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TOPIC: [CM2018] Raeker's Application

[CM2018] Raeker's Application 1 week 4 days ago #917595

Community Manager

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Steam Name:

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I am From:
The Netherlands

Time spent with Zarp Gaming:
I have been here since March 2017 and have put countless hours into the community, both by playing it and staffing for it.


  • Introduction
  • My Ranks
  • ZARP Servers
    • SSRP
      • Five changes
    • TTT
    • Deathrun
    • Surf
    • Bhop
    • Prophunt
    • Murder
      • Jailbreak server
  • Policy Changes
    • Equal Accountability and Protection Policy
    • Keeping Lead Team Applications Unlocked
  • My Promises
  • Ending Note


Hey everyone! I’m Raeker. Y’know, the guy that’s been around for a year or so and that has done some stuff. Yeah, that guy! I guess I might as well introduce myself properly, in case you happen to want to know more about me. Since everyone is probably a whole lot more interested in what I’m planning to do instead of who I actually I am I will keep this short. Or you can skip this segment altogether, if you haven’t already.

I’m Dutch, 18-years old and am currently studying journalism. All very exciting, I know. Because of my studies I don’t actually have that much extra time on my hands, especially not during the month of May. But here you see me applying regardless. Although I might not be able to spend as much time on the Teamspeak, in-game and possibly even the forums, I’ll still do my best to be online on Steam so that I’m easily accessible to anyone that might need me. I’ll also be there for as many meetings as I can during my upcoming period of partial inactivity.

But more of that later. For now, all you have to know about me is that for the past year I have continuously tried my hardest to do my tasks properly and effectively, and I feel like I have succeeded overall. That doesn’t mean that I haven’t had my fair share of mistakes and that also doesn’t mean that I won’t make any more, but I continuously try to learn from them.

After a long time of staffing on various servers, I believe I have gained enough experience to take the next step up. I actually already went for this rank once before back in November. Since then I have gained more experience in writing and dealing with issues. In my previous application I did not go into too much detail as to what I actually want to do. This time I hope to correct that by properly describing my plans and what I intend ZARP’s future to look like.

Have a great time reading!

Ranks within the community

I currently hold the following ranks within the community:

♦TTT Administrator♦
♦Section Moderator♦
♦TS3 Staff♦

I applied straight for TTT Administrator back in February, relatively shortly after I resigned. This has to do with multiple complications. I will not go into detail right now, but if anyone is curious, feel free to ask me.

I got General Discussion Staff at the beginning of March. Even after my resignation from Global Moderator (and all other ranks) I still actively posted on the forums. Because I returned to TTT, I decided to apply for Section Staff again. I used to staff in General Discussion before I got Global Moderator, and I post there very actively, even now.

I literally got Teamspeak Staff last week. It’s a nice staff rank, I like it a lot - it means I no longer have to poke everyone to move me into their spacers. I was a Teamspeak Head Administrator in the past. I know how to use my role properly and what I can do to keep rulebreakers away from the Teamspeak.

I have formerly held the following ranks within the community:

♦TS3 Head Administrator♦
♦TTT Head Administrator♦
♦SSRP Super Administrator♦
♦Prophunt Super Administrator♦
♦Deathrun Administrator♦
♦Surf Moderator♦
♦Global Moderator♦

I received the Teamspeak Head Administrator rank almost a year ago, roughly a month and a half after getting Teamspeak Staff by becoming a TTT Super Administrator. At the time I helped a Community Manager with an issue he was having with a user in the community, and actually made them somewhat like one another. Although I sometimes struggle to solve the issues that I have with others personally, I excel at fixing other people’s issues and have done so countless times within the community.

I got TTT Head Administrator back in August last year. TTT Server 2 is the server that made me join the community and it’s still my favourite gamemode. As a TTT staff member I spent my time making sure that the server was properly managed. I made some mistakes as well. For example, I overruled the punishment of an admin when it wasn’t needed. These mistakes have taught me how I should do my staff job properly, and I have become a better staff member because of it.

I returned to SSRP during the summer. After roughly two months I got promoted to SSRP Super Administrator During this time I learnt how to manage a bigger team and how staffing on SSRP actually works. I gained experience regarding staff, reports, appeals, F1’s, communication, and the list goes on. Although SSRP is not my favourite gamemode in the community (as previously stated), it really has helped me develop the necessary skills that I believe are needed for the Community Manager rank.

