If they don't collect their printer after ten minutes, destroy them and move on with your life.

Hotel Owner
Raid/Mug: No.
Print: Yes.
- The hotel owner can accommodate people for a price by taking over a hotel building.
- Defend your residents, don't let unwanted people in.
- NLR still applies
- They can also open a 'real estate' shop, but should actively do this and not run a hotel at the same time. They should only own 2 other properties including their shop, to avoid buying the whole map.

Radio Manager
Raid/Mug: No.
Print: No..
- You are there to simply play music (and music only).
- You can only play music in a vehicle as long as you keep moving around the map (don't just stop or loiter an area to troll someone.)
- You also are allowed to play music in a building.
- NLR still applies
- You can be told to move further in your building by the police if people complain, and if you refuse you can be arrested.
- You can be demoted for bad SOUND quality, but not because of your taste of music.
- No playing Music on the street without a stand / stage.

Raid/Mug: No.
Print: Yes.
- NLR still applies
- Should only base with other people from the middle class group.
- You can build a base in the mining area, but it must abide by all Mining Area and Base rules. (Rules 4.0 and 8.0)

Police/SAS/S.W.A.T/S.W.A.T Sniper/S.W.A.T Leader - These jobs are here only to keep the streets free of crime, this means you cannot be corrupt. There should always be an attempt to arrest a suspect unless; the suspect is resisting arrest or engaging in combat.

Raid/Mug: Raid, but not mug.
Print: No.
- These jobs are here only to keep the streets free of crime.
- They don't have to ask why people are wanted.
- You can randomly weapon check as long as you roleplay it (eg: "/me subjects to random weapon check. Don't move or you will be arrested.")
- They may only arrest wanted/people who break city law.
- Obey the Mayor, Police Chief and S.W.A.T Leader.
- You can break NLR ONLY at the PD.
-Must stick to their uniform and not wear the thief outfit or suit.
- NLR still applies
- You may only taser people for a maximum of 10 seconds after that either let them go or arrest them.
- Carrying a gun in your hotbar is illegal and warrants an arrest, excluding pistols and gang weapons.
- Carrying a gun in your hands is illegal and warrants an arrest, including gang GUNS but excluding pistols.
( BUILDING ) Server 1: Only in the Police Department
Server 2: Only in the Police Department and Court Room / Mayor Office
Server 3: Only in the Jail
Police/SAS/S.W.A.T/S.W.A.T Sniper/S.W.A.T Leader are allowed to build check points anywhere on the map.
There should always be an attempt to arrest a suspect unless; the suspect is resisting arrest or engaging in combat.
Prison Guard
Raid/Mug: No.
Print: No.
- You may ONLY guard the PD and mayor.
- Stay with the mayor or in the PD.
- NLR still applies
-Must stick to their uniform and not wear the thief outfit or suit.
-Can make a check point but only in the PD district
-Can only build in the Police station and court room.

Raid/Mug: Can accompany if with their employer.
Print: Yes.
- You are there to guard an establishment or person, including the mayor.
- You may own any weapon.
- NLR still applies
- Police should unwanted you if you are defending your employer/establishment AS LONG AS they are working for a legal establishment/player.
- You can't have your own base, but you can be part of your boss' base.

Raid/Mug: No.
Print: No.
- You are a valuable person, you set laws & taxes, etc.
- You therefore value your life. Stay safe.
- NLR still applies
- No favouritism within laws. Laws may also not break the rules.
- Laws can't contradict the default laws, or legalize things that are part of the auto-wanted system.
- You're not allowed to make a law about J-Walking

Raid/Mug: Yes.
Print: Yes.
- NLR still applies

Raid/Mug: Yes.
Print: Yes.
- Use the agenda or people can demote you.
- NLR still applies

Raid/Mug: Can raid, Can mug.
Print: Yes.
- Should not camp, and should actively raid.
- Can be employed to steal/raid/locksmith, but if police hear/see the transaction in place, both parties are guilty and can be arrested.
- NLR still applies

Raid/Mug: Can raid if the people inside have a bounty, can't mug.
Print: Yes.
- No taking private hits. They must be done through the system (/hit)
- You can base with criminals.
- You are allowed to kill anyone, anywhere with a hit on their head.
- NLR still applies

Black Market Dealer
Raid/Mug: No.
Print: Yes.
- Can base with and supply criminals.
- Can own a shop if they want to.
- NLR still applies

Drug Dealer
Raid/Mug: No.
Print: Yes.
- Can base with and supply criminals.
- NLR still applies
- Can roleplay as a bartender, and sell alcohol/vodka without being arrested (they should tell police to unwanted them.)

Raid/Mug: Can raid, can mug.
Print: Can print.
- NLR still applies
- Can build anywhere except inside, but props on road should still allow all vehicles to get past.
- Can build a toll gate, but police can arrest for this illegal practice (if arrested, the hobo must remove it for the duration of their arrest.) The toll gate should be open if you go AFK or leave the booth.
- Can't own doors.
- Can use keypads/fading doors.
- People must do a "/me threatens hobo" or something similar to tell them to stop throwing bugbait before shooting them. If they throw bugbait at your property (including vehicle) you can shoot them immediately.
- Mutants and Hobo are at war and can kill each other anywhere on the map.(Don't Spawn camp)

Raid/Mug: Can raid underground bases, no mugging.
Print: No.
- Can build outdoors/above ground.
- Can use keypads.
- Can only use melee weapons.
- NLR does not apply to the warehouse and PD district but still applies to all other districts.
- Mutants shouldn't kill each other.
- Mutants and Hobo are at war and can kill each other anywhere on the map.(Don't Spawn camp)
-Mutants can NOT wear ANY outfits or suit.
-Mutants can not kill in Government buildings.

Server 1 - downtown_v4c
- Mutants KOS people who attack them first, or anyone who is in the warehouse district, mutant spawn tunnels or PD district (Not including the PD Building or Mining Area ). These 'zones' stop as soon as the tunnel begins.
- Mutants can be KOSed anywhere except for their spawn tunnels, unless they attack you first in the tunnels.
-Mutants can't killer miners/crafter's in the mine.

Server 2 - RockFord
- Mutants can be KOSed anywhere except for their spawn tunnels, unless they attack you first under the bridge ( Their Spawn ).
-Mutants can't killer miners/crafter's in the mine.
-Mutants KOS people who attack them first, or anyone who is in the River district. ( The long road that the river runs adjacent )

Server 3 - Evocity
- Mutants can be KOSed anywhere except for their spawn ,unless they attack you first in the tree line of the abandoned town district ( Their Spawn ).
- Mutants can't kille miners/crafter's in the mine.
- Mutants KOS people who attack them first, or anyone who is in the abandoned town District. ( Insert )
- Mutants can only base in the abandoned town in the abandoned town District

No radiables in the spawn building & Police Station
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2.3 Meta gaming - In Character related information should merely be relayed (when appropriate and coincident with the other rules) through the In Character channels. This also applies vice-versa, as out of character information should not be used in character.
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