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TOPIC: Community Manager 2017 - Applications OPEN!

Community Manager 2017 - Applications OPEN! 1 week 3 days ago #465488

Announcing the Community Votes 2017. We’re looking for only the most dedicated, passionate and expert staff members to join and take part in the process for selecting the next community managers and our plan for 2017.

This year we’ve significantly overhauled and rethought what the role and responsibilities of being a Community Manager actually involves. We want our next generation team to be able to join us in making high quality & informed decisions; including updates and changes to our game servers across the board, reviewing community structures and processes, recommending improvements and changes, and above all; helping to expand and plan for the future of the ZARP community at the highest level.

To enable you to achieve this we will for the first time be unlocking new powers, tools and the highest ever level of trust in the community team; all made possible because for the first time ever, a generation of ZARP staff have been trained from the ground up with the community ethos and aims at the heart of everything they do, giving us the utmost confidence in the successful candidates.

If you are thinking of applying for the role, you should read carefully every part of this thread, and really think about if you’re ready for the challenges of being a ZARP Community Manager.

All ZARP members are eligible to apply for the position, but should carefully consider every part of this thread before deciding to do so. Please read the application process below carefully as it must be completed in order for your name to appear on the Community Votes poll. (See the Community Votes poll)

Here are the facts about the Community Votes application process:
  • The only requirement to apply is that you are a ZARP member
  • You must post an application including at the very least the following information on our template shown below.
  • You must post your application by the deadline of Tuesday 17th Jan at 3.00PM GMT
  • You must schedule and attend the interview (See the Interview section) before the application deadline of Tuesday 17th Jan at 3.00PM GMT.
  • The Community Team will contact all candidates reminding them to schedule and complete their interview as soon as possible.
  • Your name will be entered onto the poll (See the Community Votes poll) when it opens.

Application Template (Post in the Community Manager 2017 section):
You should format the title '[CM2017] name's Application'
Steam Name

Steam Profile Link

Time Spent at ZARP


At the heart of the ZARP community is our democratic process which has selected everyone from our forum moderators right through to the community owners. The next generation team will be chosen by you, in a open and public poll.

Here are the facts about the Community Votes poll for 2017:
  • 2 applicants will be accepted based on the top two candidates in the poll.
  • The poll will open on Tuesday 17th Jan at 5.00PM GMT
  • All ZARP members will be eligible to vote on the poll
  • All that is required to vote is a ZARP account
  • All eligible applicants will appear on the poll in a randomly generated order
  • Accounts signed up after Tuesday 10th of January will not be able to vote on the poll to reduce voter fraud
  • The poll will run for exactly 4 days and will close on Saturday 21st 5.00PM.
  • The result of the poll will be revealed at a special community meeting to be held on Saturday 21st at 6.00PM GMT..

The first meeting of our next generation community team will be used to outline our plan for 2017. And you should use your application to do the same. Below are a few ideas of what to include in both your written application and suggestions for how to structure your application and campaign throughout the process.
  • Talk about why you joined ZARP and why you want to be part of the Community Team
  • Talk about how your experience and skills will help you meet our expectations
  • Provide a brief plan for what you want to achieve in 2017
  • Talk about how you will help us to achieve some of the high level objectives outlined in the Community Manager Role section.
  • Discuss how you will utilize new tools & powers to achieve your aims
  • Talk about your personality and what you want to improve upon
  • Talk about the benefits of ZARP’s unique democratic processes
  • Talk about past and present staff positions in this community
  • Don’t forget to clearly state the details required by the template including Steam names, age, time spent in the community and links to all relevant profiles.

This year we have significantly overhauled the Community Manager position, more than ever before you will be responsible for making high quality & informed decisions across the board, and be involved right through recommending, planning, building and implementing our plan for 2017.

In the first meeting of the year with our next generation team; we will be creating and reviewing this plan and then for the first time ever assigning trackable work items in an organized system to be envisioned and setup by our newly created team.

To get you started, here are just a few of the things that will be discussed and entered into the plan in addition to a number of new tools and powers you will be given in order to implement this plan:
  • A complete review of all ZARP processes and structures
  • A new organizational system to be discussed and implemented including assignable and trackable work items
  • The agreement of a dependable Community Team meeting time, weekly
  • Presentations of recommendations following a review of particular processes and structures
  • Implementation, and more importantly, written publications of newly formed processes and structures.
  • Introduction of a Knowledge Database so details about internal systems, informal processes and advice on handling situations and can be defined for a generation.
  • Creation of action plans to improve speed and quality of response to future situations
  • Implementation of new analysis and logging tools, including full access for all members of the Community Team.
  • Improved access to other logs and systems to all members of the Community Team
  • Access to all ZARP game servers
  • Full access to the ZARP website administration panel
  • A path to Community Ownership for existing Community Managers

Only the most dedicated, passionate and expert members need apply. But what does that mean exactly? Let’s go into a bit more detail about what will be expected from you and in the next section we’ll let you know what you can expect from us in return.