Over a year ago Xnator and Grumpy came to me asking whether or not I wanted to become a Prophunt Super Administrator. Having had no Lead Team experience at the time, I was overjoyed with this proposition and took this opportunity. Within 24 hours of getting TTT Super Administrator I also became Lead Team of the new Prophunt server. It was relatively short-lived and I left to focus more on my real-life job at the time and so that I could focus on TTT. However my time there was amazing and Prophunt is still one of my favourite gamemodes within the community.

I’ve been Deathrun staff on multiple occasions. I became a Deathrun Administrator in November. It is a very fun gamemode and my time there has been great, however I had to leave because of time constraints back in December.

I love Surf. Which is why I applied for Surf Moderator the previous summer. It’s disappointing that I had to resign, but as much as I loved the gamemode I struggled to keep playing it. It’s a server I still come back to occasionally, however.

I was promoted to Global Moderator back in October. For months I kept the forums organized by deleting spam posts and banning users that broke TOU. I've learnt a lot about staffing from this, and how I should ban in certain situations and how I shouldn't in others.

ZARP Servers

In this segment I will go through every single server and explain what my plans are for that server, starting with SSRP.

Semi-Serious Roleplay

Disclaimer: I would like to point out that any change that I suggest for the SSRP server is completely under Chute and EMP’s discretion. I cannot promise the community that I will make them do these specific changes. I cannot promise that the changes listed will go through in its entirety, if at all. What I can promise however is that I will make sure these changes are considered within the CM team and any change that I can possibly make I will do my best to make happen.

Server 1:

Server 1 has had some heavy blows lately, but I fully believe a map update together with a content update could get it all the way back up to the top. That doesn’t mean SSRP does not have some fundamental flaws that should be fixed, however any well-rounded update of any kind could help this server specifically.

Server 2:

Contrary to Server 1, Server 2 does not have the same requirements to get back up to the top. An update with a lot of content would not solve the issues this server has. Currently it is primarily used for afk mining. To solve this issue either basing would have to be revived (for which I have several solutions laid out below) or the map would have to be changed. A lot of users have requested for a map change to Evilmellon, and if I were to get CM this is a change that I would most definitely consider.

Server 3:

Server 3 is an American hosted server and primarily has American players because of it. Similar to Server 2, a good way to revive this server is by reviving basing. The server was primarily used for elevator basing in the past, but because people no longer see any reason to print, the server is hardly in use currently.

What do you think are the 5 key issues affecting the SSRP server currently and how would you solve them?

Currently SSRP is the most popular gamemode within the community. It always has been, although TTT did put up the occasional fight. As a former SSRP Super Administrator, I am well aware of how the gamemode works. I’m not fully familiar with all the details regarding items and basing/raiding, however I understand the basic concept and have surrounded myself with plenty of community members that are very experienced in that area. This way I have informed myself of what the correct choices to make are. If you disagree with them then don’t be afraid to message me or respond to this post - there are plenty of decisions that I am fully willing to go into discussion over.

  • Certain items are unbalanced

  • Some of the items on SSRP are unbalanced at this current time. Because of this, a lot of the gameplay comes down to just a few items and suits and the rest of them are hardly used. To counter this a lot of the suits and weapons will have to be balanced. This adds an extra layer of complexity to the gameplay and allows for varying playstyles.

    I have a list of some of the major changes I think should be considered by EMP and Chute. Possible changes can be made to this list, it is by no means set in stone. Me and the people that have helped me with this in the end agreed that these were the best changes to make for now, but it will obviously all have to be tested and balanced in some manner or another.

    This is the list of changes we are willing to make. These are all our own ideas and could easily be changed in some way.
    Warning: Spoiler! [ Click to expand ]

  • SSRP is not user-friendly for new players

  • When I asked the community what they’d like to see changed, something that repeatedly popped up was that SSRP was not user-friendly. A lot of newer players struggle to get into basing, and they’re unfamiliar with SSRP’s special content. For a lot of us these items were added in through updates that were sometimes months apart, but newer players will have to understand everything in one go.

    SSRP will have to become more user friendly, primarily for new players. This means that new players will be able to understand SSRP’s content and that they will be able to have an easier time basing. The best way to do this is by creating what I like to call a “Starter Case”.

    When joining the server, every newly connected player (and, when implemented, every player in general) will have a Starter Case in their inventory. This case will include a Black Diamond Printer that cannot be traded, sold or collected by a printer hacker of any kind. This is to avoid possible exploiting of the case through alternate accounts. The intent of the Printer is for it to be used by new players when they start out so they can have a somewhat decent beginning through basing, not for them to trade it with other users to cash in.

