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TOPIC: [Deathrun] Server Rules

[Deathrun] Server Rules 6 months 1 day ago #570449

These are the rules for the ZARP Gaming Deathrun server. By playing on the server, you agree to follow all of these rules at all times.
If you have any questions or concerns regarding any of these rules, please contact a server staff member, and if you think any rules should be removed, added or changed, then please make a server suggestion.

Reporting Rulebreakers

See a rulebreaker in game? Type @ before your message to send a message to the staff only. If you'd prefer, you can contact a staff member through Steam, or TeamSpeak - especially if they're not online. Do not make a forum post.


Before any of the written rules are presented, use your common sense. But before you act in game, use common sense and don't do anything stupid. What the staff member says about a rule - goes. This also means, do not bend the rules to your advantage. If you don't fully understand the rules, contact a lead team member.

1.0 General Rules

1.1 - Threats
Threating to Hack/DDoS someone or any other malicious types of threatening is not allowed and could result in an instant ban of any length.

1.2 - Scamming VIP
Scamming in anyway for VIP is not allowed, scamming for items in game using the trade system when VIP has nothing to do with it is allowed however.

1.2 - Advertisement
No advertising anything, especially other game servers. This also means no spreading Non-ZARP links in chat, only ZARP Forum links are allowed. If you have proof of someone rulebreaking, don't post the proof in chat, put it into admin chat with @ before the link.

1.3 - Spam
This means Chat Spam and Mic Spam - i.e. means overusing the microphone, playing music/audio other than voice through the microphone or spamming anything through the text chat. You are not allowed to shout through shout vote.

1.4 - Client Side Modification / Hacking
Using any sort of hacks/scripts to modify your game in order to gain an advantage is disallowed. A few examples would be auto-strafe and aim-enhancing software

1.5 - Sprays, Names or Picture
Having an inappropriate/objectionable spray/name/steam picture is not allowed. This means gore, pornographic, offensive and other inappropriate steam pictures/sprays or having an offensive or inappropriate name.

1.6 - Harassment
Harassing anyone, staff or not is not allowed. This means continuously annoying someone when they have/or a staff member has told you to stop. When they stay stop, stop.

1.7 - Respect
Disrespecting someone or generally being rude in game is not allowed, if it's as a joke, keep it so it will not offend anyone else; the target of this joke must accept that it's a joke.

1.8 - Racist, Sexist, Homophobic or Generally discriminatory language
Any language used that falls under these categories is strictly not allowed.

1.9 - Listen to / Respect Staff
When a staff member lays out an instruction, you should follow it. If it objects to the rules, contact a Lead Team member.

1.91 - Impersonation
Changing names or other information of yourself to that of another player or staff member is not allowed.

1.92 - Trolling
Doing anything with the intentional to annoy or hurt others is not allowed. If you're thinking about doing something, think - will it annoy/hurt this person?

2.0 Gamemode Rules

2.1 - Ghosting
Saying anything whilst you're dead to the alive players that could possibly change the outcome of a round is not allowed. A few examples would be telling someone the code on Helix when you're dead and they're alive.

2.2 - Delaying
Intentionally holding up the round to pause play is not allowed, an example would be to be the last runner alive and not make an attempt to bait traps, and just wait the round out.

2.3 - Griefing
Attempting to ruin your team's experience and gameplay is not allowed. This means teamkilling, and any other way that possibly could ruin your team's game.

2.4 - Death Avoiding
Going AFK, leaving or refusing to activate traps as a death with the intention to avoid playing the death role is not allowed.

2.5 - Trap Stealing
Using someone's trap whether they have claimed it or were at that trap first is not allowed.

2.6 - Trap Spam
Spamming all the traps or using traps for no reason is not allowed. Only use traps when a player is in the immediate vicinity of the trap unless the trap activates upon the player moving into it (i.e. the portals on dr_minecraftpyramid)

2.7 - Trap Reactivation
Using a trap when it has already been used it against the rules. If you're not sure whether or not a trap has been used, best bet is to not use it at all.

2.8 - Entrance / Portal Camping
Waiting by a portal of any kind for a member of the opposite team to pass through in order to kill them is not allowed. You're allowed to wait by the portal for them to run through, as long as they can see you and you kill them after they have left the portal area. You're not allowed to sit in portals and get people stuck.

2.9 - Farming / Freerunning
Farming of points or xp is not allowed. This can be done by participating in freeruns to gain points and experience or any other unfair way of gaining these "resources".

2.91 - Prop Abuse
Picking up props and using them to either grief the team or anything else is not allowed. There is no reason for picking up props.

2.92 - Exploiting / Trap Avoiding
Exploiting unintentional map faults to benefit yourself or others is prohibited. You're allowed to use intentional map features to avoid 1 trap but avoiding 2 or more traps in a single motion/feature is not allowed.

2.93 - Begging
Begging for anything is not allowed, this includes; but is not limited to - point begging, rank begging, staff begging or any other type of begging. Failure to listen will result in a punishment.

2.94 - Trap Blocking
Blocking the fellow deaths's view and access to the trap is not allowed.

Jukebox Rules

Song Titles

1.1 - Song titles should be clean from any discriminatory / prejudicial language and not include any links

1.2 - Song titles should be relevant to the actual song (the actual name of the song).


2.1 - Songs cannot contain discriminatory / prejudicial words or have distasteful purpose (e.g. discrimination or slander of a person or group), it is advised to have clean versions of songs

2.2 - Songs should not contain extremely loud singing or earrape-like singing

2.3 - It’s preferred to have Audio version of songs rather than Official Videos due to the fact that some contain a storyline that prolongs the actual song.

2.4 - The songs must be actual music, not videos or audio clips of genres unrelated to music.

2.5 - Do not queue songs that break any Jukebox rules. If you are unsure of whether a song breaks rules based on the title alone, do not queue it.

If you feel that you have been wrongly punished for something which is not a rule / linked to a rule on here, you can appeal the punishment in the appeals section, and report a staff member in the report abuse section if you believe that they are abusing their powers.
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