  • You must be able to fulfil your role for the duration of 2017
  • You must be highly motivated and visible within the community on a daily basis.
  • You should AIM to attend and participate within all meetings
  • You should ALWAYS attend the Community Meeting. A new date for this meeting will be agreed upon in the first meeting after the vote concludes.
  • You must be highly trusted and dependable
  • For Community Emergencies you must be prepared to prioritize your time over work schedules and other commitments.
  • You must be actively available throughout the day on a selection of communication services including WhatsApp, Skype, Teamspeak and Steam
  • You should be able to think carefully about delegating tasks and prioritizing certain situations and work items over others.
  • You must have a clearly audible microphone to use on a daily basis. If you do not have/cannot afford one it will be provided for you by ZARP.
  • You must have a clearly visible web camera to use on a daily basis. If you do not have/cannot afford one it will be provided for you by ZARP.
  • Communication is key. If you spot an issue or think something requires attention you should be prepared to call a meeting and discuss the issue as soon as possible rather than keeping it to yourself.
  • You should be prepared for disagreements and arguments within the Community Team. If you think you will be unable to discuss issues and reach solutions based on a democratic vote without resigning, do not apply.
  • You must be prepared to openly criticise and call out mistakes made by other Community Team members. Use your common sense, bring up issues directly within the Community Team before discussing and complaining to others.
  • You must keep track of your work items and be prepared to update the Community Team on a weekly basis about progress, in return you should follow up and ask questions about work items and progress by other team members.

So you’ve heard about what we expect from you, but what are we going to do to enable you to fulfil your responsibilities and be a successful Community Manager?

  • We will always make ourselves available to help you achieve your plan.
  • We will AIM to attend and participate within all meetings
  • We will ALWAYS attend the Community Meeting. A new date for this meeting will be agreed upon in the first meeting after the vote concludes.
  • We will be readily available to help you respond to any Community Emergencies.
  • We will be actively available on WhatsApp, Skype, Teamspeak and Steam
  • We will always involve you in ALL community issues and seek your input at every stage. We’ll let you know about issues as soon as they arise and aim to solve them together as a team.
  • We will be prepared and able to handle disagreements and arguments within the Community Team sensibly and responsibly.
  • We will be prepared to raise any criticisms and call out any mistakes directly with the Community Team so they can be discussed together rather than complaining to others.
  • We will keep track of our work items and update you on the progress of them at the weekly Community Team meeting.
  • We will always be accept the result of democratic votes held in the Community Team meeting and do our best to fulfil them.
  • We will ensure you receive an equal vote to all community managers and owners in the Community Team meeting.

In addition to being in one of the most respected and trusted positions within the ZARP community, being part of our next generation Community Manager team provides a number of other benefits. Don’t believe us? You’re welcome to question us during your interview about how your time and dedication in the ZARP community can be translated into real life skills and advantages.
  • A chance to learn and improve real life technical skills that are highly relevant in the current IT & Computing employment market
  • Fantastic experience to enter on your CV/Resume. Don’t believe us? You can ask our current team about how to enter your role and experience successfully onto your resume.
  • Access to expert advice for help with up to degree level technical questions and advice
  • Advice on hand about higher education choices
  • A guaranteed path to Community Ownership
  • A holiday bonus as a Thank You for your work and dedication
  • Available funding for ZARP projects

To complete your Community Manager application you must schedule and complete your interview by the application deadline as outlined below. The interview will be a chance for you to ask questions about the role and further your understanding of what is required from the position.

The best applicants will present a brief plan and will talk about what they plan to achieve in the position, the exact format of your interview will be up to you; but we suggest you use this time wisely, present your plan for the year at a high level, criticise current ZARP processes & structures and talk about how you can help us improve them.

Here are the facts about the Interview:
  • You must schedule and complete your application/interview by the deadline of Tuesday 17th Jan at 5.00PM GMT.
  • You cannot pass or fail the interview, by attending you will automatically be entered onto the Community Votes poll.
  • There is no required format for the interview, you can decide how to present your plan for 2017. You might consider talking from pre-written notes and creating a PowerPoint presentation for example.
  • The interview will last a maximum of 30 minutes.
  • The interview will be attended by all available community team members.

A quick overview of phrases and words used that have specific meanings and purposes within the ZARP community and the Community Votes process.

The Community Votes
– The term used to encompass the entire process of choosing the next Community Managers.
Community Votes Poll – The poll on which all members will be able to vote to decide the winners of the process.
ZARP Member – A member of the community which may vote on the poll
The Interview – The compulsory application phase that all applications must attend to be entered onto the poll.
Next Generation Community team – Collective term used to define all the ZARP Community team members including those chosen in this vote.
Work Items – Assignable tasks and work that will be tracked and completed by the Community Team.
ZARP Processes & Structures – A collective term used to describe all parts of ZARP including processes such as voting systems, meetings and structures including our game servers, the website and everything in between.
Knowledge Database – A new system to be created by the team involving easily accessible descriptions and guides for details about internal systems and more.
Community Emergencies – Critical events which require the full attention of the Community Team and would be damaging if left unhandled.

Questions? If you have any questions about your application or any part of the process. Please direct them to the Community Manager Q&A Thread. Good luck!
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