    The case would also include a note. This note contains several key-tips, tricks and hints for anyone starting out:
    • A brief explanation of what SSRP is and what you can do
    • Explaining certain ways to make money, primarily focussed on basing and raiding
    • Some trivial tips and hints, to help people on their way
    • An explanation of what benefits you get by buying VIP and booster packs

    I feel like this Starter Case can really help new users familiarise themselves with SSRP and the community. It also encourages basing, a change that is severely needed within the community. Both this as well as the earlier item regarding the weapon and suit changes will encourage basing in some regard, which will hopefully increase the servers’ player count.

    The starter case would also include 500,000 in cash. Although the economy has moved past the basic principles of basing at this point, the printers especially still have to catch up. Increasing the amount of money users receive on joining would improve their overall experience and would at least help them stand some sort of a chance in today’s economy.

  • The map isn't updated regularly enough

  • The idea of map updates occuring more often was shared with me by several people, however I actually discussed this with Patrick rather extensively. He is the current map developer for SSRP and puts in a lot of work to make sure every map update is better than the last. I’d personally say he’s really succeeded, considering the fact that every update the users happen to be very positive about the changes.

    Patrick would love to put out map updates more often, but under the current system a map that would usually take a month to make now takes five months. Therefore I propose changing the current map development cycle in such a way that it gives Patrick more freedom in the map changes he wants to make, as well as giving him as much support as possible to make the map development cycle more effective.

    The way I currently imagine the changes is by setting up some sort of “map test” team. This would be a small group of trusted individuals, preferably Lead Team, that would test the map together with Patrick. They would be under a form of NDA that prevents them from sharing these map changes to other community members. Before the map is properly updated and uploaded onto the server a final check will be done in the CM team’s presence. There is a checklist for map testing that will still be followed to ensure the map is up to standard. This should speed up map creation massively.

    The benefits of having regular - or hopefully, monthly - map changes are the fact that the server will feel more “alive” than ever before. It will feel like the world - and in a way, the story surrounding Gencorp - is really moving, with construction work actually being finished in a reasonable time. The fact that small map improvements would be done more regularly also allows for a more satisfactory experience for users.

  • Staff do not focus enough on rulebreaking on the server

  • Staff have always been encouraged to primarily do F1’s. It is the one thing that the Lead Team tracks in case they wish to promote anyone to a higher ranking position or demote someone to a lower ranking one. This means that all the work that staff have to put in regards a simple number: the higher that single number is, the better.

    The issue with this, however, is the fact that staff members will ignore rulebreaks on the server because of it. Someone is mass rdming spawn? Well, you better make an F1 about it, and even then it might take a while for staff to respond. Staff are encouraged to act like machines, to only focus on whether or not a user is making an F1 and not on anything else. They aren’t encouraged to keep an eye out on the street to see whether or not anyone is actually rulebreaking and they aren’t encouraged to prevent RDMers and RDAers from completely fucking up the spawn area.

    Therefore I would like to push for the following change: the tracking of people’s time as a staff member on duty.

    I understand it is quite possibly the most drastic change on this list. Heck, it could even be the most extreme suggestion I am making on this application altogether, but I fully believe that if this suggestion were carried through it would have a positive effect on the server.

    Tracking F1’s is a good way to see whether or not staff are doing their jobs as a concept. However, a lot more goes into staffing than just F1’s. Not just that, with this feature you are encouraging all staff members to staff on Server 1. This is because Server 1 is very busy and has more F1’s being made, whilst the other servers have their own issues with less F1’s. Because the staff member’s time and behaviour spent on these servers are not tracked properly, staff will be less inclined to deal with the prop abusers on Server 2 than the “I don’t know how a fading door works” F1’s on Server 1.

    By tracking the time spent on Duty, staff are encouraged to stop RPing and actually help out. Certain suggestions have been made in the past to encourage staff to no longer RP and instead focus purely on staffing, from changing the policy so that an actual requirement is added (40% of time spent staffing 60% of time spent playing) or even giving staff members RP cash for staffing on the server, I believe that this change would actually do just that. It would encourage staff members to no longer raid bases actively or do nukes or afk as a shop owner - instead it encourages them to walk around as admin on duty to make sure nobody breaks rules.

    The way this would work is quite literally the same as how F1’s are tracked. Lead Team will have a specific menu available to them where they would be able to see the time spent on duty by the various staff members that specific week. It would be reset together with the weekly F1 count in the Head Admin meeting. When staff apply for a promotion their time spent on duty would be listed on the spreadsheet and considered within the meeting just like all other benefits. When staff are brought up for demotion, the Lead Team would look at both their F1 count that week as well as their time spent on duty.

    The complaint that I heard before making this application is that it would be too easy to abuse. However, to counter that I have the following argument: Currently some staff members ‘fake’ their F1 count by letting a friend make a whole bunch of F1’s. They do this to increase their F1 count and they won’t be demoted. It is a lot easier to find out whether or not someone has been afking on the server whilst staff on duty than if someone has been faking F1’s, both through the logs as well as in-game. Lead Team members can spectate the various staff on duty to see if they are actually doing their jobs. It is easily noticeable through the SSRP logs to see if a staff member has actually done anything whilst on duty. Have they handed out punishments? Have they teleported or used any commands whatsoever? Have they even used type chat? If they haven’t done any of these things, it could be very possible that they are abusing this new feature to seem more active than they actually are, and appropriate action should be taken.

    Another way to counter possible abuse of this feature would be by introducing a “staff on duty inactivity timer”. When a staff member has been on duty for say, 400 seconds without moving or doing anything whatsoever, they will be automatically switched to Citizen. This means that they cannot AFK on the servers at night when Lead Team members are not online to see it happen.

    As with any staff member abusing their powers, I can promise that I will be vigilant and continuously on the lookout to see if anyone is misusing it in any way.

    To counter the new staff on duty time tracker, I would like to argue for the minimum F1 count to be lowered to 10. This would only encourage staff more to do their job on duty appropriately.

  • ZARP's economy is fucked

  • That’s a very bold way of saying it, I’m well aware. Adding this to my list obviously also implies that I have an actual idea on how to solve this matter. However, the economy is a lot more complicated than some users give it credit for. Yes, it is an issue that some people have over 30 billion in cash and items, however what will you do to solve it? You can’t just remove their money from the server.

    There is no “easy” way of solving the economy. That is quite literally impossible at this stage. There are hundreds of ways to solve the economy in some way or another, and I will not say that I know all of them. I do know a few ways that could help the economy in some regard, however.

    The most important decision to make is most definitely adding more money sinks. For those that are unaware, money sinks are quite literally “sinks” that you can put your money into. In economies such as ZARP, where a lot of people have a lot of money, adding more things for them to spend that money on is a good way to get rid of a lot of excess cash that people hold on to.

    There are countless money sinks that could be added. I will focus primarily on character and gang upgrades. There are other money sinks - better ones - however I will not focus on those for now. Character and Gang upgrades improve the gameplay for a lot of users. They’re primarily focussed on quality of life changes that improve anyone’s time on the server.

    These upgrades are still up for review and both the price as well as the benefits could be altered in some regard. These are the upgrades that me and some others came up with:

    • Character Upgrades
      • Feather Falling - Cost: 35 mil and 1 SCU
      • Faster Reload Times for M9K weapons - Cost: 100 mil and 1 SCU
      • A x2 booster for the gem-omatic, loot-omatic and the uranium production unit - Cost: 100 mil and 1 SCU
    • Gang Upgrades
      • 5/10/15 higher Prop Limit - Cost: 100 mil 100k loot/150m 150k loot/200m 200k loot
      • Base shield - Cost: 800m 350k loot

    Trouble in Terrorist Town

    TTT is the server that got me into the community. I joined back when Server 2 launched last year, and despite the server getting shut down later I did actually stick around. As I’m sure you might be able to understand, I have high hopes and expectations for the TTT server and its future.

    There are quite a few issues with TTT at this current time. Bugs, map issues, the gamemode getting tiring - there are ways to spice things up, but without developer that can be relatively difficult.

    I think it is best to try to resolve the main issues with the server that can very easily be fixed if we had someone that was willing to deal with it. Therefore, one of the biggest and most important changes that I will make to TTT would be promoting one of the current Lead Team members to owner.

    The new owner will not be there to make a new update happen. I know for a fact that none of the current TTT Lead Team members have good enough coding skills to code an update, at the very least not right now. Instead I would like to promote someone to owner so that they can deal with all the issues the staff team faces. The owner would work closely together with the CM team to ensure that TTT would get back to the top.

    I actually already have someone in mind for the owner position, but I feel like I should give every Lead Team member a fair chance. Because of this I will speak to every Lead Team member in a spacer and enquire them about their capabilities and their ideas for possible ownership. Although I do not believe the new owner should have to be able to code, they should at least have a basic knowledge of game design as well as refreshing ideas as to what could improve the TTT server.

    Another big change that I would like to see during my time as CM is the possibility of the revival of Server 2. I have stated this before, and I will state this again: Server 2 originally failing came down to a lack of refreshing content and a lack of the proper care that it deserved. I am by no means calling out the owners from its time, because I know how busy they were with everything, I am simply saying that they shouldn’t have ignored the cries from the community when it asked for more content and different maps.

    I cannot promise that a TTT Server 2 will be published within the first 30 days of being CM. A lot of time would have to go into this server, and we would have to be careful with what works and what doesn’t. We know that the last Server 2 did not work, and I am by no means saying that I want that mess to come back. What I would like to see is a second server with owners that have clear transparent views on what they are doing and original, exciting ideas on what can be done to improve the server to make sure it will not just survive, but actually thrive.


    Deathrun has most definitely seen better times, however it started going down in the rankings roughly a year ago. Since then Deathrun has struggled to put out new, innovative content that the community is looking for. Gangs was supposed to fix that, however because of an exploit it had to be removed.

    Gangs has been readded now, but the people that joined during its original release have not. I will be working closely together with Annie on how we can make the community excited for Deathrun and its content so that it can go back up in the rankings, at least somewhat.

    I will discuss Deathrun’s future thoroughly with her to make sure that the correct decisions are made. I will listen to her ideas, and I will give her some of my own. Currently I think the best thing Deathrun should be doing within the community is work on its overall bad reputation. By this I mean that Annie (and the CM team) will have to put out a clear “campaign” to advertise the server. Perhaps a Summer Event with double EXP and double gang loot.

    Gangs launched on the server again and although it was a massive happening the first time around it just kind of “happened” without any real indication that it did. I believe more effort should be put into letting Deathrun be known within the community, and I aim to do this properly together with Annie.


    Surf is currently run relatively well by Onion. We have discussed some slight concerns of his about the server not long ago, and I aim to be there to help him thoroughly and properly so that Surf can go back up in the rankings.

    Because Surf currently lacks a coder, it has been struggling because of a lack of updates. Getzco however has stated multiple times that he is fully willing to help the community and put proper effort into helping Surf. My plans are to fully support the Surf staff team to ensure that the server performs optimally and properly.


    I love how Bhop has been doing relatively well for the past month. Although a good part of the rest of the community has taken a bit of a beating as far as the server ranks are concerned, Bhop has managed to only improve its playercount.

    I believe this has to do with a good, dedicated part of the community taking a liking to the server. Bhop is a gamemode that doesn’t get old extremely quickly, so when the community started playing on the server a lot of people joined and stuck around.

    That does not mean that Bhop cannot be improved. The primary complaint that I received was that there are no new maps added on the server. Although the concept of bhopping is great and doesn’t bore quickly, when you keep playing on the same maps over and over again it really starts to wear down. Because of this I intend to do the following things as CM:

    1. Within the first few weeks I will add new maps to the server. These maps will be accepted within the suggestions portion of the meeting. This is to ensure that there is enough (new) content for the Bhop players to enjoy.
    2. I will consider promoting one of the current Lead Team members to owner. I have already discussed the possibility of ownership with a few and intend to do so more thoroughly with everyone involved. The owner should be willing to show dedication to the server and should have refreshing ideas on how it can be improved.


    Prophunt is a server that is kind of “out of touch” with the rest of the community, as it were. More so than Bhop, more so than Deathrun and even more so as Murder. At the very least the entire community speaks of Murder (perhaps in a negative sense, but they speak of it regardless) but Prophunt is hardly ever mentioned or discussed.

    I feel like Prophunt as a gamemode works excellently for ZARP. I think the fact that the gamemode is still very much alive - and surprisingly, relatively popular - only proves that. However, the gamemode struggles to get any new players into the community. I believe that an active staff team together with an active involvement of the owners and of the community team would solve that issue.

    I have discussed the matter of Prophunt together with Xnator and I have decided that if I were to get Community Manager I would take some of the owner responsibilities from Xnator. I would host the meetings and deal with a good chunk of the staff situations. This means that Xnator can focus more on developing for the server and that he will no longer have to worry himself with things such as meetings and staff issues.

    I will work closely together with Xnator and, through that, ensure that the server performs optimally. My aim is to ensure that the staff team becomes motivated properly again, like how it was a year ago. This will have a positive effect on the users and their experience on the server.


    Would you replace the Murder server? If so which game mode would you replace it with and why?

    I have a lot of respect for Xnator and how he has spent a lot of his time to make sure Murder was working at a good standard. However, Murder has quite literally been dead – or dying – since its creation. The community didn’t want it originally and the community’s resentment for it has only grown, as you can clearly see:
    The poll that Xnator made when he asked the community what they thought about the idea of a Murder gamemode:

    A poll made by a community member about what the community wanted to do with Murder:

    Another poll made by a community member, this one being more recent:

    As stated, the community has grown to dislike the Murder server more and more over time. Don’t get me wrong; I have a lot of respect for the work that has been put into this server by its owners. I’ve even been friends with both owners and have had great conversations with them from back when we staffed on similar servers together. Even though I didn’t like the idea of a Murder server from the start, that does not immediately mean that I’m excited to end it either.

    If there is a way to make another server happen without killing Murder then I would use that way. If there are any available server slots that could be used for the server that I would like to see within the community then I’d much rather use those than killing a server that a group – a very small group, perhaps – within the community still takes enjoyment out of.
    If that is impossible then I am afraid I would indeed pull the plug from Murder’s life support. We can’t keep the server in a coma forever, and someday it might simply be time to just move on with our lives. Especially because of what I believe the following server can add to the community:

    The server that I would really like to see within the community – and possibly replace Murder - is Jailbreak.

    I have discussed the opportunity of a Jailbreak server with DEADMONSTOR, who has developed for ZARP in the past, as well as Clarky. Both have put in a lot of time to make this server happen and both are very willing to run the server when it launches. DEAD would be the server developer. Although he does tend to hop around communities from time to time – including his own – his code can be trusted and some of it is actually already used in some of ZARP’s servers already.

    When I asked DEAD whether or not he was willing and able to commit to this he said that he would be. I am 100% confident that both him and Clarky will be able to put the proper effort into making this server work. As you can see by the following poll (and in fairness, yes it is quite old), a lot of community members are actually very interested in a Jailbreak server:

    When I asked for possible thoughts on how to improve the community, multiple server choices were mentioned. From a Vanilla SeriousRP server to a Basewars server to even Flood. In the end, I decided on Jailbreak for multiple reasons:

    1. The server was actually relatively close to happening but couldn't because there were no server slots. Because of DEADMONSTOR having other priorities and Roy ending up leaving the community himself, the idea of a Jailbreak server actually being in development slowly died. This server has practically been waiting for its launch for over a year now - I believe it is more than time to actually release the server to the public with a dedicated developer and a dedicated server owner. The fact that the server has already been developed helps as well, as this means a lot less preparation would have to be done for the server's launch.

    2. I got a lot of suggestions as to what gamemode or server people would like to see. Basewars and Jailbreak were two suggestions that kept popping up, followed by a Vanilla Serious RP server. I decided against an RP server because I have been told a server for any RP gamemode is difficult to make and we'd have no specific developer for it. As for Basewars, I know for a fact that DEAD has some server files for that hanging around, but there'd be the issue of a dedicated owner. I also already described that Jailbreak has been expected for a very long time. I actually feel like a Jailbreak server will bring back some of the old community members that left over the years, and it might put some new life into the community. I fear that Basewars would not have the same effect. However, it is definitely an idea that I will keep in mind during my time as Community Manager. The same goes for the possibility of other servers.

    ZARP Policy

    Suggest one key policy to be added, changed or removed

    I am going to say "fuck you" and present two changes that I would like to see within the community. One is an idea that I believe will help a lot of people who are applying for any Lead Team position, whilst the other is a concrete policy change that would disallow biases and unfair treatment.

  • Equal Accountability and Protection Policy:

  • This is the policy change that I would like to suggest:

    Equal Accountability and Protection Policy

    This policy is here to ensure that all members of the community are treated fairly. All members of the community will be held equally accountable for their actions, regardless of status, position or rank. All members will be protected equally from unjust punishments and abuse from their superiors.

    Those in positions of power will be held accountable for their actions regardless of their status within the team. This does not mean that these individuals will be immediately punished for their actions, however, they will be held accountable for their wrongdoing in accordance with the appropriate policies in order to uphold the core values of of the community.

    Just as all members will be held equally accountable for their actions, all members will be protected from unjust and unfair punishment and persecution. This also means that if an individual is unjustly punished or persecuted, it will accordingly be corrected.

    Regardless of staff rank, all people within the community should still be held equally accountable. This does not mean that if a user is racist and gets banned for it that a staff member should immediately be punished in accordance to the Demotions Policy - here at ZARP we have always valued our staff members' efforts and harsher punishments for them would demotivate them from doing their job that we have a lot of respect for. The staff member that was racist in that scenario would be held accountable for it and would be dealt with appropriately.

    What this policy is useful for is in the most extreme case scenarios where users or staff are treated unfairly. A good example of this would be when an Administrator is demoted without any official warning yet a Super Administrator gets an official warning for doing worse. Or a staff member tells a user to go kill themselves simply because they don't like the user's behaviour - all of these scenarios are covered by this policy.

    It protects both staff and users. If a user is harassing a staff member it would be more than fair for the staff member to perhaps respond with a slight insult. However if the staff member then responds with an actual threat or if the staff member then begins to treat the user unfairly then that person would be held accountable and the user in question would be protected by this policy.

    This policy aims to bridge the gap between the higher ranked superiors that seem to be unable to be held accountable for their behaviour and the users/lower ranked staff that repeatedly ask for fair treatment.

  • Keeping Lead Team Applications Unlocked:

  • During my last Community Manager campaign in November I took an old idea that EMP posted on the forums and added it to my application. Since I never became CM, I ended up expanding on the idea in a suggestion. As this change has never been made, I have now decided to add this idea to my new Community Manager Application.

    The idea is simple: Keep all Lead Team applications permanently unlocked. It is based around the idea that people applying for the position once will have an interest in the rank for quite some time. They can edit - and improve - their application over time, rather than repost it every single week.

    A separate section would be made as a subsection to Server Applications under the name of “Lead Team Applications”. The section will be used by people applying for any Lead Team position. This section would have the same section moderators as Server Applications.

    The application would stay unlocked until the requirements for lead team are no longer met. This can be due to the following:
    • The person has already become a Lead Team member
    • The person is no longer an Admin because they were either demoted or because they resigned
    • The person no longer has an interest in the role at that current time and wishes to revoke their application
    In all other situations, the application would stay open for users to leave feedback on and for the applicant to improve the application over time.

    This idea has multiple positives:
    1. Sometimes people get the negative reasoning that they applied with a new application right after getting denied for the last one. This can also be the case of regular applications, but because Lead Team positions have higher requirements it will happen more often. If the applications were always open this would no longer be a valid form of critique.
    2. When you post your application every single week it seems a lot more like a mundane chore than something that has actual merit. Having your application consistently open, means that you might take another look at your application after a few weeks and decide “Huh, I want that changed.” I explain this argument a little better in the Suggestion Thread, but the basic idea is that the mundane task of posting your application again requires no actual thought whilst having it out there and not getting accepted might make you think twice.

    Of course there are negative arguments to be made as well. I personally believe that the positives outweigh those negatives. You can read the negative points made by the community and myself on the suggestion thread I linked twice already and decide for yourself whether or not this change is truly something the community requires. I am fully willing to argue and debate over whether or not this specific change is really necessary, or even a positive one to begin with.

    I personally believe both are very true.


    This is everything that I wish to do as CM that I could not fit anywhere else in my application. These are the promises that I will make towards the community.

    • Host a Pointshop meeting once every three to four months.

    • Improving transparency between the Community Team and the various staff teams and users. This would be improved by increasing the communication and clarity on what exactly it is that the CM Team is doing at this time.

    • Adding more options for VIP*
      • New VIP printers**
      • 30 bank + inventory weight
      • Increase the shop weight limit
      • For Pointshop, add a first-time bonus of 10000 points for buying VIP
      • For Pointshop, get 1,3x EXP. For the respective servers: increase level count if necessary
      • For Pointshop, get a special hat to prove to everyone that you’re a great guy that supports the community!
      • For Pointshop, get access to various Pointshop VIP only items, not just auras

    • Respond to suggestions that are handled in the CM team meeting. Currently, SSRP suggestions are actually reviewed in the CM team, but no response is made on the thread. Although I believe that a lot regarding the update should stay secret, I fully intend to at least make it so the CM team responds with “We have looked at this within the CM team meeting. Thank you for your suggestion!” and leave it at that. At the very least people then know their ideas are actually considered.

    • Improve the servers and follow up on some of the community's demands. You can read the specific details regarding this above.

    • [SSRP] Set up a Map Test Team

    • [SSRP] Track staff's Time on Duty as well as F1 count

    • Add a Jailbreak server

    • Add the 'Equal Accountability and Protection Policy'

    • Keep the Lead Team Applications unlocked

    • I will join every meeting that I am able to attend. I will do my best not to skip any meetings, CM team or gamemodewise.

    • I will actively partake in meetings. I will let my voice, and my vote, be heard like I usually do within meetings. I will not let myself be dead weight within meetings.

    • I will always be open to any discussion of any kind. As long as I am not harassed I will not block anyone from Steam. I will always be easy to contact and I will respond to all messages in some manner when I have the time to.

    • I will always treat everyone fairly. When I am in a situation where I cannot treat a user fairly I will take my leave and allow someone with a less biassed opinion deal with the matter.

    • I will always be willing to defend any of my actions. I will always be willing to apologise if my actions were unneeded or undesirable.

    • I will adhere to all the expectations that are outlined on the Community Decides Application Thread. I will perform my task to a high standard for at least a full year.

    * As much as this is part of my “promises”, I cannot promise for all these things to be added. I just believe VIP needs a massive improvement because users currently do not get a lot of worth for their money.

    ** I am going to do my best to make all these promises happen, but new printers are entirely up to EMP and Chute’s discretion and their code. If they won’t code new printers in for VIP then this change would not be made.

    End Note

    Well then, that's that thing done. I'm going to be away to London for a week and will be unable to do anything regarding campaining/joining Teamspeak/in-game, but I should still be able to do my interview before I leave.

    I'd like to thank everyone that's helped me with this. This application has got the combined efforts of way over 50 different people put into it. The people that helped me with various policy changes, the people that helped me with various ideas on how to fix SSRP, as well as the general tips, hints and support that I have received from everybody.

    Seriously, thank you. Without all of you I wouldn't have been able to do this.

    I will keep the document that has roughly eight pages of complaints and general thoughts about this community. Although not everything made it to the final application, that does not mean that some of those changes would still no longer be considered. I will definitely come back to that document and discuss it with the various people that it resolves around to fix those issues.

    Thank you all for reading! Have a great day!
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    Click on my signature for my CM application!
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    The following user(s) said Thank You: Bezzy, EiPUS, Nafe, Bazaraxe, Ella A Pompeii and 18 more...

    [CM2018] Raeker's Application 1 week 4 days ago #917596

    First btw, glad to be here on this historic milestone.

    Supported you since the beginning and unless you do something so outrageously stupid it's going to stay that way.

    I will 100% campaign for you any day.
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    [CM2018] Raeker's Application 1 week 4 days ago #917597


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    [CM2018] Raeker's Application 1 week 4 days ago #917598

    Honestly took me a minute to scroll to the bottom :plussp:
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    [CM2018] Raeker's Application 1 week 4 days ago #917600

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    [CM2018] Raeker's Application 1 week 4 days ago #917603

    quantity over quality boys, i aint reading none of that shit
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    [CM2018] Raeker's Application 1 week 4 days ago #917606

    I read the top and I was like this was rushed and then as I read, I was fucking blown away! You have my vote good sir!
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    [CM2018] Raeker's Application 1 week 4 days ago #917608

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    [CM2018] Raeker's Application 1 week 4 days ago #917609

    the hero we need and deserve
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    [CM2018] Raeker's Application 1 week 4 days ago #917611

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    [CM2018] Raeker's Application 1 week 4 days ago #917613

    Great guy raeker, always there when in needed to ask him something and has great overall knowledge of Zarp and its needs and what isnt needed. Your honestly the best candidate in my opinion man!
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    [CM2018] Raeker's Application 1 week 4 days ago #917615

    Great candidate but I'd rather clarky imo, best of luck anyways.
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    [CM2018] Raeker's Application 1 week 4 days ago #917616

    I'm not reading the whole app, it's too much for me.
    BUT, you're a great guy and a good staff member, sooooooooooooo....
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    EX admin btw XD
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    [CM2018] Raeker's Application 1 week 4 days ago #917619

    Amazing book!
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    [CM2018] Raeker's Application 1 week 4 days ago #917620

    You probably deserve for someone to read your entire application, but I can't. Good luck! :plussp:
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    [CM2018] Raeker's Application 1 week 4 days ago #917621

    Best candidate imo. #Raeker4CM

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    [CM2018] Raeker's Application 1 week 4 days ago #917623

    Nick0GR wrote:
    You probably deserve for someone to read your entire application, but I can't. Good luck! :plussp:

    I did
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    [CM2018] Raeker's Application 1 week 4 days ago #917624

    :support: :support: :support: :support: :support: :support: :support: :support: :support: :support: :support: :support: :support: :support: :support: :support: :support: :support: :support: :support:
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    [CM2018] Raeker's Application 1 week 4 days ago #917625

    TheXnator wrote:
    Nick0GR wrote:
    You probably deserve for someone to read your entire application, but I can't. Good luck! :plussp:

    I did
    someone good preferably...
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    [CM2018] Raeker's Application 1 week 4 days ago #917626

    Nick0GR wrote:
    TheXnator wrote:
    Nick0GR wrote:
    You probably deserve for someone to read your entire application, but I can't. Good luck! :plussp:

    I did
    someone good preferably...

    You were the last person I expected to say that, fucking got me good.
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